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The articles shown in this section are written originally for specific people, rather than intending to appear in Google searches or be read by general visitors of my website.

For example “Dealing with Google penalty” was originally written as an email to a friend expert in SEO, and later posted on website so I can shown via direct link to other web developers.

14 year old boy commit suicide, I was last person he talked with (shocking!)

A 14-year old boy from Netherlands visited The Sims section of my website, we had a nice chat although his behavior was a bit childish and annoying, he said that I am his “best friend”.

A month later, he contacted me again, I was BUSY with my customers so did not had time to talk with him. As you can see in chat, my replies are at few minutes distance, and he talked about religion (this is the LAST …

A girl talking with me while having sex with her boyfriend… until mom entered room, caught them and forced to break up, now she wants to be MY girlfriend

This is by far the WEIRDEST conversation I ever had in my life!

According IP she is from United States and said that is 17 years old, few days later she returned to send me nude photos of herself even if I told her to NOT send. She claimed that just turned 18. I didn’t even saved her photos. I don’t know if what she said is true or some idiot was pranking me and photos were found on internet.

Artwork from childhood – drawings and written works made by me at 5-8 years old

I decided to publish these stuff here so everyone can see what creative talents I had during my 1990s childhood before the era of computers and internet (especially today kids who spent most of time on mobile phones and computers, playing games, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

First, 1 photo that shows what defined my childhood and started my interests for geography, engineering and automobile, which evolved into business of offering architectural design services and data services in various fields like automobiles, …

Having fun with scammers: Aisha Gaddafi

Example of scambaiting an “Advance fee SCAM” aka “419 Nigerian SCAM”

Someone pretending to be Aisha Gaddafi, pretending to have 16.5 millions USD in a box and promising to give me 30% of total sum. She is telling me to contact another person from criminal group who is pretending to be a lawyer, which probably was going to request me several hundred dollars as shipping cost / insurance fee or whatever…. but the fraud attempt had an unexpected turnout! Funniest …

Having fun with scammers: Ayesha Gaddafi II

Since few years ago I am getting over 100 “advance fee” SCAM emails per month, winning lotteries, donations, inheritances, etc. I occasionally answer to few of them with a short, informal reply. In 2013 I was bored for a moment so I tried to have fun with one (Scam baiting = wasting scammer time as much is possible), to see how the scam is done and how far away the scammer can go, to post it there, amuse …

How dangerous is Facebook for underage girls

Short story: I created a FAKE account on Facebook with photos of a 15-year old girl to make a prank on 1 April Fools Day to my friends from a game, but this turned into a social experiment that revealed the dirty truth about the world we live in and how pedophiles roam on Facebook looking for girls to have sex!

This is a WARNING for all parents, especially parents of girls!

First, about me: since childhood I loved to …

How to NOT enquiry

I have got the following email in SPAM folder:

Subject: Property Enquiry

Hello I am [name removed], Originally from England and presently living with my family in Paris because of my work, But presently I am planing on relocating to your area because of my retirement and I need to purchase a better home in a quiet residential for my family to move in as soon as possible, Kindly furnish me wth the details of the house or apartment you have …

Jhonny – the friend of my grandma leaving stupid comments on my website

14 March 2011, a very dubious person posted a public comment with poorly written english, even his name was misspelled “Jhonny”, related to my Biography, where I stated that I love going out, making friends, etc, and I hate handicapped people.

I answered without knowing who is him, other people answered too and this started a huge debate which made me to laugh like hell.

Jhonny turned to be a person living near me but without knowing me …

Nigerian scammer

We all know the scammers sending mass mails announcing us that we receive a large sum of money but ask us to pay several fees in advance. But some day, a scammer choose to contact me directly on website rather than sending emails. I tried to play the role of a naive guy to see how he is trying to SCAM me, but this was an idiot scammer who don’t even know how to trick people! I gave him my …

Pink color is gay?

My parents bought clothing for me, including some pink things, nobody told me to be anything wrong. After I got internet connection and freedom of making friends, some people called me gay for this, they also blamed my parents for buying wrong clothing for me and told me to dress how I like rather than how my parents like.

But… the PROBLEM is that I personally love pink, I always love GIRLS that dress in pink. Also I was told …

Robot “girls” offering webcam on Yahoo Messenger

A friend of mine told me that was contacted by “a girl who wants to show herself at webcam”, he is not speaking english so asked me to translate and tell him what to reply her. I wasted some time with him without being aware what is going on, until…

Days later, I was personally contacted by a such girl. I talked normally, like a human. But next time I went online, she contacted me again, using exactly same messages… only now I realize …

Protected: Strange way to make friends

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Teoalida’s system of units

A non-programmer thinks there are 1000 bytes in a kilobyte. A programmer is convinced that there are 1024 meters in a kilometer.” “If God had intended man to have computers, he would have given him 16 fingers.

I hate decimal numeral system!! First, because it does not allows proper splitting or multiplying by 2. 10 – 20/25? – 50 – 100 or 10 – 5 – 2.5?, every more splitting add a decimal. Hexadecimal numeral system, as well as all …

Women are good drivers

My dad is driving since before marriage. My mom decided to go driving school in 1998, she was training at home to driving test questions, I came to check her answers and laughed how many questions were answered wrong. I was 9 years old, I had some interest for cars and I knew traffic rules better than her. So I thought that she is too stupid and should not drive a car. OK… my mom passed driving exam, then 2 …

Worst music ever

It cannot be even called music… better say, what was worst recorded thing that you ever heard?

The worst thing heard by me were just very low but strong sounds about one per second.. I hear some car alarms so I went in balcony, I barely could hear his “music” but I hear apartment windows vibrating, I feel my stomach vibrating, I could see his trunk lid vibrating too, most car alarms were triggered when he passed along them (less …

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