HDB BTO brochures

List of HDB BTO brochures

I collected PDF brochures of BTO projects since 2010, downloading them from HDB website in my computer and uploaded on my website because HDB delete them after 3 years and many people are needing brochures of older projects, especially when applying via Sale of Balance Flats.

List of BTO projects

List of HDB BTO projects

Build-To-Order was introduced in April 2001, currently new BTO flats are launched for sale in February, May, August, November. Future BTO locations are announced 6 months in advance, but exact day of launch is not known. This sable shows BTO names, town, launch date, estimated completion date, number of units breakdown by flat type, plus statistics such as average apartment size.

List of BTO flat types and their prices

List of BTO prices – Excel table

Have you ever wondered what were the HDB flat prices in the past, but have a hard time digging for prices around various news websites and forums? In 2016 I spent about 10 hours compiling selling price ranges of all BTO flats in one Excel database that you can download and compare flat prices by town, by flat type, etc. I update database with every BTO launch (usually every 3 months).