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HDB Annual Reports 1927-present

HDB Annual Report 2017

I transcribed the tables in Annual Reports 1990-2017 into Excel (New Towns under development and Dwelling units under management by town and flat type).

I can go further and do the same for 1960-1989 tables, also transcribe in Word all the Annual Reports if there are multiple people interested.

Collection of photos of annual reports and other HDB publications

Note: collection is few GB, too big to be stored on server to download automatically after payment, please ping me with a message so I can send you via

Contact me if you want only a specific book or specific year of annual report.

KZ, one of the biggest fans of my website and hobbyist regarding HDB history, went 4 times to National Library and photoed all annual reports of SIT and HDB as well as other publications about HDB. He gave me the photos (just for me), the photo collection being a mess, I spent a great amount of time sorting them. I personally did not wanted to publish his low-quality photos on my high quality website, but several people asked me to do so, and we agreed to sell them on my website and split the money 50-50%.

The photos are not taken professionally (I told him to keep his damn phone parallel with table and photo entire page, but he didn’t) but are enough to read them at your home for references and cite annual report as source in case you need to write a dissertation for your university. See few photo samples:

SIT Annual Report 1958: floor plans, statistics, and preliminary plan of Toa Payoh (what SIT was going to build if was not replaced by HDB: a lot of low-rise blocks)

SIT Annual Report 1958 SIT Annual Report 1958 SIT Annual Report 1958

HDB Annual Report 1970: breakdown cost of each flat type, units under management.

HDB Annual Report 1970 HDB Annual Report 1970a

HDB Annual Report 1990: layout plans of neighborhoods and a text article regarding revision of income ceiling, allowing permanent residents to purchase resale flats, etc.

HDB Annual Report 1990 HDB Annual Report 1990

What we have photoed:

SIT Annual Report 1927-1947 (1 book) and SIT Annual Report 1948-1959 (12 books), 1365 images, 1.37 GB
HDB Annual Reports 1960-2007 (46 books), 8473 images, 8.25 GB
JTC Annual Reports 1969-1978 (1 book), 92 images, 169 MB
Note: newer HDB Annual Reports (2008-present) can be found on HDB InfoWEB

Other books (3388 images, 4.09 GB):
Building on Productivity and Quality (1992)
Comparison of improvements on finishes fixtures fittings
Designed for living (1985)
HUDC brochures Phase 3&4
Our home magazine
Planning and Design of Public Housing Estates in Hong Kong (1983)
Public housing design handbook (1995)
Public housing in Singapore – A multi-disciplinary study – Edited by Stephen H.K.Yeh (1974)
Residents handbook
Study of HDB (1983)
Study of HDB (1985)
Surbana book


A website visitor informed me that NLB website added HDB annual reports, for example:
If anyone else find more please inform me.


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