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IDIOT friend from The Sims

I was so HAPPY that I got my FIRST FRIEND of The Sims 2, before getting more friends I tried to value him much. But, he criticized my houses, and suggested things that I was doing already, obviously I felt into confusion, did not understand what he likes… and he blamed my ENGLISH skill!!

As long as we talked about non-gaming topics, we understood perfectly. Yes, I am not native english, but I talk everyday with several website visitors in english, we all understand. So what is the problem at my english?

Please leave comments! Let me know if YOU understand him where I failed to understand.

If you don’t have time to read entire chat, I made the funniest parts in RED!

1. blaming my ENGLISH skill for making bad houses in The Sims 2.
2. saying that is beautiful right after I gave him a link to my website … how I am suppose to realize that he was NOT referring at my website? At moment I didn’t checked visitors list to see if he clicked my link.
3. blaming my english again because I asked to clarify.
4. getting mad for no reason, ending chat.

[friend] (2:38:58 PM): come n c
Teoalida (2:39:42 PM): I spend time on
[friend] (2:40:37 PM): the page has many good hack but is not the ultimate one on buildings, i can tell
Teoalida (2:40:54 PM): Just saw some great buildings
[friend] (2:41:50 PM): simsurbania has the besst buildings out there.
Teoalida (2:42:24 PM): the page has many good hack <— do you mean about ModTheSims?
[friend] (2:42:34 PM): yes.
Teoalida (2:42:44 PM): There’s great buildings on it too
Teoalida (2:42:50 PM): Just thinking about posting my own buildings
[friend] (2:42:55 PM): few
Teoalida (2:43:08 PM): Anybody can post own buildings, expect many idiots
Teoalida (2:47:49 PM): Simsurbania… I see several replica of New York buildings
Teoalida (2:47:50 PM): bad idea
Teoalida (2:48:01 PM): That’s what you love? narrow houses like your own one?
Teoalida (2:50:22 PM): 4 floors + basement… totally INEFFICIENT house for a family
Teoalida (2:50:43 PM): I just planned to built a 4-floor narrow building but with 4 apartments
[friend] (2:51:28 PM): real. haven’t u realized dat i’ve always yearned 4 something real in my game.besides, those builings next 2 each other make my city a lil bit more crowded, ‘coz i don’t find my sim city crowded enuf, n never enuf until i have those buildings.
Teoalida (2:52:32 PM): Since much time ago I planned to make a full neighborhood from scratch
Teoalida (2:52:49 PM): I mean to buit all the house and create at least 50 sims
Teoalida (2:53:21 PM): And yes, a dense neighborhood composed mostly by 2×2 and 2×3 lots, but not as dense like that website
[friend] (2:54:35 PM): but it’s not even as dense as the place where i live, so I find that really fine.
Teoalida (2:55:02 PM): I rarely replicate real buildings in a game
Teoalida (2:55:15 PM): If you are so great player, can you give me a screenshot of your neighborhood?
[friend] (2:56:15 PM): ok, wait till the next time I login yahoo. visit if u intend to build a neighborhood from scratch.
Teoalida (2:56:48 PM): What’s that website?
[friend] (2:57:05 PM): most awesome hack from modthesim r from there.
Teoalida (2:57:19 PM): it doesn’t look like a The Sims-related website unless I clicked on FREE area
Teoalida (2:57:40 PM): do you own any website?
[friend] (2:58:00 PM): n the owners of the web r mostly like me, who want a lot of things real n controllable in the sims 2
[friend] (2:58:08 PM): now I don’t


[friend] (5:23:45 PM): hey, I think u haven’t given any comment on apartment in the site simsurbania, so what do u think?
Teoalida (5:24:03 PM): I told you already
Teoalida (5:25:02 PM):
Teoalida (7/2/2012 2:47:49 PM): Simsurbania… I see several replica of  New York buildings
Teoalida (7/2/2012 2:47:50 PM): bad idea
Teoalida (7/2/2012 2:48:01 PM): That’s what you love? narrow houses like your own one?
Teoalida (7/2/2012 2:50:22 PM): 4 floors + basement… totally INEFFICIENT house for a family
Teoalida (7/2/2012 2:50:43 PM): I just planned to built a 4-floor narrow building but with 4 apartments
[friend] (7/2/2012 2:51:28 PM): real. haven’t u realized dat i’ve always yearned 4 something real in my game.besides, those builings next 2 each other make my city a lil bit more crowded, ‘coz i don’t find my sim city crowded enuf, n never enuf until i have those buildings.
Teoalida (7/2/2012 2:52:32 PM): Since much time a
[friend] (5:25:03 PM): replica of newyork apartments, u mean?
Teoalida (5:25:23 PM): 4 days ago I just made some terraced houses like the ones from that website
Teoalida (5:25:37 PM): Last 3 days no time for playing games, I have paid work
[friend] (5:26:10 PM): but that’s a residential building.
[friend] (5:26:13 PM): ah, ok.
[friend] (5:26:37 PM): but there r a lot big apartments on that site. what do u think
Teoalida (6:23:19 PM): What do you want? to comment the apartments or to use them in my city or get inspired from them and post similar things on my website?
Teoalida (6:41:25 PM): ?


Teoalida (2:30:56 PM): are you here?
[friend] (5:17:24 PM): yup
Teoalida (5:23:05 PM): only now?
Teoalida (5:23:18 PM): What you did all this time? playing?
[friend] (5:23:43 PM): yup
Teoalida (5:24:05 PM): and don’t hear any sound when someone send you a message?
[friend] (5:24:32 PM): yup
Teoalida (5:24:57 PM): btw, how you are playing?
[friend] (5:25:43 PM): i’m playing dota so no answer 4 ur question
Teoalida (5:25:54 PM): I though that you was in The Sims
Teoalida (5:30:35 PM):
[friend] (7/7/2012 5:26:37 PM): but there r a lot big apartments on that site. what do u think
Teoalida (7/7/2012 6:23:19 PM): What do you want? to comment the apartments or to use them in my city or get inspired from them and post similar things on my website???
[friend] (5:32:30 PM): I can’t believe u asked such a question, I guess u r fantasying something. disappointed. or maybe ur lvl of English fluency just is high enough.
Teoalida (5:33:03 PM): Just built some terraced houses
Teoalida (5:33:38 PM): I can say about what is on that website as well as many other houses, that they are too big and inefficien
Teoalida (5:34:25 PM): A family of 6 can live happy in a 164 square house
Teoalida (5:35:00 PM): Why the houses on that website are 4 floors?
Teoalida (5:35:04 PM): Imagine time wasted on stairs
[friend] (5:40:33 PM): lol. big and inefficient? just like rich ppl have much more money than they need to live his life right?
Teoalida (5:40:52 PM): Here is no money issue
Teoalida (5:41:09 PM): btw, how expensive should be a house for 4 or 6 people?
Teoalida (5:41:31 PM): Most houses made by me are in 100-110k range
Teoalida (5:41:44 PM): Without putting expensive paintings and statues
Teoalida (5:42:04 PM): but by putting top quality furniture
[friend] (5:44:36 PM): you sure have a controversy in what u say. u know that the game is just a brief simulation of real life, said u don’t make buildings like in real life but then u care about the efficiency and the bigness of houses in the game. lol
Teoalida (5:45:02 PM): I care about smallness
Teoalida (5:45:12 PM): Can’t undertstand
Teoalida (5:45:22 PM): where is the controversy, what contradiction?
[friend] (5:45:41 PM): i’ve figured out above
Teoalida (5:45:43 PM): I should make big houses in game against real life or what
[friend] (5:46:40 PM): if u don’t understand, then don’t talk about this.
Teoalida (5:46:57 PM): I think that you don’t understand something…. explain me!!
[friend] (5:47:57 PM): if u don’t understand, then don’t talk about this.
[friend] (5:48:04 PM): nothig to explain
Teoalida (5:48:06 PM): What I didn’t undertstand???????????
Teoalida (5:48:48 PM): I understand everything of game functionality as playing it for many years
Teoalida (5:48:55 PM): and learned to make most efficient houses
Teoalida (5:49:16 PM): I am curious what OTHERS are doing
[friend] (5:49:15 PM): :-O:))
Teoalida (5:51:00 PM): Explain these smiles
Teoalida (5:54:20 PM): Then let me know what you think about my playing
Teoalida (5:54:30 PM): I constantly built houses
Teoalida (5:54:55 PM): I have one family that I move to every new house, to test them
Teoalida (5:55:11 PM): Playing max 1 week per house then move away
[friend] (5:55:13 PM): here’s another controversy: u said those houses r replica of newyork buildings, which surely r designs of real architects, but then u say those houses r inefficient. but should architects designs inefficient buildings? lol:-& besides, what u ‘ve said r not completely true.
Teoalida (5:55:33 PM): hey wait
Teoalida (5:55:44 PM): That New York buildings are apartments in real life
Teoalida (5:56:04 PM): in this GAME is inefficient to make more than 2 floors
Teoalida (5:56:23 PM): unless you use lifts
Teoalida (5:56:52 PM): have you counted how many minutes takes to go from third floor bedroom to school bus?
[friend] (5:58:35 PM): that’s a matter? then I think u should learn to play sims more quickly.
Teoalida (5:58:51 PM): More quickly?
Teoalida (5:58:55 PM): Incresing game speed or what
[friend] (6:00:47 PM): just practice. I never have problems managing my sims, n i never use cheat to make them have their desires fulfilled, their skills maxed. n I don’t care how I can do dat, so don’t ask.
Teoalida (6:01:20 PM): I know how to do that and I rarely use such cheats
Teoalida (6:01:34 PM): only for testing purposes
Teoalida (6:01:44 PM): The single cheat used frequently is to disable aging
[friend] (6:01:57 PM): never used dat.
Teoalida (6:02:01 PM): as the life is too short for reaching the top position in careers
Teoalida (6:02:48 PM): If you don’t use even that cheat, are you constantly making babies? to replace died sims?
[friend] (6:03:13 PM): yes. or have sims adopt children
Teoalida (6:04:19 PM): Getting married and making babies is not as hard as some friend told me “Hey I make a sim to marry!!!!!!” like being the highest achievement in game
Teoalida (6:04:35 PM): But what was really hard is to get the kids in private school
Teoalida (6:08:28 PM): do you succeded?
[friend] (6:09:58 PM): succeeded countless times
Teoalida (6:10:11 PM): I failed countless times
Teoalida (6:10:50 PM): I read on internet, to cook a turkey and put a lot of expensive paintings in all rooms
Teoalida (6:11:11 PM): and this year I tried again, also enabled cheats to be sure that I succeed
Teoalida (6:11:24 PM): noticed that I could succeed without cheats too
Teoalida (6:11:49 PM): BUT… what is the benefit of that? I was disappointed, same school bus, same clothing, same falling grades if you miss the buss
[friend] (6:12:31 PM): then u r taught a lesson to build a beautiful house. honestly, the house u designed in the sims suck, few rooms, n … ugly. n paintings r not the only things which can help
Teoalida (6:13:06 PM): Fewer rooms means bigger efficiency
Teoalida (6:13:20 PM): However I try to find a balance between beautifulness and efficiency
Teoalida (6:14:14 PM): or you mean about lack of realism? such as staircase leading to balcony, bath with 2 doors…?
Teoalida (6:15:39 PM): Talking about realism… put a computer in bedroom like in real life, and see how one sim turn on the computer and wake up the sleeping sim
[friend] (6:18:13 PM): I think the problem here is that u r bad controlling sims. a lot ppl play sims just to see beautiful things in their control, to create, that’s the point of the game. i can’t believe ur this thin-brained.
Teoalida (6:19:02 PM): Just talked about this on chat… someone told me that a family of 8 will be too hard to control
Teoalida (6:19:15 PM): Why I should control it? they control theirself
Teoalida (6:19:35 PM): My intervention is when something bad happens, or when I want to do something specifi c
Teoalida (6:20:00 PM): Do you disabled free will to control everything yourself?
[friend] (6:24:02 PM): not at all hard to control, seem like many ppl r bad at observing. in the sims 3, because the number of sims u can control with having the interference of computer is small, I usually have 8 mem in my family and they r all fine.. they all reach top career. 1 even gets to buy science company, and be the master of it.
[friend] (6:25:01 PM): with having the interference of computer – without *
Teoalida (6:25:24 PM): I don’t know what is different in The Sims 3
Teoalida (6:25:41 PM): then what is your point of playing?
Teoalida (6:25:50 PM): other than the FUN of controlling sims?
Teoalida (6:26:06 PM): Do you built own houses and post them somewhere?
Teoalida (6:26:23 PM): or other kind of things that will REMAIN?
[friend] (6:26:45 PM): designing. killing babies,toddlers. designing clothes.
Teoalida (6:27:09 PM): killing adults not?
[friend] (6:27:32 PM): too easy 2 kill adults. but killing babies n toddlers is a true challenge.
Teoalida (6:27:33 PM): I killed sims too…. no reason to kill twice in same way
Teoalida (6:28:02 PM): probably you are a GAMER while I am not
Teoalida (6:28:31 PM): Playing everyday and controlling sims is a waste of time for me
Teoalida (6:28:48 PM): I just built houses, play to test them then post on my website and
Teoalida (6:29:07 PM): also did everything that came in mind, but only once
Teoalida (6:29:27 PM): Killing babies? hmm I remember that they don’t burn in fire
[friend] (6:29:48 PM): it surely is a waste of time 4 me too. but the sims has many thig to learn from, if u know how to notice.
Teoalida (6:29:54 PM): I admit that never tried to kill babies and toddlers, I rarely played with them
Teoalida (6:30:13 PM): Yes I learned from game
Teoalida (6:30:33 PM): I learned everything years ago, not many more new things to learn
[friend] (6:31:30 PM): that’s what u feel. while the answer is different for me. if u can’t notice then i wouldn’t bother 2 say either.
Teoalida (6:32:38 PM): Let’s get back? what is the benefit of private school
Teoalida (6:32:50 PM): if you said that you succeded to imrpess headmaster countless times
[friend] (6:34:43 PM): not sure. but at least sims have good mood. controlig them to learn or doing other stuffs which tire their brains out is easier..
Teoalida (6:37:29 PM): too few rooms?
[friend] (6:42:13 PM): no. but u fail to achieve a praise with dat building
Teoalida (6:43:26 PM): What praises I should achieve?
Teoalida (6:44:02 PM): And I thank you… this talk gave me a sense of competition an interest to make more beautiful houses in the future
[friend] (6:45:13 PM): meaning that building is just so so, sub-par. no wonder ur mother lang is not eng
Teoalida (6:45:56 PM): Then how these buildings are related with my language?
[friend] (6:46:21 PM): #:-S
[friend] (6:46:36 PM): such a question to ask.
[friend] (6:47:02 PM): may be u should practice speaking english with native speakers more
Teoalida (6:47:25 PM): Are you meaning that my houses are not similar with USA houses as the game is made in USA and is american-style, and I am not native english = american?
[friend] (6:47:28 PM): to avoid asking deadbrainers’ question
Teoalida (6:48:09 PM): I understand english but can’t understand your BAD language
[friend] (6:48:26 PM): n i’m not interested in explaining something which needs no elaboration
Teoalida (6:48:37 PM): I don’t say that your english is bad but you have a lot of non-sense bad critics
[friend] (6:49:41 PM): the prob is that u ask something i’m sure a true native speaker wou;dn’t ask. n so i feel tired.
Teoalida (6:50:44 PM): I asked about your non-sense critics, not about english
Teoalida (6:51:17 PM): [friend] (7/8/2012 6:45:14 PM): meaning that building is just so so, sub-par. no wonder ur mother lang is not eng <—– How you can say that building is bad because I am not native english????!!!!!!!!!!!
(6:52:37 PM): there lies the problems. u should study logic to see how what conclusion is linked to what.
[friend] (6:52:39 PM): tired
[friend] (6:53:24 PM): muslim btw?
[friend] (6:53:27 PM): r u?
Teoalida (6:53:57 PM): I don’t follow any religion…. seriously now, how religion is related with game
[friend] (6:55:06 PM): just ask lies another problem: u link everything with the game. while what i type is by da way.
Teoalida (6:56:16 PM): Because you always asked me about game-related things so far
Teoalida (6:56:28 PM): Why you didn’t specified that you ask about real life?
Teoalida (6:56:41 PM): OK let’s talk about real-life… is religion important?
Teoalida (6:57:05 PM): My country have a majority of christians but me and my family we don’t follow any religion
[friend] (6:57:13 PM): so I guess I have to use english as simply and plainly as possible?
Teoalida (6:57:41 PM): Use english in any way but stop non-sense critics
[friend] (6:58:49 PM): non-sense critics – example pls? do they come from what I said but u didn’t understand becoz u r not a native speaker?
Teoalida (6:59:52 PM): [friend] (7/8/2012 6:45:13 PM): meaning that building is just so so, sub-par. no wonder ur mother lang is not eng
Teoalida (6:59:53 PM): [friend] (7/8/2012 6:47:28 PM): to avoid asking deadbrainers’ question
Teoalida (7:00:16 PM): “i can’t believe ur this thin-brained”
Teoalida (7:01:25 PM): I have only 2 friends in USA and one of them had hold the record for the longest talking
[friend] (7:01:40 PM): they r all conclusions from what I ‘ve seen n experienced. n native speakers will understand
Teoalida (7:01:58 PM): My current english is thank to him… practiced a lot with him as native speaker
Teoalida (7:02:41 PM): I fully understand english, I don’t understand OTHER’S style of playing The Sims
[friend] (7:03:14 PM): it has nothing to do with playing style, i can tell
Teoalida (7:03:29 PM): Want to prove?
Teoalida (7:03:35 PM): Let’s talk about everything
[friend] (7:03:36 PM): yup
[friend] (7:03:43 PM): prove?
Teoalida (7:03:46 PM): and see how much english I understand
[friend] (7:03:58 PM): nah, don’t care
Teoalida (7:05:33 PM): I don’t remember if I ever asked you…
Teoalida (7:05:55 PM): Notice in The Sims 2 that the sun direction is saved with lot
Teoalida (7:06:02 PM): do you enjoy rotating lots?
Teoalida (7:06:35 PM): Or keep them in original orientation and rebuilt them if you want a different orientation
Teoalida (7:08:31 PM): Then in The Sims 3 can you rotate lots? without rotating shadow direction too?
[friend] (7:16:35 PM): i don’t care about shadow direction. it
[friend] (7:16:44 PM): is such an important thig?
Teoalida (7:17:00 PM): Perhaps you don’t care about neighborhood beautifulness?
Teoalida (7:17:20 PM): For me is important as I posted screenshots of entire neighborhood
Teoalida (7:17:40 PM): But do you care about sun direction in the lot?
Teoalida (7:18:21 PM): For the north-facing lots I made houses with back pool
Teoalida (7:18:51 PM): For the south-facing lots I make houses with any position of pool
Teoalida (7:19:13 PM): Most players play them from the sun direction
[friend] (7:20:26 PM): looked from far above, all neighborhood are the same. like for any crowded town, seeing them from a plane is pretty much the same.
[friend] (7:20:52 PM): all have parks. some tall buildings
[friend] (7:23:03 PM): and in a crowded neighbor, where every possible place is placed with a lot, can’t really make a choice about sun direction. it’s not too dark to c or to enjoy the beauties of those house either.
Teoalida (7:24:07 PM): Are you talking about my apartment-like neighborhoods or any neighborhood?
[friend] (7:24:18 PM): mine
[friend] (7:24:25 PM): i haven’t seen urs
Teoalida (7:24:38 PM): Haven’t seen yours too
Teoalida (7:24:43 PM): Give me a screenshot
Teoalida (7:25:09 PM): Do you really filled entire neighborhood with houses? like what I am trying?
Teoalida (7:27:23 PM): Some time ago I started a neighborhood with lots filling every space, that’s why I hate neighborhoods with streets too far away
Teoalida (7:27:44 PM): filled 2 blocks in PleasantView then stopped due of lack of time
Teoalida (7:28:15 PM): The I saw someone’s screenshot having houses spaces apart and trees between them
Teoalida (7:28:50 PM): like a 7×7 block having 4 3×3 lots separated by a cross of trees… beautiful! that’s what I want now to start
[friend] (7:38:35 PM): every house in the sims has at least a small garden,which makes the neighborhood not really crowded even if every possible slot is placed in the neighborhood.
[friend] (7:39:21 PM): still like suburban
Teoalida (7:40:06 PM): Normally you can’t built walls less than 2 squares than lot limits
Teoalida (7:40:16 PM): this prevent neighborhood to look crowded
[friend] (7:40:26 PM): yup
Teoalida (7:41:06 PM): Personally I reserved 4 squares on each sides, if I made house in middle of lot
Teoalida (7:41:24 PM): or, what kind of garden do you mean?
Teoalida (7:43:57 PM): do you like?
[friend] (7:44:24 PM): real garden or some place which is big enuf to place a hot bath tub there.
Teoalida (7:44:40 PM): hot tub is only 3×3
[friend] (7:45:47 PM): but u need space to get to it, so it’s like 4×4
Teoalida (7:46:16 PM): see asymmetrical house
Teoalida (7:46:37 PM): Probably the single one having hot tub… and perhaps you will find it more beautiful than others?
Teoalida (7:47:31 PM): Don’t forget that most of my houses are made WITHOUT expansion packs, many other players offer simple houses that cannot be played unless you have all 16 expansions and stuff packs
[friend] (7:49:59 PM): doesn’t matter, even without exp packs, there r beautiful lots
Teoalida (7:50:30 PM): Which is beautiful? my ones?
[friend] (7:51:11 PM): just say there are. u need clarification that much?
Teoalida (7:53:11 PM): Because you say now that are beautiful without expansion packs and 1 hour ago you said that my houses are ugly
Teoalida (7:53:15 PM): so…. ????!!!!
[friend] (7:54:33 PM): when 1 says “there r”, 1 means that something exists, n 1 does not say exactly what is that “something”, u got it?
Teoalida (7:55:10 PM): So which are beautiful???????????
Teoalida (7:55:31 PM): Show me one beautiful made without expansions
Teoalida (7:55:45 PM): or don’t say again that my ones are ugly
[friend] (7:59:03 PM): u should learn more, in order to know where ur standing. like i have to time to spend on making a certain some1 look lamer.
Teoalida (8:00:34 PM): If I get inspired from the houses made by others and posted in….??
[friend] (8:02:08 PM): um, i don’t really appreciate houses posted on that site. only a few.
Teoalida (8:02:23 PM): I expected that
Teoalida (8:02:26 PM): Only a few? which?
Teoalida (8:02:49 PM): I noticed a visitor selecting all 12 options when clicked VOTE!!
Teoalida (8:03:19 PM): I am surprised, so many votes for the L-Shaped house, which is my oldest
[friend] (8:05:05 PM): iwhat’s there 2 vote?
Teoalida (8:05:46 PM): I made 2 polls
Teoalida (8:05:49 PM): what’s up?
Teoalida (8:12:34 PM): I should get inspired from the houses made by others and posted in….?????????
[friend] (8:15:11 PM): why do u ask such a thig? whether u r inspired or not is like whether u like smth or not, which nobody can tell u to or not to
Teoalida (8:16:34 PM): I will tell you that the Asymmetrical house was made after I saw a house in ModTheSims made with a lot of expansions
Teoalida (8:16:42 PM): I remade it using base game only
Teoalida (8:17:11 PM): Right now I look again in ModTheSims, can you tell me which do you consider ugly and beautiful?
Teoalida (8:23:38 PM): a simple house… do you consider it beautiful ?
[friend] (8:26:11 PM): ok. but i don’t really use the word beautiful here.
Teoalida (8:26:38 PM): I can comment several things
Teoalida (8:26:54 PM): There’s only 2 seats on sofa for watching TV
Teoalida (8:27:05 PM): What is the purpose of the other sofa that is not facing TV?
Teoalida (8:27:30 PM): The kitchen have only 1 counter available for preparing food, what if 2 sims want food in same time?
[friend] (8:27:49 PM): ur banana
Teoalida (8:28:15 PM): A sofa is facing fireplace, that’s example of unnecessary but decorative thing
Teoalida (8:28:32 PM): I would put 2 more chairs at dining table
Teoalida (8:29:00 PM): Do you appreciate to have treeless lot?
Teoalida (8:30:21 PM): Even if I suck at building beautiful houses, I consider ugly many houses found on ModTheSims
Teoalida (8:30:55 PM): here you use the word beautiful?
[friend] (8:32:28 PM): no
Teoalida (8:33:11 PM): Just tell me if I should put trees or other plants on the lot, or this disturb playing
Teoalida (8:33:44 PM): or better to add trees in neighborhood, from decorative menu?
[friend] (8:35:40 PM): both
Teoalida (8:37:12 PM): Admit that my The Sims 2 Palace Trianon is more beautiful than that one? even if you don’t consider it enough beautiful
[friend] (8:38:21 PM): I don’t know wheere it is to c
Teoalida (8:38:24 PM): I think that I should stop adding trees on all sides of houses
Teoalida (8:38:51 PM): as these trees don’t match with the trees of neighbor house
Teoalida (8:39:02 PM): don’t match as pattern continouity
Teoalida (8:43:02 PM): this is beautiful?
[friend] (8:46:40 PM): the outside is nice. the interior needs more work
Teoalida (8:46:55 PM): More exactly, what do you like at outside?
Teoalida (8:47:25 PM): I see 3 different roof styles and I don’t know if I should appreciate or not
Teoalida (8:47:45 PM): at interior, looks like that the creator didn’t know that spiral stairs can be placed on top of eachother
[friend] (8:51:31 PM): balance of symmetry n non-symmetry. wall covers r fine. styles fits.
Teoalida (8:51:59 PM): You like asymmetry?
[friend] (8:52:18 PM): depends
Teoalida (8:53:17 PM): And perhaps you will say that is not correct to put more than 1 double bed per room?
[friend] (8:54:21 PM): normally it’s like that. only big family in small house does that, which nobody really wants 2
Teoalida (8:55:28 PM): nobody wants 2?!
Teoalida (8:55:58 PM): Be happy, notice that in my recent houses I made 4×4 and 4×5 bedrooms for 1 double bed
Teoalida (8:56:16 PM): rather than 5×7 with 2 double beds at the palace
Teoalida (8:56:49 PM): I would like to put single beds but… Stupid Maxis, none of them offer same comfort and energy like a double bed
Teoalida (8:57:05 PM): with single beds I could make bedrooms small as 3×3 LOL!!
[friend] (8:58:11 PM): there r expensive single beds which provide just as much as double beds.
Teoalida (8:59:28 PM): Tell me which expansion pack add a single bed that offer 8 comfort and energy
Teoalida (8:59:39 PM): Nightlife add a double bed with 8 comfort and 10 energy
[friend] (9:00:09 PM): base
Teoalida (9:00:16 PM): But more exactly, how much this matters?
Teoalida (9:00:30 PM): How many times is better a energy 8 compared with energy 1 ?
Teoalida (9:00:42 PM): Sims need to sleep 8 times more? NO
[friend] (9:01:57 PM): to get full energy, only difference in 2 hours. but for expectant women, truly 8 times
Teoalida (9:06:26 PM): I checked now, sorry for confusion
Teoalida (9:06:54 PM): Most expensive single bed offer 5 comfort and 6 energy, while double bed available in base game offer 7 comfort and 6 energy
Teoalida (9:07:23 PM): But perhaps I can use cheaper items to offer decorative diversity along my houses, without significant reduction in quality?
[friend] (9:10:56 PM): of coz
Teoalida (9:11:33 PM): I shall ask you eariler… do you prefer certain style? classic, modern, Art Deco…?
[friend] (9:12:26 PM): colonial n modern. but all r great
Teoalida (9:12:54 PM): this one shows also a screenshot of neighborhood…. similar with what I am planning to do
Teoalida (9:15:08 PM): Just that not as tall
[friend] (9:17:40 PM): my eyes tell my that the wall cover is not good.but the structure is nice
[friend] (9:18:10 PM): the fence should b replaced
[friend] (9:18:34 PM): i saw dat b4, but was not impressed
Teoalida (9:21:39 PM): What to replace?
Teoalida (9:21:45 PM): metallic rail at ground?
Teoalida (9:21:49 PM): or balcony parapet?
Teoalida (9:22:35 PM): Both are fences and I like both
[friend] (9:22:40 PM): both
Teoalida (9:22:53 PM): But there’s too much custom content
[friend] (9:23:00 PM): either the fences r gone or the wall cover
Teoalida (9:23:20 PM): Also he put only 1 lift… bad idea
Teoalida (9:24:06 PM): lift can’t be used by more than 1 person (except for sex) so if 2 kids go in same time to lift, 1 take the lift down and the second one cancel it’s action of going to school
Teoalida (9:24:34 PM): happened in my first apartment building with 2 lift too
Teoalida (9:24:45 PM): next time I will put 2 lifts and 1 stair
[friend] (9:25:24 PM): tell u this, except for buildings in simsurbania, when I like a house in modthesim, I only like for the structure, never ever for the interior design and furnitures, n so i’ve never commented on furniture, if u notice
[friend] (9:27:12 PM): n maybe they dont really do work with the inside, becoze they know players will have their own way of change, their own add-ons, so u urself shouldn’t comment on those things
Teoalida (9:29:56 PM): Some post houses just partially furnished, leaving downloaders to finish them
Teoalida (9:30:38 PM): Personally I furnish them completely, even excessive furniture, to show how floorplan was designed for being spacious
Teoalida (9:30:56 PM): so you… what do you like to have in interior?
Teoalida (9:33:44 PM): OMG!! 5 apartments on 1×2 lots
Teoalida (9:33:58 PM): I will try to do the same
[friend] (9:36:10 PM): normal
Teoalida (9:36:36 PM): But I will put more furniture in them
Teoalida (9:37:05 PM): look in 5th photo, the bedroom is 4×6 and bathroom 3×4
Teoalida (9:37:15 PM): I can fit both of them in 4×6
Teoalida (9:37:21 PM): and save space for other stuff
Teoalida (10:09:56 PM): How many expansion packs do you have?
Teoalida (10:10:14 PM): Do you know which expansion add the glass floor?




Teoalida (2:50:25 PM): You here?
Teoalida (2:50:59 PM): Call me when you are around to show you my new stuff
[friend] (3:03:27 PM): what new stuff here?
[friend] (3:05:04 PM): in the from the next week, i’ll i can hardly chat 2 u. cuz I ;ve gotta go 2 school where internet is not exactly available
Teoalida (3:04:17 PM): so are you in vacantion now?
[friend] (3:05:28 PM): yup
Teoalida (3:04:53 PM): weird school schedule
[friend] (3:06:19 PM): it;s like dat in Vietnam
Teoalida (3:05:22 PM):
Teoalida (3:05:55 PM): What you suggested days ago… I told you that I am doing
Teoalida (3:06:48 PM): vs
Teoalida (3:07:16 PM): This is non-final version so give some SUGGESTIONS until will be too late!!
[friend] (3:10:26 PM): styles don’t really fit. don’t know if u neglected the roof but i’ll just say the u should change roof pattern. and the white cover too.
Teoalida (3:09:53 PM): What roof pattern is better than red?
Teoalida (3:10:15 PM): white what? walls or rooftop tiles?
[friend] (3:11:37 PM): depends on the wall cover. white wall.
Teoalida (3:10:38 PM): comment the interior too!!
Teoalida (3:11:09 PM): so what wall do you like? dark stones?
[friend] (3:13:51 PM): even some houses created by creators of the game have very good design of cover. u should c some of them to have some clues of styles.
[friend] (3:14:21 PM): I don’t remember exactly the name of material of wall covers.
Teoalida (3:13:28 PM): I don’t remember the names too
Teoalida (3:13:35 PM): Although I made a table in excel
Teoalida (3:13:48 PM): hey are you interested in a Excel table with careers?
Teoalida (3:16:25 PM): Another thing that I hate is that they didn’t made matching floor and wall cover
Teoalida (3:16:48 PM): only Pets added same style of tiles for floors and walls
Teoalida (3:16:58 PM): how many expansions do you have?
Teoalida (3:26:21 PM): [friend] (7/12/2012 3:09:23 PM): styles don’t really fit. don’t know if u neglected the roof <— where I neglected the roof? do you mean the 3 Terrace Classic? that was the first version inspired from Simsurbania which have flat roof! Also I hate that can’t put proper roofs on diagonal walls
[friend] (3:39:36 PM): some ppl just put on the rooftop, like pressing “autoroof”, can’t dat b called neglect?
Teoalida (3:39:25 PM): Maybe I pressed Auto Roofs > FLAT ROOF?
[friend] (3:40:31 PM): or mayb u think the autoroof is ok,so i just use some relative, not absolute, words to describe
[friend] (3:40:56 PM): r u a girl?
Teoalida (3:40:05 PM): hahaha did I look like a girl?
[friend] (3:41:28 PM): the way u talk does make me think ur a girl sometimes
Teoalida (3:40:51 PM): really? tell me how you can identify gender by chatting
Teoalida (3:43:37 PM): I still don’t know if you are girl or boy and I don’t care what foreigners are… this game is usually played by girls, no wonder that others see me a girl despite that I am a boy, hahahaha!!
[friend] (3:49:13 PM): i still think ur a girl, coz talking 2 u simply gives me that feeling. besides, logically and psychologically thinking, I assume ur a girl. of coz dat doesn’t matter, n dat has nothing 2 do with the game but I just like to divert the topic alil bit when I feel sbd’s talking makes me draw some ridiculous clues
[friend] (3:50:03 PM): n the number of boys playig sims actually is much larger then the number of girls.
Teoalida (3:49:40 PM): How do you know that number of boys players is bigger?
Teoalida (3:49:55 PM): Counter-Strike and GTA are full of boys
Teoalida (3:50:15 PM): Where do you think that the girls should be?
Teoalida (3:50:23 PM): Don’t say that most girls don’t use computer at all
[friend] (3:53:57 PM): 1st, y did u type “this game is usually played by girls”?
Teoalida (3:53:42 PM): I say that because since years ago I noticed many girls names on Sims forum
Teoalida (3:54:03 PM): and no wonder… is a digital doll house
Teoalida (3:54:16 PM): That’s why explain why girls are attracted
Teoalida (3:54:26 PM): but I have no proof that there’s more girls than body
Teoalida (3:54:29 PM): than boys
Teoalida (4:01:23 PM): Now tell me something USEFUL
[friend] (4:43:04 PM): my, ur voice is as of a bitch :D.bye
Teoalida (4:42:12 PM): WTF?


Teoalida (7:32:58 PM): Can you tell me something useful??
[friend] (7:45:35 PM): useful about what?
Teoalida (7:44:41 PM): about game
Teoalida (7:45:13 PM): about real world I get enough info from other people
Teoalida (7:45:48 PM): I asked you some things yesterday
Teoalida (7:46:02 PM): days ago I asked how many expansion packs you have
[friend] (8:22:56 PM): i have 3: university, nightlife, apartment


Teoalida (9:03:08 PM): Messenger crashed and I forgot to reconnect
Teoalida (9:03:14 PM): What a coincidence
Teoalida (9:03:29 PM): Only these 3 I had several months ago
Teoalida (9:03:58 PM): I installed University, then Nightlife, and planned to test all in order… but no time for that
Teoalida (9:04:19 PM): then in december 2011 I decided to jump at Apartment Life (the best!)
Teoalida (9:04:49 PM): In march also tried Seasons because I was curious about weather in roofless houses
Teoalida (9:05:17 PM): and past month I quickly tested the remaining 4 expansions to made a list of items
Teoalida (9:09:51 PM): You said that love SimsUrbania and you are against cheating? you didn’t realized that their houses are made with CHEATS? the cheats are made to remove the restrictions that prevent you from making unrealistic houses, but if you take care, you CAN use cheats to do even more beautiful houses… such as h
Teoalida (9:10:37 PM): You said that love SimsUrbania and you are against cheating? you didn’t realized that their houses are made with CHEATS? the cheats are made to remove the restrictions that prevent you from making unrealistic houses, but if you take care, you CAN use cheats to do even more beautiful houses… such as underground garage, bolted bridge, bolted roof… now I remember that I saw houses with bolted glass roof and I don’t know which pack add the GLASS ROOF!!
[friend] (9:19:23 PM): i’m not against cheats, how da heck did u draw dat conclusion lol :))?
[friend] (9:19:54 PM): i think i just don’t need cheats 4 a lot of things, especially in controllig sims
[friend] (9:21:07 PM): u always seem to highlight or stress things :))
[friend] (9:21:16 PM): love ?
[friend] (9:21:38 PM): what love? like is the best word 2 use.
[friend] (9:22:56 PM): mive, i think i always have to explain or redescribe a lot of unnecessary things 2 u, which honestly makes me feel bored, almost what i’ll call “fed up”.
Teoalida (9:27:18 PM): So like me…. I don’t use cheats in controlling sims
Teoalida (9:27:44 PM): except if I want to make special photos and videos
Teoalida (9:29:44 PM): Then I asked you about the interior of that house, if you like this idea with hallways with no furniture, and the placement of furniture in other rooms
Teoalida (9:29:58 PM):
Teoalida (7/12/2012 3:10:38 PM): comment the interior too!!
[friend] (9:36:05 PM): but u used cheat comments like no aging right :)?
Teoalida (9:35:47 PM): I am sure that you use cheats to rent furnished aparments?
Teoalida (9:36:03 PM): Sadly Maxis didn’t included this necessary option
Teoalida (9:36:36 PM): aging -off is not related with controlling
[friend] (9:37:43 PM): i don’t do dat. usually rent then buy stuff
Teoalida (9:36:53 PM): for control I can “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true”
Teoalida (9:37:48 PM): move_objects on …. and teleport sims
[friend] (9:38:54 PM): u fail 2 achieve some certain goals with somw sims n u want 2 have more time 2 do if, for example, so u use that comment, that’s what related to controlling, it’s dat difficult to understand>??
Teoalida (9:38:12 PM): How do you have better control with aging off?!
Teoalida (9:39:20 PM): You never though that some people spent time to create a family with sims similar with their real families, so if they age, would mean that himself will die?
[friend] (9:41:26 PM): himself—> who ?
Teoalida (9:41:03 PM): the real player’s sim will die in the game
Teoalida (9:41:59 PM): his parents will die too
[friend] (9:43:04 PM): then what? what ever ur purpose is, it’s related 2 controlling sims, end of topic
Teoalida (9:43:36 PM): Personally I didn’t replicated my real family, I created a IDEAL family with most beautiful sims and nice arrangement of zodiac signs
Teoalida (9:44:07 PM): Also maybe this is because I played The Sims 1 too maybe even more than The Sims 2
Teoalida (9:44:40 PM): if I began playing in The Sims 2 I wasn’t so against aging
Teoalida (10:13:06 PM): … and you still didn’t told me about interior of that
Teoalida (10:13:47 PM): I wanted some suggestons from you before posting it on my website
[friend] (10:17:19 PM): if u care about furniture, for a house like that, that style simply don’t fit
[friend] (10:17:52 PM): the house surely is spacious enuf 4 a normal family
Teoalida (10:17:04 PM): So what is the proposal?
Teoalida (10:17:14 PM): to make for 6 ?
Teoalida (10:17:51 PM): what do you mean “normal family”?
[friend] (10:19:28 PM): 4ppl
Teoalida (10:18:55 PM): And…. you didn’t see that there’s beds for 4 people?
Teoalida (10:19:04 PM): what is the problem? can’t understand
[friend] (10:20:33 PM): there’re already beds 4 4 ppl. but y 6?
Teoalida (10:20:05 PM): …. and space for 2 more beds
Teoalida (10:20:39 PM): even 8 sims can sleep in that, but dining table would be not enough
[friend] (10:23:25 PM): ur rediculous. if u wannna stuff da house w 8 ppl, surely there’s a way 4 u to have 8 ppl eatig at da same time
Teoalida (10:22:36 PM): Also notice that the dining area should be always bigger than in real house?
Teoalida (10:22:42 PM): Sometimes I have to…
Teoalida (10:23:32 PM): Can’t undestand this!!!!
Teoalida (10:23:52 PM): You said normal family = 4 people but the house was ALREADY designed for 4 people
Teoalida (10:23:59 PM): So what is the problem? what do you criticize and suggest?
[friend] (10:25:37 PM): the only problem is da style, nothig else.
Teoalida (10:25:15 PM): I though that you criticize that I designed it for fewer people that is normal for a house spacious like this, is too much empty space or something
Teoalida (10:25:22 PM): Style of what?
Teoalida (10:25:35 PM): of furniture PLACEMENTS or furniture COLORS?
Teoalida (10:26:10 PM): I can quicky change colors wtih R key
[friend] (10:27:19 PM): i really think u have trouble understand english
Teoalida (10:27:21 PM): Show me the english problerm
[friend] (10:30:00 PM): u have 2 ask questions which no fluent users have 2 ask
Teoalida (10:29:25 PM): Got pain trying to understand your style of playing, what you like if not my houses
Teoalida (10:29:53 PM): No english problem, just game problem
Teoalida (10:30:20 PM): probably because never had any friend playing this game so much like you
[friend] (10:31:32 PM): the architecture of a house has nothing 2 do with style of playing
Teoalida (10:30:45 PM): so what do you mean with the STYLE?
Teoalida (10:30:51 PM): what is wrong at my furniture?
[friend] (10:32:56 PM): see, if u truly understood englis, u woulnt ask such question
Teoalida (10:32:29 PM): Show me what part of english can’t understand
Teoalida (10:32:54 PM): can’t understand the STYLE that you mean… not the word itself
[friend] (10:34:19 PM): ennd of topic, ur …. dumb
Teoalida (10:33:25 PM): That’s stupid
Teoalida (10:33:46 PM): How many times I told you to give a screenshot or your houses?
Teoalida (10:34:01 PM): I really want to see the difference between my style and your style
[friend] (10:37:08 PM): wait a month then, i frequent dota recenly
Teoalida (10:36:38 PM): How many years you playing The Sims 2? don’t say that never saved any screenshot!
Teoalida (10:37:18 PM): Don’t think that my screenshots such as Dining in 11… were made for you, I have a big collection of such things
[friend] (10:39:22 PM): such a thig is not worth saving, imo
[friend] (10:39:33 PM): so i dont
Teoalida (10:39:31 PM): LOL… others are making blogs to write sims stories, what happen everyday in their game is published in blog, what do you think about them?
Teoalida (10:40:13 PM): Personally I don’t make stories, just screenshots and house for download… and you what are you saving by playing?
[friend] (10:47:15 PM): dat 4 ppl who want 2 have smth 2 write, while i don’t. dat’s da difference.
Teoalida (10:46:38 PM): I think that YOU should learn some english
[friend] (10:48:04 PM): lol, ur da 1 2 talk
Teoalida (10:47:03 PM): Who told you to write DAT rather than THAT ?
Teoalida (10:47:59 PM): the abbreviations are acceptable but such modification of words…?
[friend] (10:49:12 PM): at least i’ve been accepted by some us college, which guaranteed my e is efficient.
[friend] (10:49:23 PM): chattig is different
Teoalida (10:48:36 PM): Do you used same language in school? and at exams?
[friend] (10:49:41 PM): i’ll type watever da heck i i want
[friend] (10:50:38 PM): “Do you used same language in school? and at exams?” s1 with flaws in grammar is here 2 tell me 2 learn. lol
Teoalida (10:49:40 PM): I get what you mean with these bad words, no problem here, stop saying that I don’t understand english, the problem is still at GAME
[friend] (10:50:57 PM): :))
Teoalida (10:49:56 PM): s1 = someone ?
Teoalida (10:50:18 PM): that’s uncommon abbreviation
Teoalida (10:51:40 PM): Maybe you see little grammar errors at me but at least I don’t abbreviate words… HAPPY?
[friend] (10:52:55 PM): dont care
[friend] (10:53:14 PM): i” understand anway
Teoalida (10:52:16 PM): I agree… is just a chat, not something to be published
Teoalida (10:53:43 PM): Let’s get back?
Teoalida (10:53:46 PM): Also criticizing too few rooms in my houses… but how many rooms have YOURS?
[friend] (10:55:39 PM): i didm’t say too few rooms in urs. problems w ur memory?
Teoalida (10:56:00 PM): [friend] (15:12:31 (UTC)):then u r taught a lesson to build a beautiful house. honestly, the house u designed in the sims suck, few rooms, n … ugly. n paintings r not the only things which can help
Teoalida (10:56:04 PM): remember now?
[friend] (10:58:00 PM): 4 dat 1 house published on ur site. this recent of urs doesnt
Teoalida (10:57:35 PM): I have message archive and you didn’t specified which house you criticize
Teoalida (10:57:44 PM): Better, look again on my website
Teoalida (10:57:51 PM):
Teoalida (10:58:49 PM): I have houses from 2 Rooms (The Cube of Glass) to 8 rooms in First Apartment Block and even 10 in recently-published Federal Fortress (Maxis Makeover)
[friend] (11:00:02 PM): not the main problem w ur house anyway, reduce the number of members n any house can become spacious.
Teoalida (10:59:30 PM): What’s the optimal number of rooms for 4 sims?
[friend] (11:02:00 PM): 2-3 bed rooms, 2 bath, 1 livin, 1 kitchen + dining
Teoalida (11:01:23 PM): These 2-8-10 rooms that I said, don’t include bathrooms and hallways with no furniture
Teoalida (11:02:04 PM): so the Terraced houses that I just showed you have 5 rooms for 4 sims, isn’t good enough?
[friend] (11:03:45 PM): good enuf, dont like, dont disslike dat’s all
Teoalida (11:04:11 PM): and any suggestions?
[friend] (11:07:29 PM): 4 a simple house on a small lot, da structure ‘s already good. only need 2 care about decorations
Teoalida (11:07:15 PM): I admit that I gave little care to decorative part… so what is the suggestion?
Teoalida (11:07:54 PM): I know, window curtains
Teoalida (11:08:02 PM): maybe more paintings hanged on walls
Teoalida (11:08:05 PM): anything else?
[friend] (11:09:10 PM): there’s just a lot of ideeas ’bout decorations. u can search
Teoalida (11:09:09 PM): I want ideas from who criticize me
[friend] (11:13:57 PM): go2 build mode, collection mode. chose a collection which, if possible, include both wall cover, window, doors , floors, furnitures. simple as dat. other wise, really have 2 depends on ur eyes. ur sense
Teoalida (11:14:44 PM): I told you yesterday that I hate that they didn’t made matching floor and wall tiles
Teoalida (11:14:53 PM): only Pets expansion pack added such things
Teoalida (11:16:08 PM): Do you mean that this house have classic architecture…. and the furniture is not enough classic?!
Teoalida (11:16:21 PM): or the furniture is too classic for this house?
[friend] (11:17:30 PM): classicc archii?
[friend] (11:17:32 PM): lol
Teoalida (11:16:40 PM): see the modern furniture in my “The Cube of Glass”
[friend] (11:19:51 PM): hey ur a hacker right?
Teoalida (11:19:07 PM): Do you saw a stupid facebook profile?
Teoalida (11:20:06 PM): or why do you ask that?
[friend] (11:22:12 PM): just think u recorded every word i’ve ever typed,
Teoalida (11:21:32 PM): There’s nothing bad to save message archive
Teoalida (11:23:40 PM): Sometimes I look in archive to remind something, re-read something to understand better, or when I tell to someone, he ask me how I know that, I need to give a copy from message archive with the person who told me
Teoalida (11:23:50 PM): How is this related with hacking?
Teoalida (11:26:48 PM): I have stupid friends who thinks that hacker means anyone with high computer knowledge
Teoalida (11:28:08 PM): and yes I have high knowledge and they call me hacker
Teoalida (11:28:12 PM): And others who hear that, thinks that I can hack passwords… some became afraid to give me ther Yahoo IDs while others ask me to hack someone’s account
Teoalida (11:29:10 PM): I try to explain to all that Yahoo is made to prevent hacking, otherwise people would go to a concurrent service
Teoalida (11:29:13 PM): FUNNY?
[friend] (11:32:00 PM): lol, i just ask a random question 2 c what u’ll b blabbing
Teoalida (11:31:21 PM): I just wanted to tell you something funny
Teoalida (11:31:42 PM): so why do you ask if I am hacker?
Teoalida (11:32:00 PM): I don’t hack things… because they are made to not be hacked!
[friend] (11:36:24 PM): dunno, my brain just processes some random remotely related question sometimes. g9
Teoalida (11:35:58 PM): lol
Teoalida (11:36:53 PM): Any ideas for Second Apartment Block?
Teoalida (11:37:18 PM): When I made the first one… I placed inside apartment all the furniture normally necessary in a house
Teoalida (11:38:01 PM): May be better to make apartments smaller and place some furniture such as exercise machine and chess table in common area?
Teoalida (11:39:18 PM): Do you know… apartments can be small as 1 sqm, 10$ rent, and all furniture in common area, sims still can live with it
Teoalida (11:52:45 PM): So… you play without cheating? LET ME GUESS, you make a family with 2 adults, buy a 20.000$ house get them jobs in business or military careers, quickly put them to earn skills to get promoted, raise the wealth to at least 50.000$ then start making or adopting kids to replace them, and when they grow and get a job, adopt even more kids and after 2 generations, you may have 8 working adults in the race for 1 million $ wealth?
Teoalida (11:53:26 PM): When I wil have time, I will try this!
[friend] (6:18:00 AM): I do use commands to play. just say sthose ” bool prop..” command is important in creating buildings, making them more realistic.n I use any command 2 make my game more realistic. like when in apartment, like, there was just 1 spiral stair, and those townie generated by stupidly by the computer just someho happened to be stuck in the area near the stair and they seemed 2 try 2 let each other pass and ended up going nowhere, standing there until they were exhausted and peed all over the floor. that was not realistic at all. n so of course I placed each of them somewhere else so dat they could surely go normally. it’s not like “aging off”- ppl age n so must sims.
[friend] (6:30:33 AM): n i dont consider any commands i’ve used cheats at all. if the game didn’t malfunction, the building tool were complete, those commands would never even exist.
[friend] (6:31:18 AM): n ur guess is random too,, i guess. u didn’t have a clue 4 ur guess
[friend] (6:31:31 AM): not even 1
Teoalida (1:08:08 PM): Normal stairs can be used by 1 sim at time, I am not sure about spiral stairs, but modular stairs can be used by multiple sims so USE THEM… however I encountered problems in my First Apartment Block because I used a split-level foundation to make L-shaped stair and sims get stuck in that 1 square, especially when 3 sims meet, two tell to middle one to move away and he is blocked by other 2
[friend] (1:09:43 PM): i don’t fucking understand why u have to stress thing like this huh “USE them”. ur the 1 who knows much?
Teoalida (1:10:08 PM): I tested a lot of things, maybe not all
Teoalida (1:10:31 PM): Do you know more than me?
Teoalida (1:14:06 PM): I used spiral stairs only in one house… no problems occured, but were 2 spiral stairs
[friend] (1:14:07 PM): well just fucking shut up. dont chat 2 me again. u give me the sense of sbd who think u urself is flawless” genius eh?” n want to shut the mouth of ppl who criticize u by unbelievable minute details.
Teoalida (1:14:42 PM): What’s wrong with you getting mad??
Teoalida (1:15:04 PM): I want to exchange experience and opinions and you….??
Teoalida (1:20:55 PM): You from Vietnam? I gave you the link to my website yesterday, and I don’t saw ANY vietnam visitor looking in The Sims 2 page yesterday, so what you were criticizing????

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