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Year-Make-Model changelog

    Year-Make-Model is a car database started in February 2013. This page shows number of makes and model years at each successive update.

    Year Make Model Trim Specs changelog

      Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs is a project started in 2014, This page show number of makes, model names, model years and trims at each successive update.

      Year Make Model Trim Specs changed car names

        While analyzing data scraped from Edmunds, I decided to do several changes, correcting few obvious mistakes (example: AMG models and Yukon Denali) and improving model hierarchy to reduce number of so-called models with short production period, which are actually trims of a long-production model:

        On-road prices

          This was a very difficult project I done in January 2016, involved about 20 hours of coding in VB.NET to make an application sending javascript requests to Carwale website.


            A strange person trying to sell me database of car buyers from all new car dealerships across India, 1.5 million records.


              This was funny! Someone bought a car database from CarQueryAPI and ask me for updates, then realized what crappy database he bought and choose to buy from me another, better quality database.


              Last update: 18 December 2019
              Abandoned due to difficulties in maintaining updates.