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European Car Models & Engines Database

This database is a filtered version of German Car Database, useful for auto parts businesses who want to have only 1 row for each unique body / engine combinations, removing excess rows for different transmission, drivetrain or equipment option. Last update: 7 February 2022.

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Car Models & Engines Database
Car Models & Engines & Dimensions Database

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Cars sold in Europe. Database being based on AutoKatalog (german car magazine) have 100% coverage for cars sold in Germany which is the biggest car market of Europe. 99% of cars sold in any European country are also sold in Germany. I also added unique cars sold only in UK, communist cars sold only in Eastern bloc, as well as special cars with 2.0 liter engine to comply with Italian tax system.

If you are outside Europe, you can check list of car models included in Excel file and report missing models (sold in your country but not in Europe) so I can add their data if available, but I cannot guarantee that I can add all.

Data fields included (2003-2019 database)

Database contain the following columns, indicating the period that include data in. Completion is nearly 99% for every column in the period covered. For more columns, see The BIGGEST Car Database.

Naming: Make, Model, Version, Years, Source of data, Sold in, Class.

Body data: Body type, No. of doors, No. of seats, Engine place, Drivetrain.

Engine data: Cylinders (all), Displacement (all), Power kW (all), Power PS (all), Torque Nm (all), Catalytic (1986-1993).

Drivetrain data: Tire size (all), Tire size rear (if different than front).

Performance data: Engine type (all).

History (original 2003-2019 database)

Between 2015 and 2019 the database was like this Car Models & Engines SAMPLE.

Car Models & Engines Database was one of the databases started in 2003, based on German AutoKatalog car magazines (manually typing data from paper into computer). In 2014-2015 I added more columns, making The BIG Car Database , while Car Models & Engines database was a simplified version of The BIG Car Database, with fewer colums and removed some rows to avoid duplicate rows for same engine due to facelift affecting only car exterior.

AutoKatalog magazines stopped publishing in 2014 and I was using ADAC to keep updates on-going, manipulating to match format of former magazine. Each update required 20-30 hours of manual work. The rising sales of databases made via automating scraping software made me to abandon this database (last release: May 2019). Full change log.

Several customers said that this database is too detailed and contains duplicate rows for same engine because it is offered with multiple bodies and drivetrains and they do not need these details (especially the ones in ECU chiptuning field). In same May 2019 I drafted a new SAMPLE stripping off data from German car database to reduce number of rows until meet your requirements.

History (2020-present database)

I could potentially start this project in January-February 2020, but due to ADAC website redesign in December 2019, followed by on-going changes in model hierarchy in 2020, I decided to put this project on hold a bit until ADAC settle up its model hierarchy… to avoid needing to re-do same work again in the future.

After doing an update of German Car Database in July 2020, I started adding a column to shortlist database to 1 row for each engine (more exactly 1 row for each combination of body type, engine cm3, horsepower and torque), excluding different gearboxes, drivetrain, or trim/equipment (I am not yet sure if I made BEST choice and I may change it in the future) see below polls, some people voted that is not even necessary to keep separate row for each body type, there are also cars that have same cm3, same power, but different torque).

July 2020 edition row count: 1950s-present: 27920 rows, 1990s-present: 22361 rows, 2000s-present: 17283 rows, 2010s-present: 7894 rows, new cars only: 3956 rows.

Unlike original database covering all cars sold in Europe, current database include ALL and ONLY car models sold in Germany. The idea was to offer later an add-on with cars sold in (Eastern) Europe but not in Germany, adapting AutoKatalog data to ADAC format: old Dacia and Skoda models, some Lada models, Moskwitch, GAZ, UAZ, ZAZ, FSO, Zastava. these cars.

I emailed ~30 people who bought Car Models & Engines, to notify to download new database, asking them for feedback, planning afterwards to do the same for Car Models & Engines & Tires and Car Models & Engines & Dimensions. But NONE of 30 people ever replied with any feedback, consequently I put these projects ON HOLD.

In late 2020 I realized that emails I sent in July 2020 with 2 links put customers in confusion, many people did not realized that there are 2 download links and downloaded just 1st file which was old database from May 2019 (might be this reason for lack of feedback), sorry for inconvenience!

I made another update in April 2021 and again in February 2022.

If same engine is available on multiple body styles…

BMW 320i is enough, I do not need 4 rows for saloon, touring, coupe, cabrio
I need separate row for saloon, estate, coupe, cabrio, but 3/5-door hatchbacks can share same row
Even 3-door and 5-door hatchbacks should be 2 separate rows
Please Specify:
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If an engine is offered with 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive…

A car engine database should omit multiple drivetrain options, 1 row per engine is enough
Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive should be each on separate row
Please Specify:
Created with QuizMaker

Production years should be indicated for each engine?

I do not need production years for each BMW 320i, 328i, 330d, etc, is enough to indicate production years for 3-Series E46, E90, etc
Beside production years for main model, each engine version should have production years indicated
Please Specify:

How to indicate engine size?

Please Specify:



  1. I need firing order, location of Cylinder 1 and the naming convention if not in-line (Alternate between banks, or sequential in banks in order of bank number).
    Want ignition (spark, diesel),
    Circuit voltage (6, 12, 48, ..)
    Bore (mm)

  2. I would like to see important engine tech info such as cam timing, spark ignition timing, fuel injection timing specs. This is an engine database is it not?
    Thank you

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