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Used cars database

If you want a complete and accurate database of cars sold in your country, used cars classifieds websites are NOT a good place to source data from, because they are variable data, every day new cars are posted for sale while others become inactive, many car models are duplicated and some car models are missing because …

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API / web service

I have 15+ years experience in researching automobile industry and compile data in Excel… and I am looking for a skilled web developer with high interest in cars, that can help me to provide API beside selling Excel / CSV / SQL files. I give FREE API access to whoever help me!

My lack of …

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Singapore Car Database

I made this database in November 2018 to help the numerous people from Singapore who visit main website after making many databases for Singapore real estate, as some of them are looking for cars too.

Coverage: 2000-present.

Download free SAMPLE: Singapore Car Database SAMPLE.xls

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for …

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Car models & engines database for tuning companies

CelticTuning: free BMW sample.xls

Dyno Chiptuning: free BMW sample.xls

I created this chip tuning database privately in February 2018 when someone asked me to scrap data from showing engine power and torque before and after ECU remapping. In April 2018 a second person was interested in similar database, by this …

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Registration number database… is this possible?

I am writing this page because people asked me if I can provide registration plate database.

Vehicle registration lookup API and databases are maintained by governments, they CANNOT be made by, or purchased from random individuals and freelancers like me, because every day new cars are registered, scraped or change owners.

Several people asked if …

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What are the legal risks if you steal a database?

A customer of Teoalida’s Car Database, previously a customer of, forwarded me the following email received by him from

Hi John

It has come to our attention that you purchased an Australian database of motor vehicle information from CarlistDB on the 15th of October.

Glass’s has taken legal action against CarLIstDB as it had illegally acquired …

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Tire database

Download free SAMPLE: Tire-Database-SAMPLE.xls

Buy complete database:

Along time, few people asked me for a database of tires, I usually said “I have databases of car models with tire size indicated, not database of tire models. However, in May 2017, a customer who purchased TireSize database told me to scrap data …

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South Africa car database

Source of data: (this website shows specs only for new cars, no discontinued models).

Download SAMPLE: South Africa Car Database SAMPLE.xls

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for 1 year:

List of updates:

44 brands, 364 models (295 unique), 2478 versions (1812 unique) – 6 July 2019

44 brands, …

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Oil recommendation database

Coverage: earliest car included is from 1980, but bulk of cars start at 1990s. Oil capacity in US Gallons.

Download SAMPLE: Pennzoil SAMPLE.xls

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for 1 year:


Someone contacted me in 2017 to ask for an oil recommendation database, I …

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