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Legacy databases

I call “legacy” the databases started during childhood, sourcing data from books, independently from the internet world (I connected to internet in 2005).

Updating these databases by hand takes too much effort so I abandoned them in favor of databases made sourcing data from websites using scraping technology.

Customers who bought legacy databases are eligible for 50% discount to buy an equivalent database.

Car Models Timeline

Car Models List & Timeline

Hand-made database started in 2003, abandoned 2015

Download sample DOC (list)
Download sample XLS (timeline)

The original version of Car Models List in .DOC format, started in 2003. It dates back from the childhood hobby for writing book-style printer-friendly documents in Word (although I never printed it and I guess that nobody will do this).

What is the source of data?

The original databases I made for Europe (Car Models Encyclopedia, Car Models Database, Car Models & Engines Database) were made by entering data manually from AutoKatalog, a yearly publication made by Auto Motor und Sport, the leading German car magazine and one of the most reputable car magazines in the world. AutoKatalog is published yearly since 1957 in about 15-20 European countries.