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Speaker Sizes for American cars

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Speaker Sizes SAMPLE.xlsx

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I created this database created on 29 June 2020 after requests from 2 people. I made a scraper for and found 72 makes, 3094 models, 20974 model years (3 not found), of which 12870 been researched and speaker sizes are indicated.

Coverage: cars sold in United States, oldest car in the list is from 1909, oldest car with speaker sizes indicated is from 1970. It also contain motorcycles but there are no speaker sizes for them. I guess that the source website bought a car & bike list from somewhere and started researching cars, manually adding their speaker sizes.

1 customer purchased in 2020, another one in 2021, another one in 2023, so this is one of the poorest-selling databases. For the first time someone asked me to do an update in January 2024, but no longer provide speaker size. So, this project is DEAD.

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