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Car Length Evolution

PDF chart with 640 most common car models from Europe since WW2 to present. Took 10 hours to write each car model at correct position in the chart, based by year of launch and length in millimeters, using AutoCAD then exported as PDF, I leave it for FREE download… useful for garage builders and students or hobbyists researching the car evolution.

I made it in April 2013, after I was contacted by an architect, interested in “average car length”, for an automated parking system.

Updated November 2014. Further updates will be done when someone request updates.

The chart contains only cars produced in Europe and focus on hatchback, saloon, estate, coupe, cabriolet, etc, excluding MPV, SUV, etc, as their length are within range of regular cars (no SUV sold in Europe is longer than Mercedes S-Class). Also it do not contains Asian imports because they offer a small range of cars within middle range of European cars, or American imports because are too rare in Europe. Adding too many cars would make names overlapping and the PDF chart would be harder to read.

You can get dimensions and other specifications of ALL car models sold in Europe by buying Car Models Database.


Car Length Evolution


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