Why I do not provide a car parts database

Learning web scraping in late 2015 allowed me to quickly create new databases with less effort, I created via scraping car models databases for India, Middle East, Australia, as well as other databases (world countries, mobile phones, etc).

I was thinking whenever I can make the next step and create a car parts database. I started studying several car parts websites and talked with various potential customers, deciding together that www.onlinecarparts.co.uk is one of the best. Website is too big and complex to scrap using online scraping tools, so I had to pay my programmer partner to make a custom scraper, but… I saw this warning:

The data shown here, especially the complete database, may not be copied. It is strictly prohibited to duplicate the data and database and distribute the same, and/or instruct third parties to engage in such activities, without prior consent from TecAlliance. Any use of content in a manner not expressly authorized constitutes copyright infringement and violators will be prosecuted.

Furthermore, a car parts database means overkilling myself. Estimating over 10,000 car make, models and engines, and over 1,000 parts in a car, would make a total of over 10 million parts, scraping at an average rate of 1 page per second would take several months using my computer only, not enjoyable task, even if completed I would had to sell at a very high price at which number of customers will not justify my effort to update regularly.

As one-man business, is more profitable to create many small databases (1,000-100,000 rows) and sell at prices from 50 to 500 euro to large number of customers (the situation may change if I get a bunch of servers for scraping instead of scraping from my computer).

So, anyone who is interested in a car parts database, feel free to buy from other data providers such as TecAlliance and don’t keep me busy for few months and also put me in copyright troubles of scraping from websites that prohibit copying data.

3 thoughts on “Why I do not provide a car parts database

    1. Doing model by model will take even more effort to COMPLETE than doing all at once, and many customers wouldn’t like to buy an incomplete database.

      There are almost 8 billion people on Earth, over 2000 visit my website every day, ~20 contact me every day, some just saying thanks for info, some requesting me to do various projects. Do I am the only one who should undertake such megalithic project?

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