Tire size database for cars sold in USA and Canada

Tire size database for cars sold in United States and CanadaDownload free SAMPLE:
TireSize SAMPLE.xls

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Coverage: earliest car included is from 1950, but number of cars by year is significant only after 1980.

Download free SAMPLE:
TireSize tire brands SAMPLE.xls

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I created this database in January 2017, for a customer who did not liked Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs because it shows only 1 tire fitment for each car, he asked me to do web scraping from TireSize.com, which shows all tire sizes that each car is offered, standard equipment and optional tires.

TireSize is an easy to scrap website, having all data in HTML format, took about 3 minutes to scrap it with an online scraper, but each time I wanted to update database, I had to spent about 10 hours to manually copy-paste to fill model names on every row, to make database usable.

Number of sales failed to reach 10 per year and the 10 hours of manual work required each update made me to announce in late 2017 that will STOP updating this database and recommend customers to buy other databases like  www.teoalida.com/cardatabase/american/ and www.teoalida.com/cardatabase/wheels-and-tires-size/

In April 2019 a customer contacting me for an unrelated project informed me that is possible to fill rows automatically (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIKqeaFvltQ) and this allow me to revive the Tire Size database. I also made a scraper for tires by brand beside the tires by vehicle.

List of updates:
33277 rows – January 2017, TireSize had cars up to model year 2016, meaning that it is lagging in updates for about 1 year.
35136 rows – July 2017, they added 2017 models during spring 2017 but is still lagging in updates because 2018 models are already on the market.
64 makes, 1361 models, 12315 years, 41014 trims – 13 April 2019, no longer lagging, 2020 models are already included.

32 brands, 699 tire models, 18938 tire sizes – 13 April 2019


If you want a car tire database updated more often I can do web scraping from SimpleTire.com, I done scraping of tires by brand, creating another Tire Database for another customer who turned to be an idiot, who asked me to scrap tires by vehicle too. But in case of tires by vehicle, the website is very complex to scrap because data is in JSON format rather than HTML, so I need to pay $250 to my programmer partner to make a custom scraping application. The idiot did not paid for first project so could not do the second project. If anyone is interested to pay $250 for SimpleTire, contact me and we arrange a deal.


In September 2017 another customer suggested scraping from 1010tires.com. This website is updated more often than above two. The job took 30 hours with my partner’s standard scraper.

Due to low sales volume I will NOT update this database anymore.

Download SAMPLE (1 make):

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Coverage: 1990-present.

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