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F.A.Q. & important info

Can I get a free database?

I offer SAMPLES for free download to show you data quality before purchasing COMPLETE database. 

Each year hundreds companies pay me $$ to ensure getting a complete vehicle database, frequently updated and with accurate technical specs.

Stay away from websites offering so-called “complete” databases for FREE download, stolen and posted online by other people than original author, such databases are incomplete, contain errors, are outdated, no support or updates are provided.

About me & making of

Car Database was born from a major hobby for automobiles and pleasure for working in Excel and data analysis. This is mostly 1-man business. I (Teoalida) do data entry, web scraping, database updates, design my website, and also customer support via chat every day. I employ other people just for coding certain scrapers too complex for me.

After years of dedication I became the biggest provider of automobile data, but also other databases about geography, real estate and electronic products. Check all databases available.

What is the source of data?

The original databases I made for Europe (Car Models Encyclopedia, Car Models Database, Car Models & Engines Database) were made by entering data manually from AutoKatalog, a yearly publication made by Auto Motor und Sport, the leading German car magazine and one of the most reputable car magazines in the world. AutoKatalog is published yearly since 1957 in about 15-20 European countries.

License / terms of service

You are allowed to use database commercially in YOUR business or company, on your website, mobile app or other software development.
You are NOT allowed to redistribute / resell database to people outside your company or publish database on other websites.
If you are an individual, student, teacher, and not represent a commercial entity, keep database for YOUR personal use and not give it to anyone else.

How often do you update databases?

Update frequency for each database is approximately proportional with how many people buy it. I am author of over 100 databases, I provide updates on regular basis (monthly to few months) for the ~20 best-selling ones, while the rest I am updating when a customer request update.

How do I receive updates?

I use Easy Digital Downloads plugin for WordPress to sell my works. When you make payment, a download link is generated automatically that give you 1-year access to purchased files.

When I publish updates I click “resend receipt” to notify all customers who purchased that particular database that an update is available, to re-download if they need.

File formats: Excel, CSV, SQL, XML, JSON

Anyone can convert XLS to SQL: open .XLS file, do the necessary changes in Excel > save as > choose CSV format > go in your website cPanel > phpMyAdmin > create a MySQL database > import CSV file.

Starting from 2015 I provide CSV and SQL by default for best-selling databases at no extra charges (pay once and receive 3 file formats). For others I can provide on request basis.

Do you provide WordPress plugins or PHP scripts?

Because of large number of databases that I am selling, and because each customer have different requirements in integrating my database in his website, there is not possible to make ONE plugin and give it to every customer purchasing a database.

Several free plugins for WordPress do exist (example WooCommerce YMM search) but it can be used only for online stores made with WooCommerce and the only car database that works with it is the Year-Make-Model.

Interoperability with other products

As an independent data provider, I do not guarantee interoperability with other products available online.

Most common conflicts are at BMW and Mercedes, some have model “BMW 3-Series saloon” with trim/variant “320i”, others have model “320i” with trim/variant “saloon, touring, coupe, cabrio”, others have model simply “3-Series” with trim/variant “320i saloon”, among those having 3-Series as model, some put M3 as separate model and others put M3 as trim/variant under 3-Series.

America vs Europe vs rest of world

If you are a business working globally rather than in a specific country, or working in some other country than the countries covered by my standard car databases, you may be looking for a global car database.

But… this is not really possible. Car specifications vary depending by country of sale for models having same name, and for accuracy reasons, a car database should be specific to cars SOLD in one country, or with some compromise of quality, to one continent.

How I calculate pricing?

Several customers attempted to negotiate prices in wrong way, for example offering me only 5% of full database price motivating that need only 5 of 100 columns available. Sorry but prices are not directly proportional with quantity of data.

There is a minimum price of 25-50% that you must pay even if you need just 1 column.

Do you offer refunds?

If you buy a physical product from a real store, you can return it to store undamaged and get refund. But in case of digital car databases, returning is not possible. Since starting selling in 2012, as 2017 I done over 1000 sales and had only 3 or 4 cases of people asking for refunds. If any customer report problems I always choose to fix the problem rather than refunding, until every customer is satisfied.

Questions about car photos

In 2015 I started using web scraping software to quickly create databases extracting data from various websites. Scraping software do not extract only text (model names and specifications) but also Image URLs (link to image corresponding to each car model, usually in same resolution).

Can you provide car valuation database?

The CORRECT way to make a car valuation service is to use a database with new car prices, another database that adjust price based on car age and/or miles driven, another database that adjust price based on state / ZIP code. I can provide you database with car prices as new (MSRP / showroom price), but not the rest.