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America vs Europe vs rest of world

If you are a business working globally rather than in a specific country, or working in some other country than the countries covered by my standard car databases, you may be looking for a global car database.

But… this is not really possible. Car specifications vary depending by country of sale for models having same name, …

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About me & history of Car Database

Teoalida’s Car Database was born from a major hobby for automobiles and pleasure for working in Excel and data analysis. It is one of MANY hobbies started during childhood and one of the FEW hobbies turning into business during adulthood.

This is mostly 1-man business. I (Teoalida) do data entry, web scraping, database updates, design my website, and also customer support via chat …

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Car photo database

Various people asked me for car photos as soon I started selling Excel car databases in 2012. Initially I was confused whenever I should download free photos from Wikipedia and sell a ZIP archive with hundreds of JPG images, charging some $ for the job of “collecting” photos.

In 2015 I started using web scraping …

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Interoperability with other products

As an independent data provider, I do not guarantee interoperability of my databases with other products available online. Actually there is no interoperability between my own car databases, each one being developed independently from different source.

If you check major automobile websites like,,,,, eBay, TecDoc, etc, you will see lots …

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What is the source of data?

The original databases I made for Europe (Car Models Encyclopedia, Car Models Database, Car Models & Engines Database) were made by entering data manually from AutoKatalog, a yearly publication made by Auto Motor und Sport, the leading German car magazine and one of the most reputable car magazines in the world. AutoKatalog is published …

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How often do you update databases?

Dedicating most of my life on data providing industry, I managed to provide the most updated databases ever sold on internet. Proof: List of updates.

The greatest thing is that in case of databases made using an automated scraping script that takes less than 24 hours to run, you can request anytime to have database updated …

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How do I receive updates?

I use Easy Digital Downloads plugin for WordPress to generate database download links after payment, I set the links to expire in 1 year, and you can click your link again as many times you want to download latest version of database.

Moreover, after every update of each database, I click “resend receipt” in WordPress …

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Do you provide other formats beside Excel? (CSV, SQL, XML, JSON)

When I started car database project in 2003, I intended them for visualization in Excel, so I made all files colorful and with borders that separate models. But since starting selling in 2012, I realized that most customers import it in their SQL database, so the enhancements for Excel visualization are useless, but they prove …

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Do you offer refunds?

If you buy a physical product from a real store, you can return it to store undamaged and get refund. But in case of digital car databases, returning is not possible. Since starting selling in 2012, as 2017 I done over 1000 sales and had only 3 or 4 cases of people asking for refunds. …

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Databases confusing?

The names (list, timeline, database, etc) are confusing? I agree… but I lack imagination for a better naming system. Feel free to view samples and propose better product names!

Note that until late 2012, I though that DATAbase = technical data, I did not knew that DATABASE means any XLS / SQL table regardless if is …

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