Custom database building

A variety of people and companies visit my website, so is NOT possible to make everyone happy by offering a single vehicle database, or to predict what customers will visit me in the future and create suitable databases in advance.

If you think that these vehicle databases are stolen from somewhere and sold “as it is” like what do other data providers, you are WRONG. Being the developer of database and having over 15 years experience in researching car industry, plus high skills in data mining, I can offer you customized solutions.

Tell me what data are you looking for, I may customize one of the already-made databases, or create a new database according your requirements, for you and for future customers looking for same thing.

Note: I am here to make databases that can be used by as many people is possible, NOT to work full time for 1 person. I do dozens sales per month. I may reject projects that takes more than few hours if the data collected have no use for anyone else than yourself, or I can pass your project to my partners. See examples of projects done and their price.

Custom packages

I sell each database in several standard packages, for example Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs have 3 column options: Trims, Basic Specs, Full Specs, and 2 rows options: all cars (1990-2019) and new cars only (2017-2019), making a total of 6 packages. But you can ask me to create a custom package if:

  • You need more than 2016-2018, but also don’t want to pay big price for 1990-2018. For example you need 2010-2018.
  • You need an additional column that is not included in Basic Specs package, but don’t want to pay big price of Full Specs package.
  • You need only SUVs, only trucks, or only vehicles made by General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Geo, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn). Useful for people who want to buy a car and my database may help them making a decision. Note: for a selection of makes the price per row will be twice of normal price, so if you choose few makes that exceed 50% of total rows in database you will no longer get discount.

Note: if you buy custom packages you will NOT be notified automatically when updates are available and you will not be able to download them. If you need updates you need to contact me and I will email you.

Customization of existing data

FREE customization: rearranging the existing data, deleting the “bonus” cars not sold in Europe, translating technical terms, etc. Do not lose a FREE offer like this FUNNY customer!

Paid customization: if new data need to be added, but if your idea is great and makes the database better thus can be sold to more people, price will be LOWER.

I have developed the databases initially as stand-alone products intended for visualization in Excel, not expecting that people will want to integrate them in websites or other applications.

Until december 2012 I had only 2 databases with specs for sale: Car Database LITE (renamed Car Models Database) and Car Database BIG (renamed Car Models & Engines Database), plus the Car Models List offered FREE in Word format because I was in doubt that someone will ever pay for a simple list of models without technical specs…

… without realizing that there is audience of people looking for a car database to integrate in a website, so they do not need technical specs, they need just a list of models… but in Excel rather than Word!

– As soon as one customer (from Turkey) told me this (30 December 2012), I offered conversion of Car Models List.DOC (offered FREE) to .XLS for €20 but he did not agreed to pay, however I DONE IT and put it for sale for other people, for $29.60 – 2960 models / 103 brands. Surprisingly, in just one month 4 people bought such XLS list of models without specs, outselling the other 2 products. Many thanks to anonymous from Turkey.

– One American did not liked the just-launched Car Models List.XLS and told me to recompile it by making separate row for each year (5 February 2013), after a little talk and confusion, I DONE IT!
This format of database was very WEIRD for me as European, but later I realized that this is the standard format for North America market so I put it on sale for everyone as Car Models List US and it became a best-seller! Later renamed to Year-Make-Model.
Now I think that this guy from one month ago wanted the same thing, but instead of explaining me, he quitted like an idiot.

– An insurance company intending to buy Car Models & Engines Database suggested to add two extra columns for make and model beside full model name. DONE! (December 2012), this boosted sales a lot.

– Someone who purchased Car Models & Engines Database complained that cannot filter the table by fuel type (January 2013). DONE! I added an extra column for Fuel type without charging extra cost (it was originally not included because any reader can realize which is gasoline and which diesel, by model name). Now I am sad by thinking that I lost potential buyers who were needing Fuel type column too, they went away instead of telling me to add it?

The BIGGEST job ever done by customer request (opposite of the original database made as personal interest), is the Car Tire Database. Initially I said NO to first customers, because would take 100 hours to enter tire size manually, but during 2013 I has been contacted by 4 customers demanding a Car Tire Database, so I decided to start adding tires in the Car Models Engines & Dimensions database. After completing 20% my website was hit by Google Penalty, lost 90% of traffic, lost interest in making new databases because potential of new customers was too low. Penalty ended in March 2014, traffic recovered.
A new customer wanted transmission, other customer wanted something else. I put Car tires on hold to decide what is best thing to do, and in mid-2014 I decided to add not just tires but ALL 40+ data fields from AutoKatalog car magazines.

I published a SAMPLE of the 40+ fields database, as marketing experiment, to see if anyone is interested in such big amount of data, and in 6 months found only 1 customer interested in 40+ columns (which in this case I would have abandoned the project) but numerous customers interested in specific data (mostly interested in tires, few in transmission, etc) encouraged me to continue. I launched for sale Car Models, Engines, Tires in May 2015 with 60% completion for tires, and finalized the 40+ fields database for 1990-present in October 2015, and put it on sale for 500 euro, a price at which I was not expecting many buyers, but I was wrong. Many people switched their choice to the bigger and more expensive database, and my income has been doubled.

There were many things that I could offer, but in early years I was not aware what I should offer due to people lazy to contact me and inform about their requirements

Creating totally new databases

A new era started in 2015, using web scraping software I can create new databases with minimum of effort, by writing scripts that visit a website at your choice, extract specific data and put it into an Excel database, in a matter of hours.

Do not just tell me what data do you require and expect me to do research on the web to find that particular data. You need to provide URL of a website having required data and I will code a scraper that create a database with all data from the website you choose, which may be or may not be exactly the data you require.

Do not expect me to create databases with data that you cannot find public on internet, for example:

  • Do not think that I can compile a table with number of cars sold in your country, breakdown by model, if your government is not tracking sales and making them public on the internet. Data need to be public somewhere in order to scrap it and put into a database.
  • Do not ask me to make database with dimensions of car lights, bumpers, windows, etc. Such dimensions are not provided in car manuals or anywhere in the web. If you sell such car parts, measuring yourself your own parts is the only solution.
  • One of the weirdest requests was from a manufacturer of mosquito nets for 4-door cars, requesting a database with rear door window dimensions. No car manufacturer provide such info that is not on general interest… it needs to be measured manually on cars of his own customers.
  • Do not ask for car owners database with name, address, email, phone number, insurance expiry date. Such database belongs to car dealerships and insurance companies and is NOT public, only their staff have access to it. However if you do a Google search “car owners database” you see at least 10 sites selling such personal data, all them from India, a country infamous for so-called email marketing, telemarketing and cold calling that us (westerns) we define as spamming. No wonder that 90% of people asking me for such dumb things were Indians. How these databases appeared on internet we do not know, probably corrupted employees tried to make extra money by selling via internet their company’s customer database. This is ILLEGAL and anyone distributing personal data risk to be fined or even jailed.

14 thoughts on “Custom database building

  1. Few comments and explanations for the above WEIRD customers, received via chat box from an american customer:

    For the 20 Feb, 2013:
    So, this is a guess on my part, but I think he was referring to population statistics with respect to what sort of car they bought
    I doubt this is actually a thing, though if it is, it would be in the Government census data

    For the 19 Jun, 2013:
    there is a connector in cars that allows you to have on board diagnostics, there are some cars that have a standard connector called OBD, and I think there is a new one called OBD2 now too
    I would think just another column with “ODB Connector” with YES/NO like your “sold in western europe” column would probably suffice

    But how I can know which have? from where to take data?
    Anyway, he was the only one asking for that, and he gone, so I am not interested to make such database
    yeah I don’t think it would be worth it 🙂

    For the 16 Aug, 2013
    I think the Indian person wanted to know the MSRP, and how much a dealer typically makes on each car (i.e. MSRP – dealer cost). I think this is not publicly available information and varies with the add-ons used. Again, not totally useful information
    In my opinion, if people had those numbers they’d be able to undercut the MSRP quite significantly

    For the 16 Apr, 2014
    Regarding the Ireland one, I think there may actually be a relation between the car and the license plate.
    You can see on car search you can enter in the registration number and they somehow know what type of car and year it is

    1. I never figured out how VIN decoder websites look on back side, what database they use… do you?
      More than 5 people asked me for VIN. I am interested in in compiling myself an VIN database and sell it, but I need to know how it should look like.

  2. Need a data set that has -( microsoft XL format is fine)

    Year – 2010 to 2017

    Make – manufacturer of cars sold in USA – For Example “Chevrolet”

    Model – models offered by manufacturer for sale in USA – For Example “Suburban”

    Trim/Package – for example “L” or “LT” or “LTZ”

    MSRP – for example $60,000

    operating costs – for example Miles Per Gallons (optional but preferred)

    Repair cost or insurance rating (optional but preferred)

    1. American database is sourced from Edmunds, this website does display MSRP but only for cars produced last 2 years, when I tried to run an extractor on all cars of current year it extracted just 25% of prices so the rest need to be written manually… I can write manually but the job is useless since we can’t get prices of older models. The operating costs and insurance rating from where can be sourced?

    1. Shortly after you left comment I has been contacted by someone on website live chat asking for same thing and I sold him a custom package. Not sure if was from your team or a different customer. If you are different, are you still interested? I can sell you this database trims package + additional Curb weight column free of charge.

      For faster reply you should have contacted me via website LIVE CHAT in lower-left corner of screen, or send an email. I don’t monitor comments left on website pages as most of them are posted by spambots.

    1. I can sell you a custom package with just dimensions and weight, choose from which database to make custom package (for which market of sale do you need this data?)

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