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How do I receive updates?

I use Easy Digital Downloads plugin for WordPress to email download links after payment (example email), I set the links to expire in 1 year, and you can click your link again as many times you want to download latest version of database.

Moreover, when I release a new database update, I click “resend receipt” in WordPress dashboard to each customer who purchased that particular database, so they can re-download if need latest models. If you do an one-time research, please inform me to delete you from customers list. DO NOT report update notification emails as SPAM which may cause people needing updates to no longer receive my emails in inbox.

This happens also when the buyer is not from the actual business who use the automobile database, but a webdesigner making a website for that business. Sending updates to buyer (webdesigner) is useless, once the website is complete he no longer have contract or access to it.

In case your SPAM filters block update notifications emails, you can still click download link received at initial purchase, if you lost download link, send me a message in chat and I will give you again. If you don’t know when updates are released, keep an eye on Updates page.

Note: for free products I do not re-send update notifications, because many people “buy” the free databases just because find them free and NOT because they need that particular data, deleting file shortly after purchase. If you need an update of a free product and lost download link, you can simply checkout again. Remember that free databases contain less data and are updated less often than paid databases.

Can you send only what is new instead of whole database?

Certain customers do not use the database as provided (as stand-alone product) but integrate my data with their own data, this require extra effort each update. They asked me if I can send only newly added cars and not entire database. This is NOT possible with Easy Digital Downloads, and sending emails manually is a waste of time and inefficient because many updates bring changes or add more data for existing cars too, not just adding new cars, and if for any reason you jumped an update, you risk making your database incomplete.

Between September and November 2019, due to difficulties in scraping data all years (1960-2019) for Australia car database I provided a temporary file containing 2019 models separately from older file dating back from March 2019, and few customers did not appreciated this, they wanted all cars to be in a single file, which I provided in December 2019 after 20 days of scraping.

If you want to spot yourself what rows are newly added compared with database you currently have, you can copy new database below existing database and use an Excel formula to spot duplicates in ID or URL column, the rows that give FALSE are the rows newly added. Alternatively, you can filter out the cars launched in current year regardless you got them before, and recompile them into your database.

For American car database, since 2020 I added a column “date added” so you can easily filter cars added at each update. I may do the same for other databases in the future.

More notes

Got many people asking if will receive updates after buying, including few idiots who think that need to pay (buy again) after each update and get angry that frequent updates will turn into high costs for them. What is not clear in “Buy FULL database + FREE updates for one year“? Please tell if have another suggestion how to make people understanding without asking via chat. So, you do not need to buy again after each update, and you do not need to re-download after every update if you do not need updates so often, download just when you need.

After download links expire in 1 year you are eligible to buy another year of free updates at 50% off. Message me on live chat during European daytime and I will change price to pay just half.

The only case when you need to pay each update is when I do a private project for your exclusive use.

Had few customers (big companies) who offered to pay each update, pay bonus money to update database more often. I can do this, but this raise a question: how do I should deliver updates to “normal” customers who are not paying the bonus?

There are several data providing companies who do not display prices on website or purchase buttons, you need to email them and show who you are in order to receive price offer (usually 10x more expensive than databases sold on my website) then sign a legal contract before receiving data, and I suspect that they give different price based on your company size, if you are a startup they will ignore your email. Offering myself personalized solutions such as delivering updates less or more often depending by how often each customer is paying, would have been possible in 2012 when number of customers was <10, once I exceeded few hundred customers is no longer viable. Also I think that big companies may get angry if they figure out that I sold same Excel file to someone else at cheaper price.

Note: things may change if I will offer API as alternative to Excel file downloads, API can be priced either per query, either in packages like 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 queries per day/month, so you pay according how much you use.

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