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Spain car database

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Spain Car Database SAMPLE.xls

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Originally I did not wanted to create additional databases for other European countries than United Kingdom and Germany, because people from all over Europe can buy German database and making more databases will increase effort to keep all them up-to-date without increasing number of sales (they will cannibalize sales each other), however in March 2020 someone insisted to make this Spain database because needed specifically car names in spanish language.

Source of data: Oldest car included is from 1989 but database is 100% complete since 1995 onward.

List of updates

77 makes, 1222 models, 8606 years, 199094 versions – March 2020

The customer did not purchased database, citing pandemic restrictions, consequently project was abandoned, after a year he came back and purchased database in January 2021, so I done an update for him.

? makes, ? models, 9279 years, 237245 versions (184702 unique) – 8 February 2021

? makes, 1651 models, 9636 years, 255898 versions – 27 January 2022

Customer opposed selling this database on website, and asked me for more updates in 2021 and 2022 but refused to pay for them, not understanding that updates are FREE for 1 year only for databases published on website and purchased by other people. Neither me or customer noticed that database was missing cars having multiple body styles (the scraper was picking only 1st body style), I modified scraper in June 2022 to include all body styles.

84 makes, 1662 models, 9349 years, 11900 bodies, 355100 versions (284548 unique) – June 2022

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