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Car Models List

Last release: 8 October 2021
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Worldwide list, with mentions for car sold in Europe and America.
World 210+ brands, 6000+ models
Europe 170+ brands, 3300+ models
Simple dataset with make and model only, without engines or specifications

Car sales statistics

Source of data: and compiled in Excel by me for easy use in your projects. I update yearly in February when publish sales figures for previous year. also shows number of cars sold by month, but number of people interested in such data is too small to justify my effort to update monthly. So I included only yearly sales.

European Car of the Year

European Car of the Year

European Car of the Year, list of winners, 2nd and 3rd places for 1964-2016, plus 4th to 8th places for 2002-2015, showing number of points for each car model. Source of data:, compiled in Excel for easy visualization.

Car Models Timeline

Car Models List & Timeline

Abandoned 2015
(free database with no updates)

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The original version of Car Models List in .DOC format, started in 2003. It dates back from the childhood hobby for writing book-style printer-friendly documents in Word (although I never printed it and I guess that nobody will do this).