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Have you noticed how I calculate databases? Non-rounded prices are almost everywhere on my website. Not just for car databases but also for other products made by me in www.teoalida.com/store.

Some databases price is exactly the number of models included, or if the number of models is not suitable for price, it is multiplied by a certain factor.

I did first sale on 2012, and in January 2013 I increased number of databases for sale from 2 to 5, and introduced the pricing formula of 1 cent per row for Car Models List (2960 models – €29.60) – and Car Models & Engines Database (12031 model versions – €120.31), while Car Models Database was priced 4 cents per row to have an intermediate price between above ones (1298 models – €51.92). “New cars only” packages were offered for Car Models Database and Car Models & Engines Database, priced according same formula, making a total of 5 products.

Over time, prices grew slowly due to updates with new cars as well as expansion with older cars. In addition of this, several companies offered me up to $1000 to create custom databases according their requirements so I realized that there is higher potential, so I created new databases with more columns to sell prices up to around €500.

As 2017 I have about 40 different prices, most of them related with number of rows in database, multiplied by some factor to create a price proportional with amount of data included and similar with my other databases.

For example, in the full specs / maximum historical coverage, the Australian and German databases 1960-present are nearly €500 at 0.5 cents per row, European 1970-present also nearly €500 with 2.5 cents per row, American database is cheaper, about €400 at 0.75 cents per row because is 1990-present and fewer columns, Motorcycles database 1894-present about €300 at 1 cent per row because have fewer columns and less completion. Indian and Middle East databases are cheaper, about €160 and €200 because of less cars and less historical coverage.

I offer various packages such as no specs / basic specs / 2000-present / new cars only at cheaper price for people who do not need old cars or too many specs.

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