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The fastest and safest way to contact me is to use Live Chat in lower-right corner of screen.
You have 90% chances to find me online between 07:00 – 21:00 GMT.

Alternatively you can:
Skype: teoalida
Email: [email protected]

LiveChat shows pages you viewed so I can answer accordingly. If you contact me via email, please indicate page/product you are talking about (don’t send vague emails forcing me to guess). I receive 50 emails/day, mostly notifications and spam, I try to reply every human-written email but half don’t reply me back. If you do not receive email reply in 24 hours, probably your email or my reply landed in SPAM folder, alert me with a message via LiveChat or Skype when I am online.

Do not make phone calls, I cannot answer multiple phone calls simultaneously like how I answer multiple chats, and most deals require sharing links, photos and other files.

Over 2000 people visit website daily and I am the only one answering ~20 chats and 10 emails per day (see full statistics), beside this I need to maintain regular updates for my databases. Per month 60-80 people buy something or pay me for a service, while the rest are thankful for free information offered on website.

Please keep chats short by asking ONLY questions that aren’t already answered on website. Avoid long conversations if you do not intend to buy something or other business collaboration: good example vs bad example. Having less questions to answer help me offering more frequent updates for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Do you stay at computer all time to greet visitors and answer questions?

Since 2012 been online on chat as long I am home and not sleeping, but being online does not always mean that I am in front of computer.

Chat software automatically greet visitors after few minutes of staying on website. Chat popping up does NOT mean that I know that you are here. You MUST write a message in chat to make my computer or phone ringing, case in which I try to answer as fast I can. If you don’t need my help, just close chat popup, do NOT write “no thanks” to avoid prank calls (making me to pull phone out of pocket unnecessarily).

See Zendesk Chat Dashboard how I answer visitors. In 2021 replaced Zendesk Chat with LiveChat to appear online 24/7 + ChatBot to provide instant answers to 50+ most common questions: “do you accept PayPal?”, “how often do you update”, “oldest car included?”.

If you write anything else, chatbot transfer you to human support (when I am online: 07:00 – 21:00 GMT) or show FAQ (when I am sleeping). Read more: how the chat + bot is working.

Can I hire you for a project?

In the past I made projects on request basis, but currently I have big responsibilities: to provide regular updates for few hundreds companies who purchased databases from me. Consequently I am NOT a freelancer that you can hire to “do a project just for you”. I can earn more $ doing SEO and marketing to increase sales of existing projects, rather than increasing number of projects.

Instead, you can suggest ideas of new projects if you want something that I don’t have already. I do new projects depending by available time and (unless your project can be done in few minutes – example) only if multiple people are interested, and post them on website so anyone interested can make payment and download it in seconds.

Using comments

You can post comments if you want to praise me (after purchase or consultation), suggestions, questions for other website visitors, or have information to add that may be interesting for other visitors.

Do not post comments to ask questions that require MY answer, example “I want to buy this, how I can contact you? / please email me your PayPal address“, instead contact me yourself via chat or email. 90% comments are posted by spam bots rather than human visitors, so I seldom read comment notifications. While cleaning SPAM comments I noticed someone posting his email address requesting me to contact him, I emailed him, but was too late.

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  1. Hello

    I’m looking for a database that has all this

    Each part has a thumbnail picture in the part images package with a total of over 1.7 million part image photos referenced by Car parts data records in the database are organized by car makes, years, models, sub-models / trims, engines and part brands.

    Parts included: Accessory, Air Intake, Body Electrical, Body Mechanical & Trim, Brake, Car Care, Climate Control, Clutch, Cooling System, Driveshaft & Axle, Engine Electrical & Mechanical, Exhaust, Fuel Delivery, Interior Styling, Steering, Suspension, Tires & Wheels, and Transmission.


    1. How do you think that I can find images for 1.7 million parts?
      Everything that is about car parts seems too complex for me. I stick on databases about car models only.

  2. Hi

    Do you have a CSV database of US cars just the year make and model no other information from around 1980 an up.
    I would be adding in the key type to each one unless you have that the key and kind of key transponder or now .

    How much would this be in US money?


  3. Hi Sir
    I am working On Vehicle Tracking system project in India Maharashtra.
    I Need a database of all the Indian market Vehicle can you provide us.

    Database Needed for specific features only.

    We are working On OBD2 Protocol ( On board Diagnosis ) we need OBD2 based for current vehicle in Indian market.

    1. We need types of Protocol used my manufacture in OBD2 in all the Indian market?
    2. Fuel Tank Capacity ?
    3. Fuel Tank Level Input supported or not in OBD2 Protocol ?

  4. dear,
    i need the following data of cars pistons from 1980 to 2017 :
    Car Name : for example BMW 320 il
    Model : 1980
    bore size for example : 97 mm
    stroke size : for example :92 mm
    rod pin size : for example : 22 mm
    compression height : for example 30 mm
    compression ratio : for example 9:1

  5. We want to find a data set of US car data to be used in vehicle recognition software – do you sell a data set for all US cars that can be used for that purpose?

    1. I sell what do you see on website, I do not know what data can be used in vehicle recognition software, maybe you can explain more detailed?

  6. Dear sir/Madam,

    i am writing this email regarding to get technical specification info about all cars brands such as the type of oil,tires sizes, brake pads sizes, disc … etc

    if you can provide us with such info please contact me:

    [email protected]

    best regards


    1. Light trucks like Ford F-150 to F-450, Nissan Navara, Toyota Tundra, etc are included in car databases, for bigger trucks you are welcome to suggest websites to scrap data from. What details do you need about each vehicle?

  7. Hello

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    Kind regards


    1. Hello

      i like your store,
      But I have a question, I see a lot of Items in this shop that you also sell in your store.
      but there items are 40% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your store and theirs,
      is it the quality or something else, i hope you can help me!


  8. Hallo i would like a database with make, model, shape (or similar) and year to populate a form where i have to specify this info to populate a database

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