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Database created on 4-5 February 2020, after 2 customers requested me to extract data from

7665 make/years, 42788 models, 76702 engines, 72240 batteries, total 95472 rows in database. Not every car model have a battery indicated. Some car models have multiple batteries, and customer suggested making separate row for each battery.

This is a specialty database with very little audience (only 2 people purchased it by end-2020). First request to update database came on 30 March 2022: 7979 make/years, 44803 models.

However the website has changed: after selecting car model, they added additional selection like how many miles we are driving, thus is more difficult to scrap battery data (require writing a custom scraper). Due to poor sales I choose to not invest additional time in this database, to focus on other projects which sell better.


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