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Pay via PayPal or Credit Card and you will receive automatically an email with download links (example email) regardless site owner is online or not. Contact me for other payment methods (Skrill, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Bitcoin and other crypto, etc) as they require manual action from my side.

Buying more than 1 database? Click BACK, buy the other database, then return to this page and click Checkout.

Entering email address does NOT subscribe you to any newsletter other than email notification when updates are available (paid products only), if you do not want update notifications please tell me to delete you from customer list. For free products I do not send update notifications and you can enter fake email address, if you need latest version you can checkout again.

Terms of service

Short version:

  • You are allowed to use database commercially in YOUR business or company, on your website, mobile app or other software development.
  • You are NOT allowed to redistribute / resell database to people outside your company or publish database on other websites.
  • If you are an individual, student, teacher, and not represent a commercial entity, keep database for YOUR personal use and not give it to anyone else.

Full license terms:

Do not attempt to ask refunds if you find errors, refunding does NOT help either party, reporting errors does help me fixing them for you and other customers.


  1. Anyone having issues with payment should contact me using LiveChat in lower-right corner of screen, explain problem in detail so I can reply and provide solution quickly.
    Posting comments on this page does NOT guarantee getting any reply or solution.

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