Current databases for sale

European Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, All details

110+ makes
1800+ models
20000+ versions
56 columns of specs per model
Last release: 5 January 2018

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62 makes
1000+ models
50000+ model trims
62 columns of specs per model
Last release: 4 May 2018

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Full Specs Database

50 makes
600+ models
4000+ versions
188 columns of specs per model
Last release: 1 June 2018

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Australia car database
Australia Car Database

123 makes
96000+ models
96 columns of specs
Last release: 20 April 2018

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Another American car database

59 makes
6000+ model years
40000+ model trims
210 columns of specs per model
Last release: 18 March 2018

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Middle East Database

90 makes
800+ models
10000+ versions.
26 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 22 April 2018.

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World Motorcycles Database

473 makes
30000+ models
72 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 4 June 2018.

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Automobile production

Table and chart made in Excel with number of cars produced in each country from 1999 to 2017.
Does NOT contain makes and models.

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Car sales figures

Table with number of cars sold in Europe, United States and China, by make and model.
Updated February 2018 to include 2017 data.

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Car Models List XLS

World 160+ makes, 5000+ models
Europe 120+ makes, 2500+ models
1 row = each model platform: BMW 3-Series E46, E90-E93, F30, etc.
Last release: 8 May 2018.

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Car Nameplates List

160+ makes
2900+ nameplates
An alternative to Car Models List, single row for all models sharing same name and separate row for each name a model is sold.
Last release: to be changed.

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90 makes
15000+ model years
5 columns, NO technical specs.
Last release: 8 May 2018.
Car Models List in American style with one row for each year the car was sold

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Car Models List DOC

The original version of Car Models List in .DOC format. This is intended for consulting and reading only. Web developers are advised to purchase the above Car Models List in .XLS format that can be quickly dumped in a MySQL database.

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Car Models Timeline

Same cars like in Car Models List but displayed in an easy-to-visualize timeline chart to study car models organization..

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Car Models Encyclopedia

The original book-style .DOC with car models, dimensions, weight, list of engines.
Europe 1945-present / World 1980-present. 360-page book with 1500+ models.

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Car Engines Database

1970s-present, 100+ makes, 1600+ models, 1700+ total rows. 1 row = engine / body / drivetrain combination: BMW 320i, 325d, 325d xDrive, etc.
9 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 5 January 2018.

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Car Tires Database

Same like Car Engines Database + one additional column: TIRES, finalized 1990-present as September 2015, 1970-1990 under construction.
11 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 5 January 2018.

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Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, Performance Database

Same like Car Engines Database + 18 additional columns.
27 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 5 January 2018.


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Car Models Database

1945-present, 110+ makes, 2000+ models, 3400+ total rows. 1 row = model, platform and body style: BMW 3-Series E36, E46, Saloon, Touring, Coupe, Cabrio.
13 columns of specs per model.

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Car length over history

Chart in PDF format made with AutoCAD, showing 640 most common car models produced in Europe 1945-present. Useful for garage builders and students researching car evolution.

FREE download PDF chart

Proposed: Car Engines List

Alternative to Car Engines Database, simplified by having with one row per engine capacity regardless it is offered in multiple power options and multiple body styles.
Feel free to suggest changes BEFORE I start the work. Takes 1-2 weeks to complete and will cost 100 euro for 1st customer.
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FAQ & notes

PRICES TOO HIGH! I am a student doing a non-profit research…

The price reflect my efforts and quality of work. Show me where you can find a cheaper auto database with comparable amount of data and updated regularly!
Most visitors of website are from companies, programmers and web developers, some offered me even 1000 euro to make a customized vehicle list in SQL. I cannot verify if you make profit or not. If you are a poor student or doing something non-profit, then probably we cannot make a deal. Sorry!

Do you provide updates?

Of course, I update all databases constantly, databases with higher sale volume are updates more often. Download links are set to expire in 1 year, you can click the link again anytime you want to download latest updates. Moreover each time I update a database I re-send the email with download link to each customer to notify you to re-download database.

Do you provide API to avoid needing re-downloading each time you update?

I do not have sufficient experience to create API. But YOU can help! Read more.

Do you provide invoices?

PayPal provide receipt for purchase and you can use it if needed. In 2014 and 2015 I also provided a DOC invoice if I was asked. But in 2015 someone told me that I cannot legally issue invoices if I am not a registered company. I am 1-person business with no employees so there is no reason to register a company. The CEO of one company got idea to pay from his personal account rather than company account, to avoid needing invoice to explain his purchase. You can do the same, tell to your boss to pay from personal account.

Can I buy a small database then upgrade to a bigger database by paying difference?

YES in case of vehicle databases with same table structure. For example if you bought Car Models & Engines 1995-present then you want want Car Models & Engines & Dimensions 1980-present, you can contact me and I will lower a price to the difference.

NO upgrade from Car Models Database to Car Models & Engines Database because they are totally different products aiming to different business types.

You can contact me also if you want to pay in another currency such as GBP to avoid conversion fee. Sometimes I go shopping on and having only EURO in Paypal I have to pay a conversion fee too.

What does mean 1995-present? Does it exclude first 2 years of Mercedes C-Class?

For people who do not want to pay full price for the full 1945-present, I offer 1995-present and 2005-present filtered data.

1995-present package include models that have the middle between production start and end year in 1995 or newer. I decide which model to include or exclude depending by major changes in manufacturer range. Renault Clio 1 (1991-1998) is included but all numerical Renaults up to 19 (1988-1996) are excluded. Mercedes is included after 1993 , Audi after 1994, etc. Volkswagen starts from 1994 Polo, 1991 Golf, 1992 Vento, 1993 Passat, exclude Corrado (1988-1995).

Usually there are NO partially included models, unless they have very long production (example Fiat Panda 1980-2003 which the package include versions after 1995 facelift), or Mercedes W124 (1985-1997) which is included the 1993-1997 versions sold under E-Class name.

Custom database building

A variety of people and companies visit my website, there is impossible to make everyone happy by offering a single vehicle database, or to predict the needs of future customers and develop suitable databases in advance.

If you think that these vehicle databases are stolen from somewhere and sold “as it is” like on other data providers, you’re WRONG. Being the developer of database and having BIG experience in automobiles, I can customize the database for individual cases.

Tell me what are you looking for, I may customize a database or create a new database according your requirements, and for future customers who may want same thing, you can help me to make database usable for applications that it was not originally planned.

Note: please don’t treat me like your own personal full-time employee, with unlimited time available for YOU in defavor of other customers. I am an independent businessman who likes serving as many customers is possible. So I have the right to NOT do projects that takes more than ~5 hours of manual work and more than ~50 hours of web scraping, if you are the only person who want that particular database. Large projects can be done only in the fields of my personal interest OR if there is demand from multiple people.

Custom packages

I sell each database in several standard packages, for example Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs have packages Trims, Basic Specs, Full Specs, also all cars (1990-2018) and new cars only (2016-2018). But you can ask me to create a custom package if:

  • You need more than 2016-2018, but also don’t want to pay big price for 1990-2018. For example you need 2010-2018.
  • You need an additional column that is not included in Basic Specs package, but don’t want to pay big price of Full Specs package.
  • You need only SUVs and trucks, or only vehicles made by General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Geo, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn).

Note: if you buy custom packages you will NOT be notified automatically when updates are available and you will not be able to download them. If you need updates you need to contact me and I will email you.

Customization of existing data

FREE customization: rearranging the existing data, deleting the “bonus” cars not sold in Europe, translating technical terms, etc. Do not lose a FREE offer like this FUNNY customer!

Paid customization: if new data need to be added, but if your idea is great and makes the database better thus can be sold to more people, price will be LOWER.

I have developed the databases initially as stand-alone products intended for visualization in Excel, not expecting that people will want to integrate them in websites or other applications.

Until december 2012 I had only 2 databases with specs for sale: Car Database LITE (renamed Car Models Database) and Car Database BIG (renamed Car Models & Engines Database), plus the Car Models List offered FREE in Word format because I was in doubt that someone will ever pay for a simple list of models without technical specs…

… without realizing that there is audience of people looking for a car database to integrate in a website, so they do not need technical specs, they need just a list of models… but in Excel rather than Word!

– As soon as one customer (from Turkey) told me this (30 December 2012), I offered conversion of Car Models List.DOC (offered FREE) to .XLS for €20 but he did not agreed to pay, however I DONE IT and put it for sale for other people, for $29.60 – 2960 models / 103 brands. Surprisingly, in just one month 4 people bought such XLS list of models without specs, outselling the other 2 products. Many thanks to anonymous from Turkey.

– One American did not liked the just-launched Car Models List.XLS and told me to recompile it by making separate row for each year (5 February 2013), after a little talk and confusion, I DONE IT!
This format of database was very WEIRD for me as European, but later I realized that this is the standard format for North America market so I put it on sale for everyone as Car Models List US and it became a best-seller! Later renamed to Year-Make-Model.
Now I think that this guy from one month ago wanted the same thing, but instead of explaining me, he quitted like an idiot.

– An insurance company intending to buy Car Models & Engines Database suggested to add two extra columns for make and model beside full model name. DONE! (December 2012), this boosted sales a lot.

– Someone who purchased Car Models & Engines Database complained that cannot filter the table by fuel type (January 2013). DONE! I added an extra column for Fuel type without charging extra cost (it was originally not included because any reader can realize which is gasoline and which diesel, by model name). Now I am sad by thinking that I lost potential buyers who were needing Fuel type column too, they went away instead of telling me to add it?

The BIGGEST job ever done by customer request (opposite of the original database made as personal interest), is the Car Tire Database. Initially I said NO to first customers, because takes over 100 hours, but during 2013 I has been contacted by 4 customers demanding a Car Tire Database, so I decided to start adding tires in the Car Models Engines & Dimensions database. After completing 20% my website was hit by Google Penalty, lost 90% of traffic, lost interest in making new databases because potential of new customers was too low. Penalty ended in March 2014, traffic recovered.
A new customer wanted transmission, other customer wanted something else. I put Car tires on hold to decide what is best thing to do, and in mid-2014 I decided to add not just tires but ALL 40+ data fields from AutoKatalog.
I published a SAMPLE of the 40+ fields database, as marketing experiment, to see if anyone is interested in such big amount of data, and in 6 months found only 1 customer interested in 40+ columns (which in this case I would have abandoned the project) but numerous customers interested in specific data (mostly interested in tires, few in transmission, etc) encouraged me to continue.
I launched for sale Car Models, Engines, Tires in May 2015 with 60% completion for tires, and finalized the 40+ fields database for 1990-present in October 2015.

CONCLUSION: many people are looking for things that I did not expected, but I could offer them IF they would not be lazy to contact me and request them. What are YOU looking for?

Creating totally new databases

Learning web scraping in 2015 opened a new era, now I can create totally new databases with minimum of effort, not limited automobiles or other fields of personal interests, by writing scripts that visit a certain website and extract specific data and put it into an Excel database.

Do not just tell me what data do you need and expect me to do research on the web to find that particular data. You need to provide URL of a website containing the data you need and I will make the scraping script. The resulted database will match the original website, which may be or may be not the format you need.

Do not expect me to create databases with data that you cannot find yourself in any form, for example:

  • Do not ask me to make database with dimensions of car lights, bumpers, windows, etc. Such dimensions are not provided in car manuals or anywhere in the web. If you sell such car parts, measuring yourself your own parts is the only solution.
  • Do not think that I can compile a table with number of cars sold in your country, breakdown by model, if your government is not tracking sales and making them public on the internet. Data needs to be available somewhere in order to scrap it and put into a database.

Examples of things that I cannot do

  • Someone was looking for VIN database (Vehicle identification number), I answered that if he have the VIN data can give me and I will see if I can add it in my table, but he did not had (February 2013). A second customer asked me for VIN database, but our chat gone wrong. He told me that VINs are unique per each car and NOT per model/trim… so in this case how a VIN database should look like????
    If do you want a VIN database, please provide me a feasible format, otherwise I consider it an impossible project.
  • During 2013 3 people asked me if I can compile a motorcycle database too. I have over 10 years experience in cars, while the experience in motorcycles is ZERO because I was never interested in them.  I CAN start it by compiling a list of models with production years using Wikipedia, but without experience I may be not able to spot and fix errors to produce a quality database. Sorry, I will say NO, let’s stick on CARS only. Update: after learning web scraping I was able to quickly create a motorcycle database in 2016.
  • Someone asked if I can add oil viscosity in my database. He said that this info is available in car service manuals. OK, but does have time to look on Google, and read every car manual to copy this info in Excel? Sorry, NO for such high-effort jobs!
  • One of the weirdest requests was from a manufacturer of mosquito nets for 4-door cars, requesting a database with rear door window dimensions. No car manufacturer provide such info that is not on general interest… it needs to be measured manually on cars of his own customers.

Vehicle database for other markets than Europe and United States

During 2014, 2 customers from Australia asked if I can make a database for their market. Australia population of 22 million people send me 1% of total website traffic and will make my job unprofitable. Sorry, I am NOT interested to build an Australian Car Database that will have estimated 5 sales per year.

Special mention for India, with 1+ billion population and booming car industry, it sent me about 8% of website traffic … after I serve every possible customer in Europe and America, next market to go will be India.

But making an Indian database pose 3 problems:

  • Lack of reliable data source comparable with AutoKatalog magazine (Europe) and website (America).
  • The poverty of a third-world country (some customers offered me sums of money that makes me crying).
  • The bad experience with some indians, their rude attitude and attempts to get work done for free and pay after that, made me undecided if I should serve them with an Indian Car Database.

Because daily traffic on Car Database sub-website was rising, and because I learned web scraping, I almost quit my other job (AutoCAD & architecture design) to focus my life on databases, created a car database for India in August 2015, followed by Middle East in 2016, both of these selling so poorly so did not created databases for more continents, until Australia in 2017, which surprisingly sold to 5 people in first month, higher sale volume that India and Middle East together despite of smaller population.

Can you make a database for our exclusive use, and not sell to anyone else?

In 3 years, 2 people asked me to make a database of buildings in Singapore for their exclusive use.

One of reasons for which I LIKE this job, is that once I complete a database required by a customer, I can publish it on website and other people will purchase it too, generating a lifetime income with a small amount of time needed for regular updates.

BUT if you want to be exclusive user of a database, I will no longer like this job. You need to pay a price equivalent with the estimated sales for one year.

However there is a BIG problem: what I should do if someone else ask me to compile similar database? Would be NOT NICE to say NO to the second customer and not compile the data requested (how I can “compile” again? I just need to sell the database compiled for you), even if I say NO, he will pay someone else to compile data, as long the data is about cars, buildings, and other real life objects, he is likely to get anyway from someone else a database similar with the one sold exclusively to you. So…? Exclusive use is probably impossible. If you want I can avoid publishing your database on website, but I reserve right to sell to other people if they ask for same kind of database.

Is possible instead, to offer small customization to existing database to make it slightly unique for each customer.

Year Make Model Trim Specs for American Market

Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs is the best car database for people angry due to closure of Edmunds API or tired of CarQueryAPI’s missing cars, I sourced 58 fields from Edmunds, added 4 extra fields, done some changes to improve model hierarchy and created an Excel database with completeness and accuracy of no equivalent on internet.

Download SAMPLES:
Year-Make-Model-Trim (5 columns)
Year-Make-Model-Trim-Basic-Specs (27 columns)
Year-Make-Model-Trim-Full-Specs (62 columns)
Alternate formats: CSV and SQL (Full Specs)

For people looking for more columns I offer since December 2017 second American car database, with 210 columns but less historical coverage. Choose which suit you better.

One of my programmer partners made also a JSON API. Whenever you can use it or not, you decide.

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for one year:

Last release: 18 March 2018, including 2670 models of 2018 and 22 models of 2019. Re-released on 4 May 2018 due to major changes in data source forcing me to reduce database from 86 to 62 columns. Full changelog.

Year Make Model Specifications car database for American market

The trims database does have same number of rows but just first 5 columns, making duplicate rows for each trim due to differences such as FWD / 4WD, manual / automatic, different engine, different features, etc. A proper car trim database, filtered from trim duplicates, require additional dozens of hours of work too much considering how many sales it can get. Should do this job?

Additional proposed format: Year-Make-Model-Dimensions, there are some vehicles offered with multiple dimensions for same body style, example: Lexus LS short and long wheelbase, Ford F-150 short and long truck bed, etc. They have duplicate Year, Make, Model, Body which can pose a potential problem for integrating database in a website. Including trims would be NOT the right solution because would increase number of rows significantly for no reason and Ford F-150 have same trim in multiple bed lengths. Can someone suggest the best solution for these vehicles?

American car database coverage

Complete for all cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans sold in United States from Model Year 1990 to present. Exotic makes (Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, etc) which are MY 2001 onward. Vehicles sold in Canada but not in United States are NOT included as they are included in Year-Make-Model which is based on Wikipedia. Certain technical data (valves, cam type) is available for MY 2001 onward. This is due to the website I based my database on.

Apparently they changed source of data for MY 2001 as some cars like Mercedes C43 AMG were listed as separate model for MY 2000 and as trim under C-Class for MY 2001, had to correct these model naming issues manually. The specs are consistent before and after MY 2001 change.

Cars are sorted by make and model alphabetically, by year old to new, then by trim from low to high. You are advised to NOT mess up the order when importing in your database.

Are you interested in automobiles older than 1990? I am interested too, for my personal research and for selling such database! Show me a website having older vehicles displaying at least car engine size, power and dimensions, and I will see if I can copy data from it!

List of car makes

Acura, Alfa Romeo, AM General, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daewoo, Dodge, Eagle, Ferrari, Fiat, Fisker, Ford, Genesis, Geo, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Panoz, Plymouth, Pontiac, Porsche, RAM, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Smart, Spyker, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo.

If you are not from USA and you are concerned if this database will work for your country, check list of models included in database.

Data fields included

This car database contain 62 columns with following completion percentages (calculated from May 2018 edition with 54030 vehicles).

Naming: ID 100%, Make 100%, Model 100%, Year 100%, Trim 100%.

Price and colors: Price (2001-present) 76.46%, Colors exterior 96.02%, Colors interior 79.91%.

Dimensions and weight: Length 99.57%, Width 98.13%, Height 98.28%, Wheelbase 99.84%
Curb weight 89.47%, Gross weight 53.87%, Maximum payload 46.05%, Maximum towing capacity 53.68%.

Engine and transmission: Cylinders 99.62%, Engine size 99.65%, Horsepower (HP) 98.71%, Horsepower (rpm) 98.71%, Torque (ft-lbs) 98.45%, Torque (rpm) 98.45%, Valves (2001-present) 76.05%, Valve timing (2001-present) 52.67%, Cam type (2001-present) 76.05%, Drive type 100%, Transmission 99.03%.

Fuel and mileage: Engine type 99.97%, Fuel type 99.93%, Fuel tank capacity (gal) 99.04%, Combined MPG 85.54%, EPA mileage 85.34%, Range 84.54%.

Interior dimensions: Front head room 93.31%, Front hip room 76.09%, Front leg room 92.58%, Front shoulder room 90.28%, Rear head room 80.37%, Rear hip room 65.66%, Rear leg room 79.91%, Rear shoulder room 78.35%.

Other dimensions: Front track 51.43%, Rear track 51.29%, Ground clearance 63.16%, Angle of approach 26.05%, Angle of departure 26.07%, Turning circle 86.46%, Drag coefficient 20.39%, EPA interior volume 32.44%, Cargo capacity 62.68%, Maximum cargo capacity 41.38%.

Warranty: Basic 74.99%, Drivetrain 73.86%, Roadside 56.25%, Rust 28.74%, Free maintenance 18.51%, Hybrid component 2.71%, EV battery 0.20%.

Bonus: Domestic / imported 100%, Country of origin 100%, Car classification 100%, Platform code / generation number 100%.

Analysis of American car evolution

I offer free of charge an analysis of how cars evolved from 1990 to 2018, open sample file of full specs database and click “statistics data history” sheet. You can see average values for every year, for each column in database, breakdown by domestic and imported cars, calculated using Excel AVERAGEIFS formulas.

For example average engine size rose from 3.33 L in 1990 to 4.09 L in 2007 then dropped to 3.49 L in 2018 due to downsizing and introduction of turbochargers, meantime horsepower rose from 142 HP in 1990 to 295 HP in 2018.


How often do you want updates? (Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs)

Every month
Every 3 months
Every 6 months
Every year
One-time project, not interested in updates
Please Specify:
Created with Poll Maker

Australian car database

Small database – see SAMPLE

BIG database – see SAMPLE

Contact me for custom packages! For example you can ask for model naming, engine power and torque, wheels and tire dimensions. 1990-2018, 2005-2018 or whatever do you need. Price will be 0.3 eurocents / model.

Australia car database

I am making vehicle databases for Europe since 2003, for America since 2014, for India since 2015… what is next to do in 2016? Maybe Australia?

I created this page in May 2016 for marketing experiment to see how many people view Australia page and decide whenever worth my effort to create a car database for a country with such small population which may translate in just few sales of automobile database per year. The page got very low traffic for one year, but during last days of May 2017 I got 2 people interested in purchasing an Australian car database, so I started studying possible sources of data, another 2 people left comments on 3 and 4 June, they asked me to scrap data from several possible websites (despite of the legal issues of scraping – HAD TO DO IT to serve people who had no other choice). Scraping took about 10 days, and published database on 16 June 2017. The number of sales in first months has been surprisingly high for a country with just 1/13 population of United States.

In November 2017, first customer asked for an update, and when tried to do it, I noticed that the source website removed META tags for year, make, model, so the only place where these essential information are displayed is page title, year, make, model, and badge are in a single field, requiring me to manually separate them after each update. Update takes 1-2 days and beside adding new cars I also scrap cars of last year, to include possible changes in data after initial model launch. I had a huge luck to scrap all 90000+ cars in June 2017 to get make, model, year separately, automatically.

List of car makes included

November 2017 update include 123 makes: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Alpina, Armstrong Siddeley, Asia Motors, Aston Martin, Audi, Austin, Austin Healey, Australian Classic Car, Bedford, Bentley, Bertone, Blade, BMC, BMW, Bolwell, Bufori, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Caterham, Chery, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Commer, CSV, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Daimler, Datsun, De Tomaso, Dodge, Elfin, Eunos, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Ford Performance Vehicles, Foton, FSM, Geely, Giocattolo, Great Wall, Haval, HDT, Hillman, Hino, Holden, Holden Special Vehicles, Honda, Humber, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, International, ISO, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Jensen, JMC, Kia, KTM, Lada, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Rover, LDV, Lexus, Leyland, Lightburn, Lincoln, Lotus, Mahindra, Maserati, Maybach, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, MG, MINI, Mitsubishi, Morgan, Morris, Nissan, Noble, NSU, Opel, Pagani, Peugeot, Pontiac, Porsche, Proton, RAM, Rambler, Renault, Robnell, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Seat, Simca, SKODA, smart, SsangYong, Studebaker, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, TD 2000, Tesla, Toyota, TRD, Triumph, TVR, Vanden Plas, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo, Wolseley, ZX Auto.

Data fields included

Percentages calculated for 1960-2017 database. If you buy 1990-2017, 2000-2017, etc, you will get higher completion ratio. Certain data fields are available for recent cars only, for example Fuel Consumption is available starting from 2000s.

Naming: Full car name 100%, ID 100%, Make 100%, Model 100%, Year 100%, Price 97.16%, Image URL 69.76%.

Description: Body 100%, Engine 99.94%, Transmission and Drivetrain 100%, Fuel Type 100%, Fuel Consumption 52.84%.

Overview: Badge 100%, Series 100%, Body 100%, No. Doors 99.97%, Seat Capacity 98.53%, Transmission 100%, Number of Gears 99.99%, Drive 99.99%, FuelType 100%, Recommended RON Rating 55.10%, Release Year 100%, VIN 77.14%, Country of Origin 99.97%, ANCAP Safety Rating 29.29%, Overall Green Star Rating 32.33%, Text Description 25.81%.

Engine: Engine Type 99.99%, Engine Location 97.77%, Engine Size 99.92%, Induction 99.94%, Engine Configuration 78.95%, Cylinders 99.93%, Camshaft 86.72%, Valves/Ports per Cylinder 86.19%, Compression ratio 74.18%, Engine Code 58.01%, Power 85.10%, Torque 81.67%, Power to Weight Ratio 81.42%, Acceleration 0-100km/h 37.14%, Maximum Speed 0.39%.

Fuel Fuel Type 100%, Fuel Capacity 78.03%, RON Rating 55.10%, Maximum Ethanol Blend 78.03%, Fuel Delivery 99.92%, Method of Delivery 99.90%, Fuel Consumption Combined 52.84%, Fuel Consumption Extra Urban 56.27%, Fuel Consumption Urban 58.10%, Fuel Average Distance (km) 52.61%, Fuel Maximum Distance 55.69%, Fuel Minimum Distance 57.33%, CO2 Emissions Combined 51.83%, CO2 Extra Urban 30.36%, CO2 Urban 30.40%, Greenhouse Rating 32.05%, Air Pollution Rating 32.07%, Green Star Rating 32.32%, Emission Standard 25.57%.

Dimensions and weight: Length 83.34%, Width 83.31%, Height 83.03%, Wheelbase 83.64%, Track Front 77.29%, Track Rear 77.28%, Tare Mass 61.18%, Kerb Weight 75.25%, Gross Vehicle Mass 58.79%, Gross Combination Mass 31.62%, Payload 46.69%, Boot Load Space Min 9.93%, Boot Load Space Max 10.96%, Towing Capacity braked 62.81%, Towing Capacity Unbraked 59.22%, Load Length 4.22%, Load Width 4.17%, Width Between Wheel Arches 2.28%.

Warranty: Warranty in Years from First Registration 72.28%, Warranty in Km 70.45%, Warranty Customer Assistance 47.05%, Warranty Anti Corrosion from First Registration 13.23%, Free Scheduled Service 0.98%, First Service Due in Km 42.11%, First Service Due in Months 34.40%, Regular Service Interval in Km 43.86%, Regular Service Interval in Months 39.66%.

Steering and Wheels: Steering 65.04%, Rim Material 39.66%, Front Rim Description 79.46%, Rear Rim Description 79.46%, Front Tyre Description 75.54%, Rear Tyre Description 75.55%.

List of updates

122 makes, 92885 cars, as 16 June 2017. Initial launch.
123 makes, 93901 cars, as 20 November 2017. After about 10 sales, saw first person who ask for an update.
123 makes, 96604 cars, as 20 April 2017. I planned to update every 3 months, but the source website wasn’t working in February and March, thus only in April been able to do the update.

How often do you want updates? (Australia car database)

Every month
Every 3 months
Every 6 months
Every year
One-time project, not interested in updates
Please Specify:
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Year Make Model for United States & Canada

Year-Make-Model car databaseDownload SAMPLES (Ford and BMW):

Year-Make-Model.xls for general use
Year-Make-Model.csv for programming
Year-Make-Model.sql for web developers

Buy full database (all makes) + FREE updates for one year:

Last release: May 2018, updated with all “2019 models” (305 of them) that are likely to be launched in 2018.

There are NO TRIMS in this database (no BMW 320i sedan, 330d touring, etc, just model names BMW 3-Series).
If you want body styles, trims and more details, buy Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs but it does not go beyond 1990.

Database coverage

New and used cars, light trucks, SUVs and vans, basically all vehicles that can be driven with car standard driving license, sold in North America from World War II to present, excluding automobile manufacturers that closed production before 1960s. The list of car models also include about 150 pre-war models MY 1926-1942 that have name connection to post-war models, example Chrysler Imperial (since 1926) and Chevrolet Suburban (since 1933).

To suit customers in both countries, I added notes regarding availability in Canada but not in United States.

See Changelog & version history.

Source of data

Mainly Wikipedia, which is pretty accurate for cars produced in USA and for cars imported from Japan, but not for cars imported from Europe, so to get higher accuracy I also verified with the highly-reliable Edmunds (1990-present only unfortunately), eBay Motors (unreliable, may model years that actually do not exist), Nada Guides (some missing models and messed up names, for example missing Suzuki after 1997 and incompleteness of Porsche 1998-2010, but best option for 1940-1990), and (one of my competitors in data providing that died in 2015).

There is some confusion at cars imported before 1990 regarding the model years each model was available for sale, in case of contradictory info I added notes in Excel table “possible non-existent model year, existent on CarListDB, non-existent on NadaGuides” so you have guarantee that you get a car and truck database with NO missing models.

Demo for 2 makes – buy and get all 90 makes

Motorcycle database

Download SAMPLE (one make):
Motorcycle Database .XLS

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for one year:

Contact me for other packages such as 2005-present or specific set of columns.

Bikes database history

The motorcycle database was originally the ONLY product on this website that is not “100% Made by Teoalida”. It resulted from a “work exchange” with a customer who needed both cars and bikes and we agreed to give him a discount for my manually-made biggest car database and he made a script to copy data automatically from and put in a CSV file with permission to sell it on my website. However, few months later I made my own script which surprisingly works faster than his one, making it a product Made by Teoalida. is a fan-made website, there are many data fields, but actual data is available for just a small amount of bike models. Fan-made website means less restrictive in terms of copyright. You are free to use this data on your own website. Already seen a website ( using same data from, everything translated into Romanian. website originally covered 1970-present, but was expanded to 1930-present during summer 2016 and to 1894-present during autumn.

My experience is limited to cars so I cannot tell how complete is for bikes sold in any specific country in the world, or what is the accuracy of fan-made websites, but with 30000+ bike models I assume that it is the most comprehensive website with bikes produced worldwide, even if in the early years there are much lower number of bikes per year, compared with 2000s and 2010s.

Motorcycle database was created and launched for sale in May 2016, with 43 fields (columns) found on common 2-wheeler models. After first release, I started browsing other bikes and found additional data fields which I included in the August 2016 update, having 62 columns, after this I re-started looking at bike models with most fields filled up and found that they have even more fields not yet included, so I released final version in September 2016 with 71 columns. For example, August 2016 release include 0-100 kmph available for 1% of bikes, and after this I found that other bikes contain also 1/4 mile and 60-140 kmph in highest gear. There is possible that to have even more data fields but they are available for so small amount of bikes that does not add any value to my bike database.

List of major bike manufacturers

You can open sample file and click Statistics sheet for full list of 473 makes. For SEO purposes I list here the 55 makes with more than 100 models:

AJS, Aprilia, Arctic Cat, Ariel, Benelli, Beta, Bimota, BMW, Cagiva, CCM, Daelim, Derbi, Ducati, Enfield, GAS GAS, Gilera, Harley-Davidson, Hercules, Honda, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Hyosung, Indian, Kawasaki, Keeway, Kreidler, KTM, Kymco, Lambretta, Laverda, Maico, Malaguti, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, MuZ, MV Agusta, MZ, Norton, NSU, Peugeot, PGO, Piaggio, Rieju, Sherco, Suzuki, Sym, TGB, TM Racing, Triumph, Ural, Veli, Vespa, Victory, Yamaha, Zündapp.

Bike data fields included

Naming: Make 100.00%, Model 100.00%, Year of launch 100.00%, Category 100.00%, Price as new (MSRP) 19.90%.

Engine and transmission: Displacement (cm³) 98.21%, Engine details 12.70%, Engine type 99.96%, Power (PS) 66.25%, Power (rpm) 58.45%, Torque (Nm) 38.57%, Torque (rpm) 35.67%, Top speed (kmph) 34.38%, 1/4 mil (sec) 0.24%, 0-100 km/h (sec) 0.99%, 60-140 km/h, highest gear (sec) 0.43%, Max RPM 1.65%, Compression 60.67%, Bore x stroke (mm) 74.43%, Valves per cylinder 41.40%, Fuel system 68.59%, Fuel control 56.28%, Ignition 39.51%, Lubrication system 24.41%, Cooling system 87.82%, Gearbox 84.70%, Transmission type, final drive 83.99%, Clutch 34.40%, Driveline 17.39%, Fuel consumption (l/100km) 11.80%, Greenhouse gases co2 (g/km) 11.80%, Emission details 6.76%, Exhaust system 14.24%.

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels: Frame type 39.30%, Rake (fork angle) 20.87%, Trail 15.62%, Front suspension 60.66%, Front wheel travel (mm) 26.73%, Rear suspension 59.40%, Rear wheel travel (mm) 26.11%, Front tyre 80.65%, Rear tyre 80.70%, Front brakes 95.04%, Front brakes diameter (mm) 43.51%, Rear brakes 94.31%, Rear brakes diameter (mm) 41.96%, Wheels 19.13%, Seat 12.36%.

Physical measures and capacities: Dry weight (kg) 59.41%, Weight incl. oil, gas, etc (kg) 36.73%, Power/weight ratio (HP/kg) 39.01%, Seat height (mm) 57.98%, Alternate seat height (mm) 1.60%, Front percentage of weight 0.64%, Rear percentage of weight 0.18%, Overall height (mm) 37.59%, Overall length (mm) 52.70%, Overall width (mm) 43.38%, Ground clearance (mm) 32.88%, Wheelbase (mm) 62.19%, Fuel capacity (litres) 80.98%, Reserve fuel capacity (litres) 8.62%, Oil capacity (litres) 7.75%.

Other specifications: Color options 55.04%, Starter 62.76%, Instruments 7.14%, Electrical 6.69%, Light 4.57%, Carrying capacity 5.74%, Factory warranty 10.16%, Comments 30.69%, Modifications compared to previous model 0.95%.

Completion percentages calculated in March 2017 edition.

List of updates

400+ brands, 25747 models – May 2016, first release!
444 brands, 29403 models – September 2016
468 brands, 30619 models – March 2017
473 brands, 30933 models – July 2017
473 brands, 31280 models – December 2017
477 brands, 31986 models – May 2017

How often do you want updates? (Motorcycles database)

Every month
Every 3 months
Every 6 months
Every year
One-time project, not interested in updates
Please Specify:
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Car Models List

Download SAMPLES:
Car Models List.XLS for general use
Car Models List.CSV for programming
Car Models List.SQL for web developers

FREE version include complete list of manufacturers and list of models for 4 manufacturers, one for each continent.
PAID version have 160+ makes, 5000+ models in Worldwide version / 120+ makes with 2500+ models in Europe version.
Last release: May 2018Full change log.

Car Models List

Coverage: World War II – present. Few pre-war classic automobiles are included too, if they are related with post-war ones.

All major (and few minor) manufacturers of Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Argentina.

Source of data: mostly Wikipedia, the most comprehensive car database ever! I manually compiled the list of cars into an Excel database, creating an original product “Made by Teoalida” with no equivalent on internet! Excel allow for easy reading, sort, filter, as well as conversion to CSV and SQL database to be used in web building.

The list include model generations (example: VW Golf IV), platforms (example: BMW E46), chassis code (example: Mercedes W124), with exact years of production for each of them. If you want just model names, without separate row for each Golf I to Golf VII, you should use Car Nameplates List instead.

Commercial vehicles under 3.5t are included too. No concept cars or prototypes, only vehicles sold in world markets.

Make, model, car classification, years produced or Model Years of sale in United States and Canada.

There is also a column for number of units produced, but I was able to find this info for only 8% of total models, mostly exotic cars, so if you are looking for a production figures for all cars, this Car Models List will NOT help you.


I guarantee 100% completion for European and North American markets, plus for the market of the country of origin of each manufacturer. For example the Car Models List may not include any possible cars produced in Korea and sold somewhere else than EU, US, or Korea markets. This because Korea and Japan manufacturers often sell ONE car model under dozens of different names in various countries. There are over 200 countries in the world, making a global world complete database for every country is HARD JOB. But you can contribute!

Cars produced in China are not included in current edition due to insufficient data available online. You can see on Wikipedia pages of each manufacturer from China, many links to individual models are red (non-existent pages), nowhere is indicated production year for each model. Other websites are also incomplete and contradictory.

The Worldwide edition include also the sheet of Europe edition.
The Europe edition include all markets from United Kingdom to Russia and Turkey, does not focus only on Western Europe.
For North America I offer a different database in Year-Make-Model format instead of Make – Model – Start year – End year.

Car Models List does NOT go into more details than model. If you need more details such as engine version or trim, check my other databases: Car Models & Engines Database (Europe) and Year Make Model Trim (United States).

Car Models Database with body styles & dimensions

Download SAMPLES (one make):
Car Models Database.XLS for general use
Car Models Database.CSV (BETA) for programming
Car Models Database.SQL (BETA) for web developers
Feel free to test CSV and SQL, if they are OK I will sell the full database in these formats beside Excel format.

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for one year:

Last release: 5 January 2018, including 39 models launched 2017 and 5 models launched 2018, see changelog.

Car Models Database

Description & history

Started in 2005, originally a research-analysis to compare cars and study evolution in terms of dimensions, weight and engines. For example Golf 1 (3705 mm length, 1100-1800 cm³, 50-112 PS), vs Golf 5 (4204 mm length, 1400-3200 cm³, 75-250 PS). However, since started selling in 2012, its typical customers are car shipping companies pricing transport costs by car dimensions, or car cover manufacturers.

At least one customer bought this Car Body Specs Database (SURPRISE!) not for body specs, but just for list of car body types. Previously I was adding car models only when/if data of car dimensions was available, but since 2013 I choose as ultimate goal to add EVERY car manufactured after World War II, even if no dimensions are available, over time I may find dimensions and complete the table.

Car Models Database contains separate row for each car body style, showing basic data:

Car dimensions (length, width, height, wheelbase, cube) with 99% completion for 1980-present and 75% for 1945-1980.
Car weight range and cargo space with 99% completion for 1980-present.
Car engine range (displacement, horsepower and top speed), for 1980-present (except for cars not sold in Europe).


European-produced cars 1945-present, Asian imports 1970/1980-present, American imports 1990-present, for more details see List of car manufacturers and years included.

Bonus: some Asian cars not imported in Europe, for example Malaysian cars (Proton’s all 15 models, not just the two imported in continental Europe, Perodua’s 10 models, none imported in continental Europe but few imported in United Kingdom). Add-on with cars produced in India, Brazil and Argentina (added during 2013).

This is NOT a database of Latin America / India market. I guarantee completion for European market ONLY. Indians and Latin Americans can buy European database + add-on of vehicles produced locally, delete yourself the vehicles not imported in your country and request me to add if there is any additional foreign models available in your country but not in European database!

Source of data: AutoKatalog for 1980s-present (99% data completion and accuracy guaranteed), and Wikipedia for older automobiles (expect some mess and missing data in pre-1980s). All data written manually in Excel, making an original product “Made by Teoalida”.

Sorting order: alphabetic by make, followed by class from mini to luxury cars, followed by model from old to new, followed by body style. You are advised to NOT change sorting order for example do not sort models alphabetically.

This vehicle database focus on model only and breakdown for body type (sedan, wagon, coupe, convertible, etc). There are NO list of car engines. For breakdown by individual engines, see Car Models & Engines Database.

List of car makes included

Mainstream makes: AC Cars, Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Alvis, ARO, Asia Motors, Aston Martin, Audi, Austin / Rover, Austin-Healey, Autobianchi, Auto-Union, Bentley, BMW, Bond, British Leyland (Austin, MG, Mini, Morris, Riley, Rover, Triumph, Vanden Plas, Wolseley), Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet USA, Chrysler USA, Chrysler Europe / Simca / Talbot (France) / Sunbeam / Hillman / Talbot (UK), Citroën, Dacia, Daewoo / Chevrolet Korea, DAF, Daihatsu, De Tomaso, DeLorean, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford Europe, FSO, GAZ (Volga), Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, IFA (Trabant, Wartburg, Barkas), Infiniti, Innocenti, ISO, Isuzu, Iveco, Izh, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lada, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Matra, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Morgan, Moskwitch, Nissan, NSU, Oltcit, Opel, Otosan, Perodua, Peugeot, Pontiac, Porsche, Proton, Reliant, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Samsung, Santana, Seat, Skoda, Smart, SsangYong, Standard-Triumph, Subaru, Suzuki, Tatra, Tesla, Tofas, Toyota, TVR, UAZ, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo, Zastava, ZAZ.

Bonus minor makes: Artega, Bitter, Bristol, Bugatti, Caterham, Cizeta, Donkervoort, Felber, Fisker, Ginetta, GTA Spano, Gumpert, Isdera, Jensen, Koenigsegg, LuAZ, Lynx, McLaren, Messerschmitt, Monica, Monteverdi, Pagani, Panther, Saleen, Shelby SuperCars, Venturi, Wiesmann, ZIL (producing less than 100 cars per year).

List as September 2017. Italic makes to be added in next release. Additional minor makes may be added in the future.

Discontinued: Timeline database

Download SAMPLE: Car Models Database Timeline version.XLS

Same rows, but sorted by class and year instead of alphabetic by make, useful for my personal research but difficult to maintain and check for missing models.

This was the only database format since 2005 to December 2012, when I re-sorted database alphabetically and sold both versions in same package but the timeline had a lag in updates. I updated the Timeline version and offered of sale both versions separately at main yearly update of November 2013, but due to customers preference for alphabetic version, I no longer updated Timeline version since May 2014 and removed from sale at end of 2014.

Timeline version’s purpose is to visualize car evolution over years, and in 1 year NOBODY bought for this purpose.

Car Models Database Timeline

Future of this database – I need your feedback!

I was thinking in March 2016 to offer a major update for Car Models Database after Car Models & Engines Database will be fully expanded to 1970, which was going to happen in 2017 but I left it for 2018 to prioritize other projects. I will recheck every car and add correct dimensions, weight and engine range from the expanded bigger database.

Until that, I will offer minor updates with new cars added and with dimensions only.

Some things that need to be decided:

– Cars that had a mid-life facelift that changed external dimensions only slightly do not have a separate row, instead they have in Notes column “Length X mm after year Y”, would be better if I make separate row for every slight variation of dimensions, or this will make unecessarily too many rows?

– Make & Model & Platform controversy: since I started this database in 2003, until I published on website and started selling in 2012, there was a single column “Car name”, starting from 2012 I made columns Make and Model, since 2014 I made 4 columns Make, Model-Platform, Model, Platform. May I know how are you using these 4 columns? I am questioning if this is the best format or I can improve it even further, for example I am thinking to remove (facelift) from model names, and add instead production years to differentiate pre- and post-facelift models

– If you have any better proposal, let me know!


Car specifications vary from country to country where a car is sold, but overall car dimensions are usually the same. If 90% of database sales are done by European customers, should I expand the database by including cars not sold in Europe (such as Japanese Domestic Market cars)?

NO! We are Europeans and we don’t want cars that are not sold in Europe. Or we are not Euopeans but if you cannot make a database complete worldwide, then don’t bother adding more cars, just stick on cars sold in Europe.
YES! Add as many cars is possible that are not sold in Europe, since June 2015 you offer a column “sold in Europe”, European buyers can delete themselves the cars that are not sold in Europe
YES! Add as many cars is possible that are not sold in Europe, even if you cannot add ALL cars sold all over the world, and sell Car Models Database Europe edition / Worldwide edition as you do with Car Models List
Please Specify:

Poll Maker

Possible upcoming projects… waiting for feedback!

New database ideas are welcome, as well as suggestions for improving data structure! If there are multiple people interested, I will do them!
Having too many Excel vehicle lists means more time necessary to update each of them. Also, some customers get confused and complained that I already have too many products for sale, so… I will develop only products that people are demanding!

Supercars database

Fans of Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, etc, as well of C63AMG, M3 and S4, can get what they wants without paying the high price of all cars database. Just tell me what amount of technical specs should be included the database for sport cars.

EuroNCAP crashtest database

Someone suggested this in November 2013. If more people are interested in this project, I will do it! Tell me if it should contain overall star rating or… how many details I need to include about each crash test?

Car photo database

Started in May 2013 and put on hold, due to controversy regarding what kind of photos should be offered, and possible copyright issues. You feedback is needed to continue the project! Check this page Car photo database.

Engine codes database

Someone asked this in 2013. I can add the codes in Car Engine Specs Database for BMW and Mercedes as Wikipedia provide them… but how about the rest of brands? From where I can take the codes?
As early 2015 I found websites like displaying engine codes for most of brands. Car model names are different than in my database, so will be a pain in the ass to add correct codes to correct models and impossible to reach more than 80-90% completion, I leave this job for a later time when I will have more free time.
Starting from 2015 I found that is more profitable to create additional databases for other markets (USA, India, etc) than expanding European database with engine codes.

Car Models + Simplified Engine List

Thank you to an Indian who gave me this idea in February 2013, unfortunately I do not have knowledge to make a complete list of cars sold in India at a reasonable data accuracy. I am looking for potential customers in Europe interested in this thing!
See SAMPLE, it is based on Car Models Encyclopedia.DOC and recompiled in .XLS format to be usable for webdesigners.

You can help me to take RIGHT decision! Do I should…
– add production years, per model or per each engine?
– Mercedes E320 changed from in-line-6 to V-6 in 1997, should be on same or separate rows?
– BMW 325d, 330d, 335d, all having 3.0 litres engine, different power versions, should be on same or separate rows?

Alternatively, I can scrap from Car Engine Database aka delete the duplicate engine rows caused by multiple body types and multiple transmission options, and let only engine data.

A web-based searchable automobile database

I came in December 2012 with the idea of making an automobile blog with 1 post per car model (see SAMPLE) something similar with Car Models Encyclopedia currently available in Word format. It may display car photos and an undecided amount of technical specs. This is a subject of DISCUSS, especially regarding photo format.
Few months later some visitor suggested that an online car database should store data in MySQL instead of static posts, to allow comparisons and car reviews. This exceed my abilities. That times I knew NOTHING about MySQL or how dynamic websites work.
Developing websites require time and money. Most of the customers who are buying vehicle database are businesses, auto parts shops, shipping companies, car classifieds websites, etc, they may use my database for their website but the cost of website is funded from their businesses. Personally I do NOT have any business in automotive industry so making a website just to offer info…. how I can make revenue to cover my time and expenses? (no Adsense please, it never produce significant income).

America vs Europe vs rest of world

If you are a business working globally rather than in a specific country, or working in some other country than the countries covered by my standard car databases, you may be looking for a global car database.

But… this is not really possible. Car specifications vary between country to country for models having same name, and for accuracy reasons, a car database should be specific to one country, or with some compromise of quality, to one continent.

Over years I gained reputation for providing most accurate databases, because I offer separate car database for each market of sale, containing ALL and ONLY car models sold locally and data is formatted according tastes of local people. Car Models & Engines Database collect data from European car dealers while Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs collect data from American car dealers. Toyota Corolla sold in Europe is NOT the same with Toyota Corolla sold in North America.

A couple of customers choose to purchase multiple databases from me. I did not asked everyone how they use data, but I advise you to make separate sections on your website for each region. Do not mix up my multiple car databases, or you will end up in a mess that will displease any customer.

There are several websites like having worldwide cars, which I could make a script to scrap data and create an Excel database, but I do not do this because data quality will be a disaster.

There are also data providers like selling apparently a worldwide database but you should be careful in purchasing from them because their database is not complete for any given market. Some of my happy customers informed me that bought previously CarQueryAPI and had a major disappointment, missing models even from American and European markets, some models are added few years after they been launched, some model names are lowercase while others uppercase, certain values missing for random cars, etc. They bought from me afterwards and turned happy. Sadly, there are also people coming on my website and chatting with me then buying from CarQueryAPI just because is cheaper or website is simpler… stupid people who take cheap price over quality!

Model year (America) vs production year (rest of world)

North American car market is tightly regulated by government, all car models sold here are organized by Model Years. Most important, two successive models DO NOT share same Model Year (with few exceptions). Traditionally car models launched in second half of year are considered Model Year of next year, but legally manufacturers are allowed to launch “2017 Model” starting from 2 January 2016. Every year, they launch the “next year model”, even if the car is unchanged from previous year. New trims also appear in middle of model year.

Europe (and rest of world) do not have officially a car model year system, the year of a particular car is used only informally, and it’s the calendar year. So a car model launched in December 2016 is still a 2016 model. European car websites should show Make – Model – production years (as a range, no individual years).

I have seen some cheap-made websites targeting Europe but using drop-down vehicle list with each year on separate row, but since Europe do not have regulated Model Year, they used each calendar year in which a car has been manufactured. This is WRONG and leads to errors and confusion, in the year of model replacement, their list include both old and new models or just one of them at random.

Check yourself and, see the difference? This makes combination virtually impossible, unless you adapt American database to European / rest of world format, which is not on the taste of American customers.

Americans doing their business in Europe or worldwide, argued with me saying that my European database is WRONG. Actually it is CORRECT for us. Me too, I considered the american system strange and wrong, until 2013.

More differences between Europe and America markets

Many European and Japanese cars were sold in US with bigger bumpers, getting few extra inches in length.

Cars are sold in US with less engine choices, usually top of range. Example: the 2007-2012 BMW 3-Series E90 have versions 328i, 335i, 335d, M3, while in Europe the versions are 318i, 320i, 325i, 330i, 335i, 316d, 318d, 320d, 325d, 330d, 335d, M3.

Sometimes US engines do not exist in rest of world. Example: VW Golf 6 is sold in US with a 2.5 liters 5 cylinders 170 PS engine which do not exists in Europe where all engines are 4 cylinders, ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 liters turbo, 80 – 200 PS.

US measure horsepower according SAE rules, usually getting slightly higher power than measured in European DIN standard.

US EPA measure fuel efficiency as miles per gallon, Europe measure in liters per 100 km. Conversion is theoretically possible, but due to different system of averaging city/highway and speeds at which mileage is measured, any given car tested in US will eat 10-20% more gas than when tested in Europe, making comparison difficult.

Don’t trust any database claiming to be 100% complete worldwide!

European car market is 99%+ similar within European Union except United Kingdom and Ireland, and 90-95% similar for all 50 European countries. Eastern Europe have few additional cars produced locally, plus Russia gets few additional Asian cars which are not available in Western Europe, all them being included in my European database. United Kingdom car market is different by having less cars available, because not every manufacturer bother to produce cars in right-hand drive, also UK produce few additional cars sold only locally, again included in my European database.

Asia, Africa and Latin America car markets may be 60-80% similar with European market. If you do not have other options and don’t care about accuracy, buy European Database and tell me what other cars are available in your country, eventually delete the excess cars that are not sold in your country.

North American car market is unique. Most vehicles sold in US & Canada are not sold anywhere else. Many vehicles are sold with different specs in Europe and US even if they wear same name.

I offer Car Models List Worldwide including all models sold in Europe and North America and models sold in local market of non EU/US manufacturers, such as Japanese domestic market for Japan manufacturers (after a big effort in 2014). However it will be NEVER complete for all of the 200+ countries in the world, it DO NOT include cars manufactured in a given country and sold somewhere else but not in Europe, USA, neither in their own country’s market.

If do you need a worldwide database more detailed than a simple Make / Model list, things get very… COMPLEX. Car specs vary from one market to another. NOBODY can make a worldwide / global vehicle database for every 200+ countries in the world, at a reasonable accuracy.

The problem is that Japan and South Korea export SAME cars under dozens of different names in various countries. If this was not worse enough, same name is sometimes used in multiple countries for unrelated cars. For example: the Samsung SM3 produced in Korea is also sold in Mexico as Renault Scala and in Russia as Nissan Almera, unrelated with the well-known Japanese Nissan Almera sold all over Europe until 2007. This Russian Almera and its years (and dozens of other similar name changes) are NOT included in Car Models List. Ford do the same, see Ford Escort (Europe) and Ford Escort (North America).

People outside Europe and America are facing trouble finding a database suitable for their country

Some customers are saying “I need a global car database containing European cars (BMW, Skoda, etc) and Japanese cars (Nissan, Toyota, etc), we have all of them in Brazil”. My European database have Japanese models sold in Europe while American database have Japanese models sold in US. Japan manufacturers sell a line of models in Europe, another line of models in North America, another line of models in Latin America, and so on.

Example: Toyota sold the following models in calendar year 2015 / US MY 2016:
In United States: 4Runner, Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Mirai, Prius, Prius c, Prius v, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra, Yaris.
In Europe: Auris, Avensis, Aygo, GT86, Hilux, iQ, Land Cruiser, Mirai, Prius, Prius+, RAV4, Urban Cruiser, Verso, Verso-S, Yaris.
In India: Corolla, Camry, Etios, Fortuner, Innova, Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, Prius.
In whatever other country: possible other models.

I got a customer from Arab world saying “I am looking for a car database that contains Nissan Patrol because most database I’ve seen miss it” this happens because most databases available online are for US market and Nissan Patrol is not sold there, my European database does contain Nissan Patrol, but won’t help him either, because Nissan sell in Middle East also Altima which do not exist in European database but exist in American database.

Other customers asked me “if my database contain certain Asian cars that are missing from most car databases” and refused to purchase my European database because they are not containing there as well. Indeed, I do not recommend non-European/American customers to buy from me, but I am curious… what alternatives you can buy?

Data scraping services

For many years, manual data entry in Excel (sourcing from books, as seen in this video) or manual copy-pasting from websites, was my only way of creating databases. A slow process which limited the size of the databases I could make. Even in this slow process I made about 40 databases in various topics: cars, geography, real estate, gaming, etc, from pure hobby.

Starting from 2015 I offer web scraping services… in ANY field, not limited to above topics. Scraping usually means running a software to visit a list of given pages and copy specific data from each page to put it in a database automatically.

You need just to provide URL of a website that you want to scrap data from, and tell me which pieces of data to extract.

Theoretically I can scrap data from any website, but only websites having the required data in a consistent structure across pages, can produce a good usable database. After automatic scraping, less or more manual work is needed to make database usable.

Simple data scraping service

This apply on websites where each item have own URL and all data is in page HTML code.

There are few tools available online, usually free download but they are limited in functionality, limited in number of pages you can extract and in pages per second, unless you upgrade to paid subscription, which is ridiculously expensive for the number of pages you can extract. Although you can scrap yourself for free (small number of pages), may take few days to learn to use them efficiently. Most people do not have time to learn or money for monthly subscription. I can help you… my programmer partner made in Visual Basic a scraping software comparable with the tools available online, but with no limit in number of pages, this allow me to scrap websites at lower price than you can do yourself.

Price: sum of the following 4 things:
Number of pages to be scraped: up to 1,000 pages = $20,  up to 10,000 pages = $50, up to 100,000 pages = $200.
Number of columns (pieces of data to scrap from each page): 50 cents for each column.
Complexity: $0 fee for websites where all items are accessible from an index page, extra $ fee if items are displayed with infinite scrolling, pagination, enter data in search boxes, etc.
Work after scraping: certain websites do not provide data in the format you need, I charge extra fee to manually arrange data in Excel.

Complex data scraping service

This apply on websites having drop-down lists, search boxes, JSON, data is behind login, or other actions are needed to display the data you want to scrap. In this case online scraping tools are useless, so my partner will make a custom data scraper made in PHP or Visual Basic, this may take few days depending by his available time.

Price: usually within $200 to $500 range which I share with my partner, price depends more by complexity of website than by number of pages to be scraped.

For less than 200 records may be faster to copy-paste manually than coding a custom scraping software.

Impossible data scraping

Car classifieds websites usually hide seller phone number and contact email, which can be revealed by clicking a button, this is done specially to prevent scraping and protect emails from being spamming. The only solution is to have a human visiting each page and copy-pasting this hidden data, which require large amount of time. If you are an insurance company willing to do SMS or email marketing and you intend to hire me to make a database of car owners sourcing data from classifieds website, most likely I can’t help you because of time.


Some websites look simple to scrap, but they turn complex because of IP blocking, CAPTCHA or other measures made either to prevent someone copying data from them or just to prevent DDOS attacks. If you ask for price before starting the job, you should be prepared for price changes. Need to do part of job to be able to tell final price.


The main advantage of working with me is that once I create a database I can have multiple people purchasing it, so you will pay just a small part of the cost of scraping (if database is something of my personal interest – cars or real estate of Singapore). If you want to keep private, I can sell it just for you at higher price and not publish on website, but the BIG question is what I should do if a second customer ask me to scrap same website and he agrees to publish on website to get cheaper price? I reserve the right to sell to other people if they ask. If you ask to scrap a website out of my personal interests and unrelated with the fields covered by website, I will not publish it because is unlikely anyone else to purchase it, and you need to pay the full cost of scraping.

The databases published on website include FREE updates for one year, with higher update frequency for products with higher sale volume. But if you ask me to scrap a website privately “just for you” you need to pay for each update, price depending by how much time takes each re-scraping.

Scraping software runs at a speed of 0.5-2 pages per second, depending by website. So I may not able to do very large databases, for example if you want to scrap 1 million records with monthly updates. The limit of how many records I can scrap depends by amount of customers in current month.

Data scraping is legal or not?

Usually scraping is legal, but using scraped data in a public website may be illegal.

Depends… if the data is added by volunteers, or by sellers in classifieds websites, scraping is probably legal. But if authors of website hardworked to compile data from sources like car brochures or manufacturer websites, scraping is probably illegal, especially if you use their data in making your own website or other commercial purpose. Most websites contains dummy data (example: a bunch of cars having +/- 1 horsepower than official value) and if you use data copied from them, they can prove from where you stole data and make a lawsuit against you. BEWARE!

For a moment I became concerned if my European car database sourced from AutoKatalog books is a copyright violation, but I came in conclusion that it is fine, as long as mine is an original compilation with different data structure than the book, and it target online audience, while the AutoKatalog is a book sold in shops targeting car hobbyists. I am doing each year over 100 sales without having a single person worrying about copyright.

In case of America, Year-Make-Model is my original compilation sourced from Wikipedia and 3 more websites, while Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs is web scraping from website who is also offering API thus allow other websites using their data, so again is legal.

But, since I created Indian car database in 2015 sourcing data from I started being concerned that what I am doing may be illegal.

Country matters: I had many customers in India asking me to scrap data from various websites. However, when someone from Europe or America ask me certain data that I don’t have and I propose him to scrap data from a website, most told me legal issues of web scraping.

Funny case: someone offered me to sell a car database that he claimed to have been creating it by working for 4 months, 8 hours per day, copy-pasting data from a website. From copyright point of view does not matter if you scraped automatically or typed every letter manually, as long you copied from a website your work is not original. He was probably not aware of scraping software. If you wasted few months doing something that could have been done in few hours, you’re an idiot (I was an idiot too doing such jobs before 2015 being not aware of scraping software, but small jobs only) and I am still doing in case of European database because I source data from books (offline sources), making an original product on the web.