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Dec 31

Current databases for sale

European Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, All details

1970s/1980s-present, 100+ makes, 1600+ models, 18000+ versions.
56 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 6 March 2017.

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1990-2018, 62 makes, 50000+ rows (modes, trims and other variations).
83 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 26 May 2017.

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Full Specs Database

1990s-present, 49 makes, 600+ models, 3600+ versions.
188 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 1 May 2017.

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German car database

1990-present, 75 makes, 80000+ versions.
Launched for sale December 2016.

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Middle East Database

2000-present, 83 makes, 700+ models, 9000+ versions.
16 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 8 April 2017.

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Motorcycles Database

1894-2017, 468 makes, 30000+ models.
72 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 24 March 2017.

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Car Models List XLS

1945-present, NO technical specs.
150+ makes, 4600+ models World
110+ makes, 2400+ models Europe
1 row = each model platform: BMW 3-Series E46, E90-E93, F30, etc.
Last release: 22 January 2017.

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Car Nameplates List

1945-present, 160 makes, 2800+ nameplates. An alternative to Car Models List, single row for all models sharing same name and separate row for each name a model is sold.
Last release: December 2016.

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Car Models List in American style with one row for each year the car was sold
, 80 makes, 14000+ rows (model years).
5 columns, NO technical specs.
Last release: 22 December 2016.


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Car Models List DOC

The original version of Car Models List in .DOC format. This is intended for consulting and reading only. Web developers are advised to purchase the above Car Models List in .XLS format that can be quickly dumped in a MySQL database.

Read more & download FREE


Car Models Timeline

Same cars like in Car Models List but displayed in an easy-to-visualize timeline chart to study car models organization.

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Car Models Encyclopedia

The original book-style .DOC with car models, dimensions, weight, list of engines.
Europe 1945-present / World 1980-present. 360-page book with 1500+ models.

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Car Engines Database

1970s/1980s-present, 100+ makes, 1600+ models, 1700+ total rows. 1 row = engine / body / drivetrain combination: BMW 320i, 325d, 325d xDrive, etc.
9 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 6 March 2017.

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Car Tires Database

Same like Car Engines Database + one additional column: TIRES, finalized 1990-present as September 2015, 1970-1990 under construction.
11 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 6 March 2017.

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Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, Performance Database

Same like Car Engines Database + 18 additional columns.
27 columns of specs per model.
Last release: 6 March 2017.

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Car Models Database

1945-present, 110+ makes, 2000+ models, 3400+ total rows. 1 row = model, platform and body style: BMW 3-Series E36, E46, Saloon, Touring, Coupe, Cabrio.
13 columns of specs per model.
Aimed for car dimensions.

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Car length over history

Chart in PDF format made with AutoCAD, showing 640 most common car models produced in Europe 1945-present. Useful for garage builders and students researching car evolution.

FREE download PDF chart

Automobile production

Table and chart made in Excel with number of cars produced in each country from 1999 to 2015.
Does NOT contain makes and models.

FREE download Excel table & chart

Proposed: Car Engines List

Alternative to Car Engines Database, simplified by having with one row per engine capacity regardless it is offered in multiple power options and multiple body styles.
Feel free to suggest changes BEFORE I start the work. Takes 1-2 weeks to complete and will cost 100 euro for 1st customer.
Demo / sample

Proposed: Car photo database

ON HOLD, due of controversy regarding what kind of photos should be offered, and possible copyright issues. You feedback is needed to continue the project!
Demo / sample Read more

Car sales figures

Table with number of cars sold in Europe, America and China, by make and model.

Demo / sample Read more & BUY


FAQ & notes

Don’t have PayPal or Credit card? Are there other payment methods?

First, ask your friends, maybe someone have a credit card, pay him in cash and he can buy for you with his credit card.

Alternatively you can pay via MoneyBookers, Western Union (high fees!) and bank transfer (I will email you the file only after confirming that payment was received, may take 3 days).

If you get error “We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right now” you should ask me to send you an invoice requesting money via Paypal. This usually bypass errors at your side.

PRICES TOO HIGH! I am a student doing a non-profit research…

The price reflect my efforts and quality of work. Show me where you can find a cheaper auto database with comparable amount of data and updated regularly!
Most visitors of website are from companies, some offered me even 1000 euro to make a customized vehicle list in SQL. I cannot verify if you make profit or not. If you are a poor student or doing something non-profit, then probably we cannot make a deal. Sorry!

Do you provide updates?

Of course, I update all databases constantly, databases with higher sale volume are updates more often. Download links are set to expire in 1 year, you can click the link again anytime you want to download latest updates. Moreover each time I update a database I re-send the email with download link to each customer to notify you to re-download database.

Do you provide API to avoid needing re-downloading each time you update?

I do not have sufficient experience to create API. But YOU can help! Read more.

Do you provide invoices?

PayPal provide receipt for purchase and you can use it if needed. In 2014 and 2015 I also provided a DOC invoice if I was asked. But in 2015 someone told me that I cannot legally issue invoices if I am not a registered company. I am 1-person business with no employees so there is no reason to register a company. The CEO of one company got idea to pay from his personal account rather than company account, to avoid needing invoice to explain his purchase. You can do the same, tell to your boss to pay from personal account.

Can I buy a small database then upgrade to a bigger database by paying difference?

YES in case of vehicle databases with same table structure. For example if you bought Car Models & Engines 1995-present then you want want Car Models & Engines & Dimensions 1980-present, you can contact me and I will lower a price to the difference.

NO upgrade from Car Models Database to Car Models & Engines Database because they are totally different products aiming to different business types.

You can contact me also if you want to pay in another currency such as GBP to avoid conversion fee. Sometimes I go shopping on and having only EURO in Paypal I have to pay a conversion fee too.

What does mean 1995-present? Does it exclude first 2 years of Mercedes C-Class?

For people who do not want to pay full price for the full 1945-present, I offer 1995-present and 2005-present filtered data.

1995-present package include models that have the middle between production start and end year in 1995 or newer. I decide which model to include or exclude depending by major changes in manufacturer range. Renault Clio 1 (1991-1998) is included but all numerical Renaults up to 19 (1988-1996) are excluded. Mercedes is included after 1993 , Audi after 1994, etc. Volkswagen starts from 1994 Polo, 1991 Golf, 1992 Vento, 1993 Passat, exclude Corrado (1988-1995).

Usually there are NO partially included models, unless they have very long production (example Fiat Panda 1980-2003 which the package include versions after 1995 facelift), or Mercedes W124 (1985-1997) which is included the 1993-1997 versions sold under E-Class name.

May 01

Lights database

Download SAMPLE: Lights Database .xls

Buy full database:

Database created in March 2017, for a customer who needed a vehicle database of light bulb types, he told me to scrap data from , later published database on website because there may be other people interested in same thing.

Coverage: cars, trucks, bikes, snowmobiles sold in United States in 1958-2016, seems that Philips Auto Lighting is lagging in updates for about one year.



Mar 19

Car sales data

Free version: make only

Paid version: make and model – Car Sales Data SAMPLE.xls

Car sales figures

The whole table is 1948-2016, but most makes sales figures are available only for recent years, usually American sales figures starts at 1970, European at 1990 or 1997 and Chinese at 2003.

Only most important models are included, thus the sales by make may not match total sales by model.

Source of data: and compiled in Excel by Teoalida for easy usage in your projects. Compiling job took few hours!

I discovered this website in late 2016 and I was thinking whenever worth making a database of car sales figures. I wrote about this in “Possible upcoming projects”, and in March 2017 someone was interested in this project, so I started working.

Note: they may be different that sales data shown on manufacturer websites. For example Toyota include Russia in European sales. In this database, European car sales statistics are from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Dec 23

German car database

Download SAMPLE:

Buy full database:

Note: I am not responsible for any legal issues you may face for using data copied from another website, more exactly

If you care about legality, buy instead, which is an original product “Made by Teoalida” with no equivalent on internet, as the data is sourced from books.

German car database is RAW DATA as produced by scraping software, this database is NOT optimized for any use. If you want to optimize it you should tell me how do you use database and what changes to make. Production period which is stored as month-year but Excel store it as month-day-2016, this can pose a problem in your use.

Coverage: when I scraped ADAC website first time in late 2015, it was 1990-present, but during 2016 they added models old as 1970s for some makes. Expect in 2017 to have all makes 1970-present.


Teoalida’s Car Database originates in 2003, sourcing data from multiple AutoKatalog books issued yearly and typing data in Excel manually in a data structure invented by me, making an original product with no equivalent on internet, which you can use in your website or mobile app without risking to be sued by anyone. Because AutoKatalog is a printed book, space is limited so it include one row for each model engine, and if it was offered with both manual and automatic transmission, performance data is provided for manual one. This makes my database the perfect choice for auto parts businesses which do not need multiple rows per for each model engine.

However, a small amount of customers, who are interested in performance data, are not happy with my original database, they would like separate row for manual and automatic transmissions.

Since AutoKatalog was discontinued in 2014, I source data from ADAC website to continue maintaining my database, In late 2015 I paid a programmer to make an application that visit each page of ADAC website and scrap/extract the data into Excel, then I manipulate ADAC data to match the format of my car database, to have an original product which I can copyright.

I was NOT intending to sell the ADAC database, but in late 2016 several people told me that my ADAC-scrapped database is more suitable for their projects than my original database, this opened a BIG QUESTION: is LEGAL to sell a database made by using an application to scrap data from ADAC website? Since the ADAC website is not mine…

In my opinion, is illegal. Moreover ADAC database may be not usable for your project, because it does have equipment levels that are making too many rows for same engine and because of the way the production year/month is stored in database (see sample). It needs to be manipulated/corrected to be usable.

So my idea: alter the data structure of ADAC database according your needs, delete duplicate rows for each engine sharing same specs, and sell it as semi-original product. Price will be 400-500 euro for full-specs, to be competitive with my current biggest database which is 448 euro in August 2016 release.

But even after altering data structure, it can be traced that was sourced from ADAC, and I am afraid of lawsuits. See the case of closed by a lawsuit.



Teoalida’s original car database
Demo / sample
ADAC car database
Demo / sample
Cover whole Europe, including Rover high-powered variants sold only in UK, 2.0 litres cars sold only in Italy (example Ferrari 208), low-cost cars for Eastern Europe (Fiat Albea, Peugeot 301, Renault Symbol, Lada, Volga, etc) Cover only cars sold in Germany
Shows period of production as year only, based on their appearance in AutoKatalog, which is a bit off (cars launched in november-december may indicate starting year as next year) Show period of production as year/month in which the car was sold in Germany
One row per engine, regardless if it was offered with both manual and automatic transmission One row per each transmission type, also one row per each equipment level (this can be stripped off, don’t know who would need equipment levels that have same specs)
1 column for fuel efficiency (combined) 3 columns for fuel efficiency (urban, highway, combined)
Few additional columns: bore × stroke, compression ratio, camshaft, track width Does NOT include bore × stroke, compression ratio, camshaft, track width


Which database would you buy?

Teoalida’s original car database
ADAC car database
Please Specify:

Poll Maker

Is legal to sell ADAC database after alteration?

You should NOT sell a database with data copied from ADAC website that is not your original research. I will not buy such database and risk having legal troubles with ADAC
You should NOT sell a database with data copied from ADAC but if you alter the data and create a semi-original product you can sell it and I will buy.
You CAN sell data scrapped from ADAC even in raw format, if they publish it online means that we are allowed to copy it in our websites.
Please Specify:

Poll Maker

Dec 12

Carmakers produce too many models?

The number of models produced by each car manufacturer increased over years, modular platforms allow car markers to produce a large number of models with little cost, creating new niches to cater different types of buyers. But is this really necessary? How long this trend can continue until they realize that have too many models?

A funny text from If you make a saloon on a platform, and a wagon on a platform, why not make a crossover? Why not make a slightly sportier version of that crossover? Why not make a really sporty version of that crossover? Why not make a coupé version of that crossover? Why not make a slightly sporty version of that coupé version of that crossover based on the saloon? Why not make a really sporty version of the slightly sporty version of that coupé version of that crossover based on the saloon?

Too many niches?

During 1960s and 1970s, Fiat was the manufacturer with largest lineup of models, ranging from the mini Fiat 500 to the large Fiat 130, plus a lot of coupé and spider models. Presently, the premium German automakers, Mercedes and BMW are fighting each other to have the largest lineup of models. Japanese automakers, especially Toyota, also produce a large number of models, but they form separate lineups for each region of the world.

Mercedes introduced A-Class in 1997, a very small and tall car, then introduced B-Class in 2005 as compact tall hatchback, however the 3rd generation A-Class introduced in 2012 became 454 mm longer and 160 mm longer, making it a regular hatchback, while B-Class remains a tall hatchback, additionally introduced CLA and GLA in 2013, making Mercedes to have 4 models in compact segment. Was this really necessary?

Off-road cars are produced since pre-WW2 times but they were not popular except for army use, as most them featuring open body and wooden seats. The first SUV (vehicle with off-road abilities and comfort of a car) was Range Rover (1970) and it remained the only SUV in Europe for 2 decades. Was followed by Land Rover Discovery (1989), Opel Frontera (1991) and Ford Maverick (1993). Number of SUV models increased dramatically after 2000. BMW having 4 SUV and crossovers in the year 2009.

BMW introduced the first crossover, SUV with coupé-style roof, X6 in 2006, followed by a coupé-style liftback, 5 Gran Turismo in 2009. Audi joined the niche with A7 Sportback in 2010. Mercedes joined the niche with GLE Coupé in 2015.

Mercedes introduced first sporty saloon, or 4-door coupé, CLS in 2004, also added an estate version, CLS Shooting Brake in 2012.

How many models and niches they have now? See in the following table, showing years they covered each niche.


Class Mercedes BMW Audi
Niches covered 32 29 23
Small hatchback A-Class (1997-2012) A2 (2000-2005)
A1 (2010-)
Compact hatchback A-Class (2012-) 1-Series (2004-) A3 (1996-)
Compact saloon CLA-Class (2013-) A3 Limousine (2013-)
Compact estate CLA-Class Shooting Brake (2015-)
Compact coupé 1-Series Coupé (2007-2014)
2-Series Coupé (2014-)
Compact cabrio 1-Series Cabrio (2008-2014)
2-Series Cabrio (2015-)
A3 Cabriolet (2008-)
Medium hatchback C-Class Sportcoupé (2001-2008)
CLC-Class (2008-2011)
3-Series Compact (1994-2005)
Medium saloon 190 (1982-1993)
C-Class (1993-)
3-Series (1983-) 80 (1972-1994)
90 (1984-1991)
A4 (1994-)
Medium estate C-Class T (1996-) 3-Series touring (1987-) 80 Avant (1992-1995)
A4 Avant (1995-)
Medium estate bulky A4 Allroad (2010-)
Medium coupé C-Class Coupé (2011-) 3-Series Coupé (1975-2013)
4-Series Coupé (2013-)
Coupé (1980-1996)
A5 Coupé (2007-)
Medium cabrio C-Class Cabriolet (2015-) 3-Series Cabrio (1978-2014)
4-Series Cabrio (2014-)
Cabrio 1993-2001)
A4 Cabrio (2002-2009)
A5 Cabrio (2009-)
Medium liftback 3-Series GT (2013-) A5 Sportback (2009-)
Medium sporty saloon 4-Series Gran Coupé (2014-)
Medium sporty estate
Large saloon E (1960s)
E-Class (1993-)
5-Series (1972-) 100 (1968-1994)
200 (1979-1991)
A6 1994-)
Large estate TE (1960s)
E Class T (1993-)
5-Series touring (1991-) 100 Avant (1977-1994)
A6 Avant (1994-)
Large estate bulky A6 Allroad (2000-)
Large coupé CE (1960s)
CLK-Class (1997-2009)
E-Class Coupé (2009-)
6-Series (1975-1989 2003-) 100 Coupé (1968-1976)
Large cabrio CE (1960s)
CLK-Cabrio (1998-2009)
E-Class Cabrio (2010-)
6-Series Cabrio (2004-)
Large liftback 5-Series GT (2009-) A7 Sportback (2010-)
Large sporty saloon CLS-Class (2004-) 6-Series Gran Coupé (2012-)
Large sporty estate CLS-Class Shooting Brake (2012-)
Luxury saloon SE/SEL (1960s)
S-Class (1993-)
7-Series (1977-) V8 (1988-1993)
A8 (1994-)
Luxury coupé SEC (1981-1993)
S-Class Coupé (1993-1996)
CL-Class (1996-2014)
S-Class Coupé (2014-)
8-Series (1989-1999)
Luxury cabrio S-Class Cabrio (upcoming)
Superluxury saloon 600 (1963-1981)
Maybach 57 & 62 (2002-2013)
Maybach S-Class (2015-)
Leisure activity vehicle Vaneo (2001-2005)
Citan Tourer (2012-)
Compact MPV 5-seat B-Class (2005-) 2-Series Active Tourer (2014-)
Compact MPV 7-seat 2-Series Gran Tourer (2015-)
Large MPV V-Class (1996-2003)
Viano (2003-2014)
Sport compact coupé Z1 (1989-1991)
Z3 (1996-2002)
Z4 (2002-)
TT (1998-)
Sport compact roadster SLK-Class (1996-) TT (1990-)
Sport car SL (1954-) M1 (1978-1981)
Z8 (2000-2003)
R8 (2007-)
Supercar SLR McLaren (2013-2010)
SLS AMG (2010-)
Off-road vehicle G-Class (1979-)
Small SUV Q2 (2016-)
Small crossover
Compact SUV X1 (2009-) Q3 (2011-)
Compact crossover GLA-Class (2013-) X2 (upcoming)
Medium SUV GLK-Class (2008-2015)
GLC-Class (2015-)
X3 (2003-) Q5 (2008-)
Medium crossover GLC-Class Coupé (2016-) X4 (2014-)
Large SUV M-Class (1997-2015)
GLE-Class (2015-)
X5 (2000-)
Large crossover GLE-Class Coupé (2015-) X6 (2008-)
Luxury SUV GL-Class (2006-) X7 (upcoming) Q7 (2006-)
Luxury crossover R-Class (2005-2013)

Too many engine options?

Beside having too many models and body styles, we have also too many engine options and other versions. For example: Porsche 911 in its 964 generation offered 7 versions: Carrera Coupe, Cabrio, Targa, each rear wheel drive and all wheel drive, plus Turbo model. Presently Porsche 911 is offered in versions like Carrera, Carrera S, Carrera GTS, Turbo, Turbo S, GT3, GT2.

Mercedes E-Class holds the record of most engine options at same time in one model:
10 engines as 1997: 200, 240, 280, 320, 430, 55 AMG, 220 Diesel, 290 Turbodiesel, 300 Diesel, 300 Turbodiesel.
10 engines as 2003: 200 Kompressor, 240, 320, 500, 55 AMG, 200 CDI, 220 CDI, 270 CDI, 320 CDI, 400 CDI.
11 engines as 2011: 200, 250, 300, 350, 500, 63 AMG, 200 CDI, 220 CDI, 250 CDI, 300 CDI, 350 BlueTec.

Majority of them are offered rear wheel drive and all wheel drive, and further divided into trims like Comfort, Elegance, Avantgarde.

Oct 20

Year Make Model for American Market

Year-Make-ModelDownload SAMPLES (Ford and BMW):

Year-Make-Model.xls for general use
Year-Make-Model.csv for programming
Year-Make-Model.sql for web developers

Buy full database (all makes) + FREE updates for one year:

There are NO TRIMS in this database (no BMW 320i sedan, 330d touring, etc, just model names BMW 3-Series).
If you want body styles, trims and more details, buy Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs but it does not go beyond 1990.


Coverage: new and used cars, light trucks, SUVs and vans, everything that can be driven with car standard driving license. See Changelog & version history

Domestic cars: 6000+ model years, 100% complete list for MY 1946-present, excluding manufacturers who died before 1960s, plus 150 pre-war models MY 1926-1942 that have name connection to post-war models, example Chrysler Imperial (since 1926) and Chevrolet Suburban (since 1933).

Imported cars: 7000+ model years, 100% complete list for 1990-present, probably 99% for 1980s, and 90% for 1940s-1970s, due of unclear info regarding which vehicles were sold or not in North America, or hard to find exact model years they were sold in, but we all know that import scene became common on american roads since 1970s oil crisis. Very few cars were imported during 1950s and 1960s. Does anyone know if before World War II were any imports? Update: during early 2016 I added most of 1940s-1970s models sourcing data from Nada Guides.

To suit customers in both countries, I added notes regarding availability in Canada but not in United States.

Source of data

Mainly Wikipedia, which is pretty accurate for cars produced in USA and for cars imported from Japan, but not for cars imported from Europe, so to get higher accuracy I also verified with the highly-reliable Edmunds (1990-present only unfortunately), eBay Motors (unreliable, may model years that actually do not exist), Nada Guides (some missing models and messed up names, for example missing Suzuki after 1997 and incompleteness of Porsche 1998-2010), and (one of my competitors in data providing died in 2015).

There is some confusion at cars imported before 1990 regarding the model years each model was available for sale, in case of contradictory info I added notes in Excel table “possible non-existent model year, existent on CarListDB, non-existent on NadaGuides” so you have guarantee that you get a car and truck database with NO missing models.

Oct 18

Motorcycle database

Download SAMPLE (one make): Motorcycle Database.XLS

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for one year:

The motorcycle database is the ONLY product on this website that is not “100% made by Teoalida”. It resulted from a “work exchange” with a customer who needed both cars and bikes and we agreed to give him a discount for my manually-made biggest car database and he made a script to copy data automatically from and put in a CSV file with permission to sell it on my website. is a fan-made website, there are many data fields, but actual data is available for just a small amount of bike models. Due to this reason, I am selling bikes database at lower price than car databases.

Fan-made website means less restrictive in terms of copyright. You are free to use this data on your own website. Already seen a website ( using same data from, everything translated into Romanian. website originally covered 1970-present, but during summer 2016 it was expanded to 1930-present and during autumn was further expanded to 1984-present.

My experience is limited to cars so I cannot tell how complete is for bikes sold in any specific country in the world, but with 30000+ bike models I assume that is most comprehensive website with bikes produced worldwide, even if in the early years there are much lower number of bikes per year, compared with 2000s and 2010s..

Motorcycle database was created and launched for sale in May 2016, with 43 fields (columns) found on common bike models. After first release, I started browsing other bikes and found additional data fields which I included in the August 2016 update, having 62 columns, after this I re-started looking at bike models with most fields filled up and found that they have even more fields not yet included, so I released final version in September 2016 with 71 columns. For example, August 2016 release include 0-100 kmph available for 1% of bikes, and after this I found that other bikes contain also 1/4 mile and 60-140 kmph in highest gear. There is possible that to have even more data fields but they are available for so small amount of bikes that does not add any value to my database.

Data fields included

Naming: Make 100.00%, Model 100.00%, Year of launch 100.00%, Category 100.00%, Price as new (MSRP) 19.90%.

Engine and transmission: Displacement (cm³) 98.21%, Engine details 12.70%, Engine type 99.96%, Power (PS) 66.25%, Power (rpm) 58.45%, Torque (Nm) 38.57%, Torque (rpm) 35.67%, Top speed (kmph) 34.38%, 1/4 mil (sec) 0.24%, 0-100 km/h (sec) 0.99%, 60-140 km/h, highest gear (sec) 0.43%, Max RPM 1.65%, Compression 60.67%, Bore x stroke (mm) 74.43%, Valves per cylinder 41.40%, Fuel system 68.59%, Fuel control 56.28%, Ignition 39.51%, Lubrication system 24.41%, Cooling system 87.82%, Gearbox 84.70%, Transmission type, final drive 83.99%, Clutch 34.40%, Driveline 17.39%, Fuel consumption (l/100km) 11.80%, Greenhouse gases co2 (g/km) 11.80%, Emission details 6.76%, Exhaust system 14.24%.

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels: Frame type 39.30%, Rake (fork angle) 20.87%, Trail 15.62%, Front suspension 60.66%, Front wheel travel (mm) 26.73%, Rear suspension 59.40%, Rear wheel travel (mm) 26.11%, Front tyre 80.65%, Rear tyre 80.70%, Front brakes 95.04%, Front brakes diameter (mm) 43.51%, Rear brakes 94.31%, Rear brakes diameter (mm) 41.96%, Wheels 19.13%, Seat 12.36%.

Physical measures and capacities: Dry weight (kg) 59.41%, Weight incl. oil, gas, etc (kg) 36.73%, Power/weight ratio (HP/kg) 39.01%, Seat height (mm) 57.98%, Alternate seat height (mm) 1.60%, Front percentage of weight 0.64%, Rear percentage of weight 0.18%, Overall height (mm) 37.59%, Overall length (mm) 52.70%, Overall width (mm) 43.38%, Ground clearance (mm) 32.88%, Wheelbase (mm) 62.19%, Fuel capacity (litres) 80.98%, Reserve fuel capacity (litres) 8.62%, Oil capacity (litres) 7.75%.

Other specifications: Color options 55.04%, Starter 62.76%, Instruments 7.14%, Electrical 6.69%, Light 4.57%, Carrying capacity 5.74%, Factory warranty 10.16%, Comments 30.69%, Modifications compared to previous model 0.95%.

Completion percentages calculated in March 2017 edition.

Oct 16

The BIGGEST Vehicle Database

Download SAMPLE (BMW only)

Car models, engines, transmission, drivetrain, tires, dimensions, weight, performance, etc (Excel)
Alternate formats: CSV and SQL

Buy full database (all makes)

Last release: 6 March 2017, including 591 versions launched 2016 and 111 versions launched 2017. Full change log.

If you are interested in specific data fields and DON’T want to pay a huge price for all 45 fields, you can buy other packages (having SAME number of rows) such as Car Models, Engines (7 columns, 60% discount), Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, Performance (23 columns, 40% discount), or tell me what fields do you need, I will sell part of data at negotiable price lower than the price of complete database.

The BIG Car Database

Description & history

I started this automobile database in 2003, from personal interest. In late 2003 I standardized the table at 11 columns of technical specs and from December 2003 to April 2004 I added about 2800 model versions.

I sourced data from AutoCatalog 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 (from Auto Motor & Sport magazine), and AutoSpecial 2000, 2001, 2002 (from Burda magazine), in October 2004 I also bought AutoCatalog 2005 so I started to update my database. So the database included initially most cars produced since mid-1990s to present. I launched my first FINAL edition in January 2005, it had 3600 model versions, of which 3000 from Europe.

AutoKatalog provide 40+ columns of data, but personally I was not interested in so much data, and 1024×768 screen limited my abilities. The 11-column format was inspired from these auto magazines displaying 7 columns (cylinders, displacement, power, torque, 0-100 kmph, top speed, fuel consumption) and separate table for car dimensions. Additional 4 columns (body, doors, engine placement, drivetrain) were added from my research interest.

I was updating my database constantly, after buying each year AutoCatalog 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. The 2008 edition had 6000 model versions of which 4800 are from Europe. Sadly, AutoCatalog is no longer published in Romania since 2009, leaving database in hiatus. I done a small update in 2010 and also added few pre-1990 cars with data sourced from Wikipedia and other websites, for BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche I was able to find sufficient data to expand my database to WW2, reaching 7800 models from 57 brands.

In 2011 I published previews my car databases on my personal website and in 2012 realized that I can do a business by selling it to various companies and web developers.

In November 2012 I found on eBay a collection of german AutoKatalog for 1991-2013 and revived the car database from hiatus. Had to update 4 years, and the car database was enlarged to over 10700 models. Adding more early 1990s models and improving the models sourced initially from Wikipedia, raised the database to 12000 models (as January 2013) from 78 brands, covering 1990-present.

After people starting contacting me, I had to do few changes to make the automobile database suitable for the unexpected audience, for example: added 2 new columns Make and Model before the full model name (necessary for web developers making drop-down lists), added fuel type (suggested by a customer who wanted to filter cars by fuel), added number of seats, etc.

In February 2013 I bought from eBay more german AutoKatalog for 1983-1990 too, planning to include in my database all cars launched after 1983 or produced until at least 1990. I kept buying AutoKatalogs until 2014, completing collection for 1970-2014 (45 books). In 2014 the database had over 14000 models from 80+ brands, starting year varying between 1970 and 1986, depending by car make.

The vehicle database proved insufficient for certain customers who were demanding more data per car, especially car tire dimensions were demanded by numerous customers (tire shops), while several customers wanted to combine Car Models & Engines Database with Car Models Database (having dimensions). I expanded the vehicle database from 14 to 22 columns, I quickly added car dimensions and started a slow process of adding car tire size. But new customers demanded additional data such as transmission, so I had to re-do every car.

In May 2014 I bought a 24″ 1920×1200 monitor to replace the 17″ crap, this encouraged me to engage in bigger databases. However, I was questioning if will worth my time spending 500+ hours to include 40+ columns of data from AutoKatalog books. I posted a message on site inviting people to contact me and make a price offer if they are interested in expanding database to 45+ columns. By end–2014, a single person showed interest.

In 2014 I halted adding classic cars and stated expanding the automobile database to 45+ columns in my spare time. When launched for sale the enlarged database in October 2015 with 99% completion for 1990-present, I had surprise to see that number of people willing to pay almost $500 for such great database, is higher than expected. But most people purchase the 7-column database (60% cheaper) and 1990-present package, due to this reason, expanding 1970-1990 cars to 45-columns is not a priority.

Of course certain customers demand new specialty data that is not available in AutoKatalog and sometimes nowhere. I cannot satisfy everyone.

AutoKatalog magazine was surprisingly discontinued in 2014, so starting from 2015 I am sourcing new car data from ADAC Datenbank. ADAC do have separate row for each transmission, trim and equipment level, thus having too many rows for each engine. Every few months I am scraping ADAC website then use my mind to select one row per unique engine and copy-paste the data into my database, to match the format of the former AutoKatalog. This keeps my car database an original product and not a copy of any existing website, thus you can use it for your website without worrying about a copyright claim from another website.

In 2016 I resumed adding classic cars and reached 99% completion for 1986-present. 1970-1986 cars remained with fewer columns of data as they were added in 2013-2014, waiting to be expanded to 45+ columns with data from AutoKatalog in my spare time.

The ultimate database will have 99% completion for 1970-present. That is almost 50 years of history of automobile!

Source of data


Primarily AutoKatalog, the german car magazine published since 1957 every year in September, one of most reputable car publications in the world, and ADAC. AutoKatalog shows each year cars currently in production, with no years of production indicated. The years in my database are generated by the books the car appears in, for example if a car appears in AK 2000, 2001, 2002 I indicated year 1999-2002.

The original database (2003-2014): initially it included only data that I was personally interested, engine and performance data. In a period of 2005-2006 I was deciding when to make a new row by checking performance data, which have sometimes variations from year to year despite that engine is the same, thus causing some duplicates in engine data.

The current database (2014-present): I made separate rows for each yearly issue of AutoKatalog, but for time economy, in the first stage I filled up only the rows of the first year the car appears in AutoKatalog (or second year, if the first year looks pre-launch data). There are 2 columns of production years, which I filled for just one of the rows for each year of AutoKatalog, then filter up database by deleting rows with empty production years, producing final database having only one row per each engine-body-drivetrain combination, with no duplicates, ignoring the variations in performance data.

Year accuracy notes

The years for main model is the correct production years according Wikipedia, but correct production years for each engine version cannot be found anywhere, so they are generated based by years a car appear in AutoKatalog. The AutoKatalog is published each year in September, it sometimes shows the car models that will be launched 1-2 months in advance, but not always. For example: Audi A4 was launched in November 1994, after the release of AutoKatalog 1995, so it is first displayed in AutoKatalog 1996, so I wrote in my database shows 1994-2001 for main model and 1995-XXXX for engine versions. Correcting this info for Audi A4 while for most models no correct data is available on Wikipedia, will result in a messy database. To keep the database clean, the years for engine versions are generated based by the years a car appear in AutoKatalog, while the years for main model is from Wikipedia. I hope that this will be not an issue for you.

Data accuracy notes

AutoKatalog itself does have errors, but having myself high experience in cars and data analysis, I have spotted numerous errors and input correct data. However some data remains possibly wrong because I do not know what would be correct values.

The most important data, such as engine and dimensions, are 99.99% accurate. Less accurate data are the following: performance data, where are often variations such as +/- 0.1 litres in fuel consumption between yearly issues of AutoKatalog, suspension type: sometimes it indicate double wishbone on one year and multilink in another year, can’t know which is correct, and tire size (especially the speed indicator is different from yearly issues of AutoKatalog.

Do note that nobody is perfect, 100% accuracy is impossible, but I believe that my manually hand-made car database is the most accurate vehicle database ever existed on internet, given by the comments from my customers who previously bought car databases from other sources which appears to be crawled using automatic software, including junk data, and no human is ever checked for errors.

if you want to counter-check my accuracy, I advise you to check against German websites. Expect small differences for certain cars when checking against websites from other countries, due of the bad sources of data that most websites uses.

Data fields included

Naming: Make, Model, Version, Years, Sold in, Class 100%
Model data: Body type 100.00%, No. of doors 100.00%, No. of seats 99.7%, Engine place 100%, Drivetrain 100%
Engine data: Cylinders 100%, Displacement (cm³) 100%, Power (PS) 100%, Power (kW) 99.0%, Power (rpm) 98.9%, Torque (Nm) 99.8%, Torque (rpm) 98.9%, Bore × Stroke (mm) 86.5%, Compression ratio 86.5%, Valves per cylinder 98.5%, Crankshaft 86.5%, Fuel injection 98.5%, Supercharger 98.4%, Catalytic 2.7%, Manual 98.5%, Automatic 98.5%
Drivetrain data: Suspension front 98.3%, Suspension rear 98.3%, Assisted steering 98.3%, Brakes front 98.3%, Brakes rear 98.3%, ABS 86.7%, ESP 62.2%, Tire size 98.6%, Tire size rear (if different than front) 7.3%
Body data: Wheelbase (mm) 99.2%, Track front (mm) 86.4%, Track rear (mm) 86.4%, Length (mm) 99.2%, Width (mm) 99.2%, Height (mm) 99.2%, Curb weight (kg) 98.4%, Gross weight (kg) 98.2%, Cargo space (litres) 98.9%, Tow weight (kg) 98.2%
Gas tank (litres) 99.1%
Performance data: 0-100 kmph (sec) 99.3%, Max speed (km/h) 99.5%, Fuel efficiency (l/100km) 98.9%, Engine type 99.7%, Fuel type 97.9%, co2 (g/km) 46.6%

Completion percentages are calculated as March 2016 for 1990-present package with 13552 model versions.

The database had until 2014 only 19 fields, I have hardworked in 2014-2015 to fill up additional 25 fields for 96% of cars of 1990/1995-present by October 2015, and 98% by March 2016. Expect these fields to be empty for cars before 1990 because will take few more months to finalize them too (old cars = not a priority). Cars produced after 2013 sourced from ADAC instead of AutoKatalog do not have bore × stroke, compression ratio, crankshaft, etc, this is why percentage is 86%.


Worldwide passenger automobiles sold in Europe market starting from 1970-1990 to present, depending by brand (average 1980-present). See list of manufacturers with their exact coverage, Source of data: AutoKatalog, german car magazine.

Non-European customers can check list of car models included in Excel file and report missing models (sold in your country but not in Europe) and I may add them for you, completed with technical data.

As early 2013 all brands were 1986-present. During 2013-2014 I expanded most European and Japanese brands to 1980 and some even to 1970. American and Russian cars remain 1990-present. I could expanded all brands to 1970, but 90% of customers do not need cars older than 20-30 years old, thus in 2014 I decided to halt historical expansion and focus instead on adding more details for 1990-present cars, making The BIG Car Database, after finishing adding all details for 1990-present in October 2015 I started adding more details for pre-1990 cars and in the same time I am adding missing pre-1990 cars, hoping to have 1970s-present coverage for all brands by 2016. See full change log.

BONUS: 1945-1990 models for BMW, ISO Rivolta, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche. Source of data: Wikipedia and various websites (less data available per car).

Do I shoud add 1945-1980 cars considering lack of detailed data, or focus on new cars?

Add older cars regardless how little and unnaccurate data is available
Don’t add older cars unless some accurate detailed data is available (minimum engine size, horsepower, and production years for each engine), to not damage the overall level of 99% data completion for the main columns
We do not need cars older than 20-30 years. Rather use your free time to add more details about 2000s cars
Please Specify:

Quiz Maker

Poll – abbreviations

The reason for which I use abbreviations is because I sourced data from books which also use abbreviated due of limited amount of paper space, and because when I started this European database in 2003 I had an 1024×768 screen, that’s why I made it in 12 columns only. Now I have a 24″ 1920×1200 screen and this allowed me to expand database to 45 columns, my screen is still not big enough as the database would require a 27″ 2560×1440 screen to display completely, so I choose to hide columns when adding new data. However, after I enter all data from AutoKatalog books going back to 1970, there will be no more reason to have a database that fit in screen width, as the updates with new cars are done via copy-pasting and not manual typing. The databases I made for other continents, America and India, source data from websites which do not have limitations of a printed book, so they use full words, and I wonder if should do the same for European database.

Should I use abbreviations or full names? (in columns body type, drivetrain, injection type, turbocharger, suspension, brakes, fuel type)

Full names
Please Specify:


Poll – tires

How I should indicate tire size for sport cars with different front and rear tires?

one column saying “245/35-305/30 R 20” (this is original AutoKatalog format)
one column saying “front 245/35 R 20 / rear 305/30 R 20”
two columns “tires” and “rear tires (if different than front)”, leave second column empty for 90%+ of cars which have same tires front and back
Please Specify:

Poll Maker

Poll – hierarchy

Data structure is not optimal, causing loss of customers? Don’t go away, YOU can suggest a new data structure!

Please Specify:

Poll Maker

Oct 14

Possible upcoming projects… waiting for feedback!

New database ideas are welcome, as well as suggestions for improving data structure! If there are multiple people interested, I will do them!
Having too many Excel vehicle lists means more time necessary to update each of them. Also, some customers get confused and complained that I already have too many products for sale, so… I will develop only products that people are demanding!


Supercars database

Fans of Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, etc, as well of C63AMG, M3 and S4, can get what they wants without paying the high price of all cars database. Just tell me what amount of technical specs should be included the database for sport cars.

EuroNCAP crashtest database

Someone suggested this in November 2013. If more people are interested in this project, I will do it! Tell me if it should contain overall star rating or… how many details I need to include about each crash test?

Car photo database

Started in May 2013 and put on hold, due of controversy regarding what kind of photos should be offered, and possible copyright issues. You feedback is needed to continue the project! Check this page Car photo database.

Car sales figures

This site provide number of cars sold by make and by country, and I may be able to compile its data into an Excel database. Tell me what columns and rows do you need?

Engine codes database

Someone asked this in 2013. I can add the codes in Car Engine Specs Database for BMW and Mercedes as Wikipedia provide them… but how about the rest of brands? From where I can take the codes?
As early 2015 I found websites like displaying engine codes for most of brands. Car model names are different than in my database, so will be a pain in the ass to add correct codes to correct models and impossible to reach more than 80-90% completion, I leave this job for a later time when I will have more free time.


Car Body List

I can provide a table in same format like Car Models List but with separate rows for sedan, wagon, coupe, cabriolet, etc, like Car Body Database, but without car dimensions or other data (idea popped after 2 customers bought Car Body Database telling me that are NOT interested in vehicle external dimensions but just in body types). However, considering how many tables I am providing at this moment, an additional Car Body List is unnecessary.

Car Models + Simplified Engine List

Thank you to an Indian who gave me this idea in February 2013, unfortunately I do not have knowledge to make a complete list of cars sold in India at a reasonable data accuracy. I am looking for potential customers in Europe interested in this thing!
See SAMPLE, it is based on Car Models Encyclopedia.DOC and recompiled in .XLS format to be usable for webdesigners.

You can help me to take RIGHT decision! Do I should…
– add production years, per model or per each engine?
– Mercedes E320 changed from in-line-6 to V-6 in 1997, should be on same or separate rows?
– BMW 325d, 330d, 335d, all having 3.0 litres engine, different power versions, should be on same or separate rows?

Alternatively, I can scrap from Car Engine Database aka delete the duplicate engine rows caused by multiple body types and multiple transmission options, and let only engine data.

A web-based searchable automobile database

I came in December 2012 with the idea of making an automobile blog with 1 post per car model (see SAMPLE) something similar with Car Models Encyclopedia currently available in Word format. It may display car photos and an undecided amount of technical specs. This is a subject of DISCUSS, especially regarding photo format.
Few months later some visitor suggested that an online car database should store data in MySQL instead of static posts, to allow comparisons and car reviews. This exceed my abilities. That times I knew NOTHING about MySQL or how dynamic websites work.
Developing websites require time and money. Most of the customers who are buying vehicle database are businesses, auto parts shops, shipping companies, car classifieds websites, etc, they may use my database for their website but the cost of website is funded from their businesses. Personally I do NOT have any business in automotive industry so making a website just to offer info…. how I can make revenue to cover my time and expenses? (no Adsense please, it never produce significant income).

Oct 12

Car Models List

Download SAMPLES:
Car Models List.XLS for general use
Car Models List.CSV for programming
Car Models List.SQL for web developers

FREE version include complete list of manufacturers and list of models for 4 manufacturers, one for each continent.
PAID version have 150+ makes, 4600+ models in Worldwide version / 110+ makes with 2400+ models in Europe version.

Worldwide version

European version


Coverage: World War II – present. Few pre-war classic automobiles are included too, if they are related with post-war ones.
All major (and few minor) manufacturers of Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Argentina.
Make, model, car classification, years produced or Model Years in case of cars sold in North America.

I guarantee that it is currently 100% COMPLETE for European and North American markets, plus for the market of the country of origin of each manufacturer. For example the Car Models List may not include any possible cars produced in Korea and sold somewhere else than EU, US, or Korea markets. This because Korea and Japan manufacturers often sell ONE car model under dozens of different names in various countries. There are over 200 countries in the world, making a global world complete database for every country is HARD JOB. But you can contribute!

Cars produced in China are not included yet (very few chinese cars are exported, Wikipedia and all the english internet offer confusing and incomplete info).


The Worldwide edition include also the sheet of Europe edition.
The Europe edition include all markets from United Kingdom to Russia and Turkey, does not focus only on Western Europe.
For North America I provide Year – Make – Model format instead of Make – Model – Start year – End year.


Source of data: mostly Wikipedia, the most comprehensive car database ever! I manually compiled the list of cars into an Excel database, creating an original product “Made by Teoalida” with no equivalent on internet! Excel allow for easy reading, sort, filter, as well as conversion to CSV and SQL database to be used in web building.

The list include model generations (example: VW Golf IV), platforms (example: BMW E46), chassis code (example: Mercedes W124), with exact years of production for each of them. If you want just model names, without separate row for each Golf I to Golf VII, you should use Car Nameplates List instead.

Commercial vehicles under 3.5t are included too. No concept cars or prototypes, only vehicles sold in world markets.

The list does also include a short description (company history) for some brands, as suggested by a customer in 2013, however the next customers did not liked the idea so I did not added description for remaining brands. Should I continue writing descriptions?

There is also a column for number of units produced, but I was able to find this info for only 8% of total models, mostly exotic cars, so if you are looking for a production figures for all cars, this Car Models List will NOT help you.


Original Car Models List was compiled in Word, it was not market specific, but instead showing the domestic market of every manufacturer (except Japan), for European manufacturers it showed models sold in Europe, for American manufacturers it showed models sold in America (years column displayed Model Years instead of production years), for Asian manufacturers it showed models sold in Europe plus few local models.

Since December 2012 offer the list of car models also in Excel format (4 columns) after I met a web developer looking for a Make / Model database in Excel format for quick import in MySQL database.

During 2013 I expanded the car make and model list to 8 columns, added “Sold in EU / US” and put Model Years for North American market on separate column from Production years, and made it complete also for American market, by adding Japanese and Korean models produced exclusively for America.

Due of the inevitable inaccuracy that you should expect in any WORLDWIDE global database, caused primarily by cars sold under multiple names in different markets or same name used in different markets for multiple unrelated cars, since May 2013 I provide also an accurate Europe-only version in same format, every few months, extracted from Worldwide database which I update constantly (every month).

In 2016 I finalized Japanese Domestic Market at the level of completion of Wikipedia. However we cannot know how complete is Wikipedia.

Last releases

4600 models from 151 makes, 1408 KB, as 17 July 2016. Europe version 2419 models from 114 makes, 548 KB.
4620 models from 151 makes, ? KB, as 24 November 2016.
4680 models from 151 makes, 1545 KB, as 22 January 2017. Europe version 2474 models from 114 makes, 562 KB. A big update, checked every brand to add missing models launched in 2016 and few from 2015.
Naturally, 60 new models appear every year, model count may grow more due of historical expansion and adding more non-european models.
Full change log.

FREE updates for one year, then you need to pay 50% of price per year.

Big dilemmas! You can decide how I will improve the list of car models in the future

– Should put the model name and platform code / generation number on separate columns? DONE!
– Should make separate EU and US files (delete all models that are not imported in each market)? DONE for Europe!
– Should include Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, etc, divisions of European manufacturers? They produce mostly SAME models but in DIFFERENT production years, currently European-designed models produced also in Latin America are not added (due of risk of being considered duplicate entries), but models designed and produced ONLY in Latin America were added in June 2013 edition.
– Models such as Ford Focus and Focus C-MAX should be included together, as they share same platform, or separately, in Compact cars and Compact MPV classes?
– What is best thing to do when a vehicle is sold with multiple names in different countries? Currently the Excel table contains names used in European, American markets plus the country of origin (European name is shown the first). Example: Kia Magentis (Europe) = Kia Opirus (America) = Kia K5 (Korea), possible additional names from the rest of world are not included. This is getting a SERIOUS ISSUE since I am expanding the Car Models List beyond European and American markets. Would be good idea an additional column “Alternate names” while the main column to display ONLY the name from the country of origin?

One customer complained that is incomplete in the sense that I displayed Renault Clio III as 2005-2012, he claimed that was original model 2005-2008 and facelifted model 2008-2012. Car Models List excel database include only all-new models, NOT mid-life facelifts because of impossibility to identify all minor modifications of a car model. Facelifts which involved changes in body design are included in Car Body Database.

Oct 10

America vs Europe vs rest of world

Teoalida’s Car Database developed since 2003 is primarily based on German car magazines, although I live in Romania. It also include the cars sold only in United Kingdom as well as cars produced in former communist countries and never exported to the West, making it a complete database for whole Europe (unlike other databases that have only cars sold in United Kingdom, missing many cars sold in continental Europe).

Starting from 2013 I also provide dedicated database for North American market…. also add-ons for European database with cars produced in India and Latin America, however I cannot provide a database dedicated for these markets.

YOU can help in expanding the database to non-European/American markets!
Give me the list of models sold in your country but non existent in my European database, and I may give you back the models completed with technical specs! See full list of models included in Car Models & Engines Database.

Model year (America) vs production year (rest of world)

North American car market is tightly regulated by government, all car models sold here are organized by Model Years. Most important, two successive models DO NOT share same Model Year (with few exceptions). Traditionally car models launched in second half of year are considered Model Year of next year, but legally manufacturers are allowed to launch “2017 Model” starting from 2 January 2016. Every year, they launch the “next year model”, even if the car is unchanged from previous year. New trims also appear in middle of model year.

Europe (and rest of world) do not have officially a car model year system, the year of a particular car is used only informally, and it’s the calendar year. So a car model launched in December 2016 is still a 2016 model. European car websites should show Make – Model – production years (as a range, no individual years).

I have seen some cheap-made websites targeting Europe but using drop-down vehicle list with each year on separate row, but since Europe do not have regulated Model Year, they used each calendar year in which a car has been manufactured. This is WRONG and leads to errors and confusion, in the year of model replacement, their list include both old and new models or just one of them at random.

Check yourself and, see the difference? This makes combination virtually impossible, unless you adapt American database to European / rest of world format, which is not on the taste of American customers.

Americans doing their business in Europe or worldwide, argued with me saying that my European database is WRONG. Actually it is CORRECT for us. Me too, I considered the american system strange and wrong, until 2013.

More differences between Europe and America markets

Many European and Japanese cars were sold in US with bigger bumpers, getting few extra inches in length.

Cars are sold in US with less engine choices, usually top of range. Example: the 2007-2012 BMW 3-Series E90 have versions 328i, 335i, 335d, M3, while in Europe the versions are 318i, 320i, 325i, 330i, 335i, 316d, 318d, 320d, 325d, 330d, 335d, M3.

Sometimes US engines do not exist in rest of world. Example: VW Golf 6 is sold in US with a 2.5 liters 5 cylinders 170 PS engine which do not exists in Europe where all engines are 4 cylinders, ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 liters turbo, 80 – 200 PS.

US measure horsepower according SAE rules, usually getting slightly higher power than measured in European DIN standard.

US EPA measure fuel efficiency as miles per gallon, Europe measure in liters per 100 km. Conversion is theoretically possible, but due of different system of averaging city/highway and speeds at which mileage is measured, any given car tested in US will eat 10-20% more gas than when tested in Europe, making comparison difficult.

Don’t trust any database claiming to be 100% complete worldwide!

European car market is 99%+ similar within European Union except United Kingdom and Ireland, and 90-95% similar for all 50 European countries. Eastern Europe have few additional cars produced locally, plus Russia gets few additional Asian cars which are not available in Western Europe, all them being included in my European database. United Kingdom car market is different by having less cars available, because not every manufacturer bother to produce cars in right-hand drive, also UK produce few additional cars sold only locally, again included in my European database.

Asia, Africa and Latin America car markets may be 60-80% similar with European market. If you do not have other options and don’t care about accuracy, buy European Database and tell me what other cars are available in your country, eventually delete the excess cars that are not sold in your country.

North American car market is unique. Most vehicles sold in US & Canada are not sold anywhere else. Many vehicles are sold with different specs in Europe and US even if they wear same name.

I offer Car Models List Worldwide including all models sold in Europe and North America and models sold in local market of non EU/US manufacturers, such as Japanese domestic market for Japan manufacturers (after a big effort in 2014). However it will be NEVER complete for all of the 200+ countries in the world, it DO NOT include cars manufactured in a given country and sold somewhere else but not in Europe, USA, neither in their own country’s market.

If do you need a database more detailed than a simple Make / Model list, things get very… COMPLEX. Car specs vary from one market to another. NOBODY can make a worldwide / global vehicle database for every 200+ countries in the world, at a reasonable accuracy.

The problem is that Japan and South Korea export SAME cars under dozens of different names in various countries. If this was not worse enough, same name is sometimes used in multiple countries for unrelated cars. For example: the Samsung SM3 produced in Korea is also sold in Mexico as Renault Scala and in Russia as Nissan Almera, unrelated with the well-known Japanese Nissan Almera sold all over Europe until 2007. This Russian Almera and its years (and dozens of other similar name changes) are NOT included in Car Models List. Ford do the same, see Ford Escort (Europe) and Ford Escort (North America).

People outside Europe and America are facing trouble finding a database suitable for their country

Some customers are saying “I need a global car database containing European cars (BMW, Skoda, etc) and Japanese cars (Nissan, Toyota, etc), we have all of them in Brazil”. My European database have Japanese models sold in Europe while American database have Japanese models sold in US. Japan manufacturers sell a line of models in Europe, another line of models in North America, another line of models in Latin America, and so on.

Example: Toyota sold the following models in calendar year 2015 / US MY 2016:
In United States: 4Runner, Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Mirai, Prius, Prius c, Prius v, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, Tundra, Yaris.
In Europe: Auris, Avensis, Aygo, GT86, Hilux, iQ, Land Cruiser, Mirai, Prius, Prius+, RAV4, Urban Cruiser, Verso, Verso-S, Yaris.
In India: Corolla, Camry, Etios, Fortuner, Innova, Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, Prius.
In whatever other country: possible other models.

I got a customer from Arab world saying “I am looking for a car database that contains Nissan Patrol because most database I’ve seen miss it” this happens because most databases available online are for US market and Nissan Patrol is not sold there, my European database does contain Nissan Patrol, won’t help him either, because Nissan sell in Middle East also Altima which do not exist in European database but exist in American database.

Other customers asked me “if my database contain certain Asian cars that are missing from most car databases” and refused to purchase my European database because they are not containing there as well. Indeed, I do not recommend non-European/American customers to buy from me, but I am curious… what alternatives you can buy?


BEWARE of sites like which have both US models and non-US models but it is far away from having worldwide coverage. Actually their database is missing models even from American and European markets, and some of my happy customers informed me that bought previously CarQueryAPI and beside missing models, the data is messed up, some models are lowercase, others uppercase, certain values missing for random cars, etc.

Sadly, there are also people coming on my website and chatting with me then buying from CarQueryAPI just because is cheaper or website is simpler… stupid people who take cheap price over quality!

Oct 08

Possible NEW Car Engines List

Since 2003 I have made Car Models & Engines Database for my personal use so it was made “as I wanted“… since I launched it for sale in 2012, some customers refuse to purchase it because it is not made “as they wants“, is too complex, containing too much data, etc. I see the necessity of a simpler car list with just engine list and no additional specifications!

SAMPLE of 2 possible formats: Car Engines Database.xls.

YOU have the chance to decide how to develop a new, simpler Car Engine List! VOTE in below poll and leave comments!

As June 2014, I discussed with a customer and he choose Proposal 2, with separate rows for each body style, FWD/AWD, but also suggested to add Fuel Type column. I will rebuild this database in November 2014 after next main yearly update (or earlier if I get votes and feedback from at least 5 people).

Final SAMPLE: Car Engines Database without performance data.xls.
Due of high interest from people, in August 2014 I decided to sell a version of existing Engine Database with performance data removed. Removing columns created duplicate rows, some marked and deleted, there are still few hundred duplicate rows, extensive check-through is to be done next months to mark all duplicates and I will launch final version in November. You have 2-3 months left to propose changes!

[simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”11″ ]

New proposal: Engine list in 4 columns, changed in December 2014 according suggestion of an auto parts website looking for engine list in 3-4 columns to make a drop-down list, instead of table form with large number of columns. Hierarchy changed, per body style instead of per model platform.
I showed it to 3 previous customers asking if they agree to change entire database to this format… NO ONE liked the new format. If you like this format, or propose a different format, please leave a comment at bottom of page… or contact me in other ways.

Oct 07

Data scraping services

For many years, manual data entry in Excel (sourcing from books, as seen in this video) or manual copy-pasting from websites, was my only way of creating databases. A slow process which limited the size of the databases I could make. Even in this slow process I made about 40 databases about cars, geography, real estate, gaming, etc, from pure hobby.

Starting from 2015 I offer web scraping services… in ANY field, not limited to automobiles. Scraping usually means running a software to visit a list of given pages and copy specific data from each page and put it in a database automatically. If you need something very different than my current databases, I can create new databases as long you provide a source of data, a website where to extract data from. Do not expect me to get data that you cannot find yourself in any form, for example:

– Do not think that I can compile a table with dimensions of car lights, bumpers, windows, etc. Such dimensions are not provided in car manuals. If you sell such car parts, measuring yourself your own parts is the only solution.

– Do not think that I can compile a table with number of cars sold in your country, breakdown by model, if your government is not tracking sales and making them public on the internet. Data needs to be available somewhere in order to scrap it and put into a database.

– Theoretically I can scrap data from any website, but only websites having the particular data you are interested in a consistent structure from page to page, can produce a good usable database. After automatic scraping, less or more manual work is needed to make database usable.

Simple data scraping service

This apply on websites where each item have own URL and data is not hidden in drop-down boxes or javascript codes.

There are few tools available online, usually free download but they are limited in functionality, limited in number of pages you can extract and in pages per second, unless you upgrade to paid subscription, which is ridiculously expensive for the number of pages you can extract. Although you can scrap yourself for free (small number of pages), may take few days to learn to use them efficiently. Most people do not have time to learn or money for monthly subscription. I can help you… my partner made in Visual Basic a scraping software comparable with the tools available online, but with no limit in number of pages, this allow me to scrap websites at lower price than you can do yourself.

My price will be a sum of the following 4 things:
Number of pages to be scraped: up to 1,000 pages = $20,  up to 10,000 pages = $50, up to 100,000 pages = $200.
Number of columns (pieces of data to scrap from each page): 20 cents for each column.
Complexity: $0 fee for websites where all items are accessible from an index page, extra $ fee if items are displayed with infinite scrolling, pagination, enter data in search boxes, etc.
Work after scraping: certain websites do not provide data in the format you need, I charge extra fee to arrange data in Excel.

Complex data scraping service

This apply on websites having drop-down lists, search boxes, javascript codes, and require user to do some actions to get the page containing data you want to scrap. In this case online scraping tools are useless, so my partner will make a custom data scraper made in PHP or Visual Basic, this may take few days depending by his available time.

Price: usually within $200 to $500 range which I share with my partner, price depends more by complexity of website than by number of pages to be scraped.

For less than 200 records may be faster to copy-paste manually than coding a data scraping software.

Impossible data scraping

Car classifieds websites usually hide seller phone number and contact email, which can be revealed by clicking a button, this is done specially to prevent scraping and protect emails from being spamming. The only solution is to have a human visiting each page and copy-pasting this hidden data, which require large amount of time. If you are an insurance company willing to do SMS or email marketing and you intend to hire me to make a database of car owners sourcing data from classifieds website, most likely I can’t help you because of time.


Some websites look simple to scrap, but they turn complex because of IP blocking, CAPTCHA or other measures made either to prevent someone copying data from them or just to prevent DDOS attacks. If you ask for price before starting the job, you should be prepared for price changes. Need to do part of job to be able to tell final price.


The main advantage of working with me is that once I create a database I can have multiple people purchasing it, so you will pay just a small part of the cost of scraping (if database is something of my personal interest – cars or real estate). If you want to keep private, I can sell it just for you at higher price and not publish on website, but the BIG question is what I should do if a second customer ask me to scrap same website and he agrees to publish on website to get cheaper price? I reserve the right to sell to other people if they ask. If you ask to scrap a website out of my personal interests and unrelated with the fields covered by website, I will not publish it because is unlikely anyone else to purchase it, and you need to pay the full cost of scraping.

The databases published on website include FREE updates for one year, with higher update frequency for products with higher sale volume. But if you ask me to scrap a website privately “just for you” you need to pay for each update, price depending by how much time takes each re-scraping.

Scraping software runs at a speed of 0.5-2 pages per second, depending by website. So I may not able to do very large databases, for example if you want to scrap 1 million records with monthly updates. The limit of how many records I can scrap depends by amount of customers in current month.

Data scraping is legal or not?

Usually scraping is legal, but using scraped data in a public website may be illegal.

Depends… if the data is added by volunteers, or by sellers in classifieds websites, scraping is probably legal. But if authors of website hardworked to compile data from sources like car brochures or manufacturer websites, scraping is probably illegal, especially if you use their data in making your own website or other commercial purpose. Most websites contains dummy data (example: a bunch of cars having +/- 1 horsepower than official value) and if you use data copied from them, they can prove from where you stole data and make a lawsuit against you. BEWARE!

For a moment I became concerned if my European car database sourced from AutoKatalog books is a copyright violation, but I came in conclusion that it is fine, as long as mine is an original compilation with different data structure than the book, and it target online audience, while the AutoKatalog is a book sold in shops targeting car hobbyists. I am doing each year over 100 sales without having a single person worrying about copyright.

In case of America, Year-Make-Model is my original compilation sourced from Wikipedia and 3 more websites, while Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs is web scraping from website who is also offering API thus allow other websites using their data, so again is legal.

But, since I created Indian car database in 2015 sourcing data from I started being concerned that what I am doing may be illegal.

Country matters: I had many customers in India asking me to scrap data from various websites. However, when someone from Europe or America ask me certain data that I don’t have and I propose him to scrap data from a website, most told me legal issues of web scraping.

Funny case: someone offered me to sell a car database that he claimed to have been creating it by working for 4 months, 8 hours per day, copy-pasting data from a website. From copyright point of view does not matter if you scraped automatically or typed every letter manually, as long you copied from a website your work is not original. He was probably not aware of scraping software. If you wasted few months doing something that could have been done in few hours, you’re an idiot (I was an idiot too doing such jobs before 2015 being not aware of scraping software, but small jobs only) and I am still doing in case of European database because I source data from books (offline sources), making an original product on the web.

Example of scraping projects done and their price

All scraping software save data in CSV format, but when it is about publishing on website, I save it as XLS and add borders, colors, headers and other visual enhancements to match the style of other products “Made by Teoalida”.

India Car Database – source: – Made from personal interest because of numerous people asking me about indian car database. Being my first scraping project, took initially about 7 days to figure out how to do it, and later figured out that can do it in 2 days. Price: 30-120 euro.

India Bike Database – source: – Made after 2nd person requested a database of bikes sold in India. One of easiest projects, having no drop-down boxes but plain links to each bike page. 250 records, price: 25 euro.

CarWale On-Road Prices – source: – Made for a customer, a difficult project taking about 20 hours of work in Visual Basic to make an application sending javascript requests to CarWale website to get price of each car in each city, application works at a rate of 2 requests per second, so 3100 cars × 510 cities = 1632000 seconds = 226 hours needed to get all on-road prices, RTO tax and insurance. Price: $300 USD of which $200 goes to programmer and $100 my fee for keeping scraping application running daily for a month.

Skyscrapers Buildings Database – source: – Made from personal interest, put for sale for $150 (15000 buildings) and turned into a marketing failure, 1 year passed and nobody purchased it (except a customer asking me for make US buildings database, see below). Took about 20 hours to compile manually list of cities with buildings over 100 meters, then list of buildings from these cities, then used a software to automatically extract data about each building. 15000+ buildings. Emporis block my IP for 2 days if I access more than 3000 pages in one day, so data extraction was limited to 3000 buildings per day, which took about 1 hour daily for 6 days.

US Buildings Database – source: – Made for a customer seeing above Skyscrapers database told me to make a similar databases with all types of buildings from USA,. 160,000+ buildings, had to run scraper in over 100 batches of max 2000 buildings and change IP, running again and again blocked URLs until I was able to get all buildings. 60 hours of work. Price: $600.

Singapore Condo Database – source: – Made for a customer, took 3 hours and sold database with 2809 condos for $140.50 SGD.

Singapore Condo Database II – source: – Made for a customer. Apparently an easy project, having plain links to all condos, it turned difficult because of a fucking CAPTCHA page appearing every 10 pages extracted. My programmer partner spend 5 days in Visual Basic and charged me $300 USD, and at final sold database with 3176 condos for $317.60 SGD (about 240 USD), leaving me in loss, unless I sell same database to a second customer.

Sulekha.xls – source: – A bit unusual data scraping, an one-time use database for SMS and email marketing, instead of creating a saleable product containing all car models, all buildings, all of something.

I done few more databases but the customers told me to NOT publish on website, or they are in fields unrelated to topics covered by my website so even if published, they won’t get sales.

Oct 06

API / web service

Idea to make an API came in 2014… to store the database in my own server in SQL format and other websites query data from my server, with an initial price + monthly subscription, instead of downloading XLS/SQL files. Some customers like to have the database updated on their websites automatically without needing to ask me to send latest version of Excel file and import in phpMyAdmin every update. But this won’t replace the sale of Excel databases which is preferred method by at least half of customers.

There are few websites offering such API web service, but they offer a single database. Personally I offer a variety of database for 3 continents, and sometimes I do additional changes for individual customers, this makes very complex to implement an API.

The big European database is for sale in 12 different packages (4 variants in number of columns: Car Models & Engines, Car Models & Engines & Tires, Car Models & Engines & Dimensions, Car Models & Engines & All details, multiplied by 3 historical coverages: full database 1970-present, cars on road 1990-present, new cars only 2010-present. The American database also come in 4 standard packages: Trims vs Full specs, full database 1990-present vs new cars 2010-present, and occasionally customers ask me to sell them custom packages like 2005-present, SUVs & trucks only, etc). I wonder if would be possible to store the data in a single MySQL database and give customers access to specific rows and columns depending by how much they pay, instead of making 12 MySQL databases for Europe and 4 for America.

Importing Excel in MySQL is just the easy part. The complex part is developing a subscription system that give you API access and stop the access when subscription ends, unless you renew it.

I am a car expert with NO programming knowledge. In 2015 I contacted some PHP developers, asking if is possible to make a plugin for WordPress for subscription, they said that can make a plugin, but price offer was quite high. Moreover I didn’t know how to explain clearly what I need and most likely if I have paid them I would not have been satisfied and I had to pay extra charges to improve the plugin to make it usable for my multiple databases sold in a variety of options.

I rather ask my own customers buying car databases, to make a WordPress plugin in exchange of a FREE database, someone who can modify the plugin until runs perfectly for himself, without extra charges.

In January 2016 one customer told me that I can create API for FREE using I am confused about how to use this website, and don’t know how to link the API with a subscription system on my website (probably I need to import my data in Kimono and give manually the access codes to people paying on my website, and remove the access when their payment ends unless they pay more)

He said that is busy and will come back later to help me using KimonoLabs, until he came back the KimonoLabs was closed (as March 2016 it say “Kimono shut down on February 29th, 2016 and the cloud service has been discontinued. Your APIs can still be accessed via Kimono for Desktop. Download the application and import your APIs before March 31, 2016.

Does anyone else know an alternative to KimonoLabs and have time to teach me how to create API?

Page published in March 2016

In the following months been contacted by several people offering me to build API but they wanted to rip me off with proposals that violated my main ideas so I did not do anything. Hiring myself a PHP developer is also difficult because I don’t know exactly what to request from him.

You are welcome to tell me what format would you like API to work on, and other requirements!

Oct 04

List of car manufacturers included in Excel database

To sell an automobile database, an ONE-make sample needs to be offered as FREE SAMPLE. Some people (example) have trouble understanding this… contacting me asking if I have / how they can get the rest of makes, while other people may have quit website. People believe that the SAMPLE is all what I have, quit website instead of buying the FULL database! Any suggestion how I can avoid losing such customers?

Each SAMPLE Excel file contains a “Statistics” sheet showing list of auto makes and number of models included per each make, for the FULL database. List of car makes is also shown here:

List of 94 car makes included in the European Database

Italic ones are brands dead ages ago, included in Car Models Database (1945-present) but not in Car Models & Engines Database (1986-present), or with unavailable data (Perodua, Shelby).

Europe: Alfa Romeo, Alpine, ARO, Aston Martin, Audi, Austin-Healey, Autobianchi, Bentley, BMW, Bond, Bristol, Bugatti, Citroën, Dacia, DAFDeLorean, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, FSO, Jaguar, IFA, Innocenti, Isdera, ISO Rivolta, Iveco, Izh, Jensen, Koenigsegg, Lada, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lotus, LuAZ, Maserati, Matra, Maybach, Mercedes, Moskwitch, Mini, NSU, Morgan, Oltcit, Opel, Pagani, Peugeot, Porsche, Reliant, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Saab, Santana, Seat, Simca-Talbot, Skoda, Smart, Tatra, De Tomaso, Trabant, TVR, Vauxhall, Volga, Volkswagen, Volvo, Wartburg, ZAZ.

Asia: Asia Motors, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perodua, Proton, Samsung, SsangYong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota.

America: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Hummer, Jeep, Pontiac, Shelby SuperCars.

Even more brands are included in Car Models List (without technical data)

List of 57 car makes included in the American Database (1990-present)

Domestic: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Geo, GMC, Hummer, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Panoz, Plymouth, Pontiac, Saturn, Tesla.

Imports: Acura, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Daewoo, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, Maybach, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Scion, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo.


If you saw somewhere a list with 1000 manufacturers, this does not mean that my Worldwide Model List with 103 brands and European Database with 78 brands (as January 2013) is severely incomplete.

Yes, the world HAD 1000+ vehicle manufacturers before World War II. Today there are less than 100 major brands (producing at least several hundred vehicles per year and having established dealers network, including Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati, etc), excluding chinese cars (insufficient data available for China vehicles)…
Of them:
57 makes were sold in Western Europe during 1990, 53 during 2000, only 47 as 2013.
48 makes were sold in North America during 1990, 46 during 2000, only 41 as 2013.

The database was already complete for Western European market since April 2012 edition having 65 brands in Car Models List and 57 brands in Car Models and Car Models & Engines Database. It grew to 100+ brands in Car Models List (Worldwide) and 78 brands in Car Models Database (Europe) as January 2013, because I also added communist brands as well as minor and dead brands (examples: Bristol, Koenigsegg, ISO Rivolta, McLaren, Morgan, Venturi – most people never heard of these names).

I constantly add exotic car makes with hard-to-find data, plus less-known makes that survived the war but died in 1950s-1980s, as well as expanding database to cover more markets than Europe.
Feel free to suggest new brands to be added!

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