Motor Oil recommendation database

Pennzoil database coverage: earliest car included is from 1980, but bulk of cars start at 1990s. Oil capacity in US Gallons. Last update: 8 February 2021.

Download SAMPLE: Pennzoil SAMPLE.xls

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Ravenol database SAMPLE: Ravenol SAMPLE.xlsx (new product made in May 2021), coverage: 1970s-present

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Fuchs database SAMPLE: Fuchs SAMPLE.xlsx (possible future project), this website is more difficult to make a scraper going to find every car.


Someone contacted me in 2017 to ask for an oil recommendation database, I scraped data from Pennzoil using my “universal” scraper. The customer did not replied anymore and never purchased it, and due to this reason I initially didn’t published it on website. I regret now, other people may have been interested and could do few extra sales. Pennzoil website has been redesigned meantime and the scraper was no longer working, to update it.

In March 2019 another customer needing oil database provided me 5 possible websites to scrap data from. All them are difficult to scrap, cannot do them with my universal scraper so I need to pay a programmer for a custom scraper.

By June 2019 other 5 customers contacted me interested in oil database, but we argued regarding from which is the BEST website to source data from:

Option 1: – do I need to make 1 row for Standard and 1 row for Premium, or should be separate columns? some cars have 3 or 4 oil types indicated. Give me a suggestion because my programmer need exact template how you want data to be displayed. This may be slightly easier to scrap, however personally I DON’T like this website because it have only cars sold in USA and only engine oil.

Pennzoil have also a section for oil filters: but car model hierarchy is different so will require 2 different custom scrapers which will produce 2 different databases that I CANNOT combine.

Option 2: – this one have more info than just engine oil, but the way info is displayed on website makes difficult to put each piece of information in the right column.

Option 3: – Castrol have cars sold in Europe and USA and also truck and motorcycles, but many cars lack oil recommendation.

Option 4: – can someone check is this is a good and reliable website to source data from? It have both cars sold in Europe and in America separated in Make list, and shows oil for more oils than just engine oil.

Option 5:|uk|1 this have not just cars but also trucks and motorcycles, contains cars from  US, EU and China, but is again difficult to scrap data from.

Option 6: this have not just cars but also trucks and motorcycles, agricutural and construction equipment, contains cars from  US, EU and China, but is again difficult to scrap data from.

Other options suggested by people: Fram, Mobil, Sheel.

Despite that personally I don’t like Pennzoil, 3 people choose it, so my programmer partner made a custom scraper for Pennzoil in July 2019. This is not enough to satisfy all customers because Pennzoil have only cars sold in USA, so we need to scrap one of other sites too.

List of updates:
57 makes, 34643 models – 12 July 2019
57 makes, 34782 models – 15 October 2019
57 makes, 36521 models – 27 March 2020
57 makes, 36868 models – 27 June 2020
58 makes, 37697 models – 24 October 2020
58 makes, 40882 models – 8 February 2021

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  1. I looked around for a database for oil recommendations for a while and I’m happy I found something I can work with on this site. I purchased Pennzoil Database and Teoalida asked me if I wanted an update. 1 hour later the update was ready and he sent it to me. Thank you Teoalida!

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