Can I get a free car database?

I am Teoalida and I am selling car databases for $$ because of my efforts researching automotive industry since 2003, compiling quality databases and keeping them up-to-date, plus offering daily customer support.

Databases are targeting commercial use, each year few hundreds companies, programmers and web developers, paying BIG $$ to ensure getting a complete vehicle database, frequently updated and with accurate technical specs, several customers offered me $1000+ to make a customized vehicle list. Hope you can do the same.

I offer FREE SAMPLES for download containing 1 make with all models, or a couple of models from 2-3 makes, for purpose of showing you quality of database before purchasing COMPLETE database. Stay away from websites offering so-called “complete” databases for FREE download, they are most likely stolen and posted online by other people than original author, or made by careless students who needed only a bunch of data for their studies, such databases are incomplete, contain errors, are outdated, no support or updates are provided. Using databases downloaded freely may destroy your company reputation.

Prices too high! Can you offer a discount for non-commercial use?

I cannot verify if you make profit or not. You CAN use database for personal use, data analysis, machine learning, academic, etc, but MUST pay same price like commercial entities. If you cannot afford, we cannot make a deal. Sorry!

Full databases prices are NOT negotiable. Do not say that you are a poor student from India or Africa, you lost job, your mom died yesterday, and need full data for $10 (example of SCAM attempt mentioning death of his mother). I have a constant flow of European and American companies paying me hundreds $, I do not care about getting $10 from an Indian student (no racism intended but over 50% of Indian customers attempted to negotiate price, compared with <10% from other countries).

Discounts are ONLY if you buy partial data. I offer big databases in multiple packages, such as “new cars only” or “naming only” for people who do not need old cars and full specifications. Additionally I can offer partial databases with specific makes or car types, for example if you want to buy an used SUV and think that my database can help you making a decision, I can sell you a partial database with only SUVs produced last 5-10 years, price will be 2x my regular price per row of data.

Note for students looking for FREE databases for practice

Sometimes I get ambiguous messages via chat support, example “Where I can find free samples?” or “I need a database with 1000 rows and 5 variables” without indicating what data they needs (normal customers would say “we are a tire shop and we are looking for a database with european cars produced last 10 years that include OEM tire dimensions“), usually takes few minutes of chatting to realize that they are just students looking for random data that they can practice analysis or create a chart in Excel.

Remember that I am online on chat 10-14 hours/day to help businesses choosing right database to purchase from my website, NOT to help students at homework or help you finding free data on other websites. Every time someone contact me with NO intention to buy something from me, it add few minutes delay for businesses in getting updates for the car database they purchased.

Students who cannot pay are advised to NOT contact me at all, download free samples from my website yourself, also check government data websites (,,, etc) they may not contain CAR databases, but contain many large databases that you can download for FREE and play with them.

If you need specifically CAR data, and free samples with 1 make are not sufficient, I can sell you a partial database for example with 5 selected makes, 2 selected models per make, and all variants of these models, NO updates, for a discounted price. If you want for free, use sample files posted on website, DO NOT waste my time selecting models if you cannot pay even a discounted price!

Note for cheap freelance web developers

Some people from western world choose to hire Indian webdesigners on Freelancer and Upwork because they are cheaper, these freelancers quote less than $500 for website creation without taking in consideration the price of database (some databases made by me cost over $500 in their highest package), then come at me trying to negotiate price in a disrespectful way (offering 10-50% of my normal selling prices), few times happened that actual customer contacted me at same time and apologize for webdesigner rude attitude.

If you are in such situation, I suggest to talk with customer and tell him to buy database on his behalf, separately from price of web development service, most customers understand this and you not having to spend part of $ on database will leave more $ in your pocket too.

Some webdesigners informed me that bought from which was not been updated since 2013, or selling apparently a worldwide database that is not complete for any given market (after 2014 it contains only cars sold in US, some cars sold in US are also missing), this because their website is simpler and nicer and their database is cheaper… then came to buy also from me to have a complete and up-to-date database even if is more expensive.

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