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In January 2021 someone asked me to make a database based on I mentioned this on website to do in the future if there are multiple people interested, and within 2 weeks other 2 people wanted the same. I post it here for everyone.

Coverage: 1950s-present, it is focused on cars sold in US & Canada, but also include few models that aren’t sold there.

List of updates:

29 January 2021 – 106 makes, 1414 models, 12006 years, 153815 color codes.
17 April 2023 – 107 makes, 1456 models, 12893 years, 166218 color codes.
22 May 2024 – 107 makes, 1514 models, 13693 years, 176633 color codes.

Automotive Touchup (1st database)

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AutomotiveTouchup .xlsx

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The first car paint color database I made in December 2018 at request of someone from United States who wanted me to scrap data from Nobody else purchased it in whole 2019, a new customer came in March 2020 thus I done first update, by end-2020 5 customers purchased, so it became a regularly updated database.

Coverage: oldest car included is from 1928, but bulk of cars start from 1980s.

List of updates:
28 Dec 2018 – 13461 model years, 142612 paint codes.
16 Mar 2020 – 15727 model years, 228252 paint codes.
25 Aug 2020 – 16941 model years, 244465 paint codes.
03 Mar 2021 – 20530 model years, 321505 paint codes.
29 Jul 2022 – 21842 model years, 327940 paint codes.
13 Jul 2023 – 53092 model years, 662477 paint codes.
22 May 2024 – 55887 model years, 673476 paint colors

Vernicispray (2nd database)

Download free SAMPLE:

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In April 2019 another customer asked me to do the same for Europe, he suggested sourcing data from

Coverage: 1970-present (note: a couple of cars have wrong production years in this website). This website turned to be not so good, database having poor sales, and I realized why: it lacks HEX codes that indicate color (it is indicated via an image swatch). By end-2020 two more purchased it.

List of updates:
15 April 2019 – 42 makes, 1545 models, 58107 paint codes.
18 March 2022 – 50 makes, 1694 models, 59938 paint codes. I updated at request of one customer, but the source website added LazyLoad for images so I cannot scrap anymore image swatches.




    I am Alex from Greece.

    Could you please tell me the what samples do you sell?
    and from what year until when?

    we are interested in Makes such as:suzuki,nissan,toyota,bmw,mini cooper,jeep,alfa romeo,Audi,Honda,Chevrolet,Citroen,Dacia,Daewoo,Fiat,Ford,Hyundai,Isuzu,Jaguar,Kia,Ferrari,lancia,Land rover,Lexus,Mercedes,Maserati,Mazda,MG,MItsubishi,Peugeot,Porsche,Ral,Renault,Saab,Subaru,Seat,Group Vag,Yamaha,Harley,Triumph,Kawasaki

    Waiting for your answer
    kind regards,

    Alex gesouras

  2. I am interested in buying your database, sorry I am not the most computer literate person. I am getting ready to host a website where people can buy touch up kits to repair the rock chips in their vehicles paint and I’m interested in using your database so that they can find their color code. With your database, what do I have to do to have a page on my website so that they can look up their car’s paint code by make model and year? Can you help me out with this at all please?

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