Car paint color codes

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I made this database in December 2018 at request for someone from United States who wanted me to scrap data from

Coverage: 1950s-present.

List of updates:

28 Dec 2018 – 64 makes, 2706 make years, 1085 don’t have breakdown by model and 1621 are breakdown by 12376 model years, total 142612 paint codes.

16 Mar 2020 – 62 makes, 2776 make years, 1128 don’t have breakdown by model and 1648 are breakdown by 14599 model years, total 228252 paint codes.

This is a specialty database with very little audience. After the original customer I created database for in 2018, nobody else purchased this database until March 2020, this is why no updates. If number of sales increase in the future I will increase update frequency.

In April 2019 another customer asked me to do the same for Europe, he suggested sourcing data from Coverage: 1970-present (note: a couple of cars have wrong production years in this website).

Download free SAMPLE:


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