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Bikes database

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Coverage: oldest bike included is from 1936 but the bulk coverage starts from 1970s.

Data fields and their completion percentage

Naming: ID 100%, Image URL 100%, Manufacturer 100%, Model 100%, Years 90.33%.

Specifications: Engine size 100%, Cylinders 98.92%, hp/kW 86.50%, Vehicle weight (kg) 82.29%, Seat height (mm) 69.42%, Valve clearance (intake) 65.52%, Valve clearance (exhaust) 65.52%, Engine idle speed 59.10%, Carburettor air screw 69.85%, Tyre pressure (front) 71.03%, Tyre pressure (rear) 71.05%, Spark plug 1 85.29%, Spark plug 2 56.51%, Electrode gap 70.89%, Fork tube diam. 75.09%, Front/rear sprockets 44.37%, Final drive oil 20.87%, Chain/Final drive 78.09%.

Capacities: Fork oil per rod 51.04%, Engine oil w/o filter 75.30%, Engine oil with filter 69.40%, Gear oil 15.67%, Primary oil 3.73%, Brake fluid 90.23%, Fuel 87.11%, Coolant 88.96%.

Description & history

Source of data:

I created this database in November 2020 at request of one customer who wanted oil capacities for motorcycle’s, not available in Motorcycles Database that I was selling since 2016. Initially I didn’t wanted to publish on website because it would cannibalize sales of the above database (more expensive), but in January 2023 another customer was interested in same website for its images, so I updated database with few additional columns and published on website for 1st time to allow anyone to purchase it.

List of updates:

? makes, 4473 models – 26 November 2020
121 makes, 4902 models, 18 January 2023


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