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Classic cars database

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(without NEW cars, database don’t require updates on regular basis, but I may do updates if I find errors or additional data that I omitted)


90% people visiting my website are interested in new cars only or in cars produced last 10-20 years that are seen on roads. But a small number of people asked me specifically for a database of classic cars. And here is how I created this database, sourcing data from

Pre-war cars sold in United States, oldest car included is from 1899, but the bulk of cars are from 1910-1942 (few hundreds makes, 23362 models). Mostly US domestic manufacturers but there are few imports too like Rolls-Royce (before WW2 very few manufacturers were shipping cars over Atlantic Ocean).
Post-war cars from US domestic manufacturers, 1945-1976 (17 makes, 9522 models).

For newer cars I have American Year Make Model Trim Specs that cover 1990-present (63 makes, 60,000+ models, based on Unfortunately I was not able to find any source of data for 1977-1989 cars.

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