Chatting with website visitors

Since this is a personal-portfolio website, I always wanted to interact with visitors, to exchange knowledge, make new friends with similar interests and get feedback about my works and products. I put comment widgets at bottom of each page and a forum, but took months to get several comments and still did not understand what kind of people are visiting me and what they are looking for, to make products that suits market needs and offer various services.

I never knew that this is possible to chat directly with visitors, until…

Ask help and run away!

Please don’t consider these cases as lost customers or failure in customer services. Most of these people not interested in  my services, but just browsing multiple websites for ideas and free house plans. They may have found something better in another website and forgot me. But some of them are still funny how they asked for help from me then gone away…

Map of HDB blocks by height

Click each dot on map to view year built, number of floors, number of units, upgrading programmes, typical floor plans, chances to get SERS, etc. Use a computer (not phone) for best experience. Open map on full screen.

HDB block color legend

Red (1015): 1-5 floors.
Orange (936): 6-10 floors.
Yellow (3806): 11-13 floors.
Light yellow (2528): 14-16 floors.
Light green (1285): 17-20 floors.
Green (674): 21-25 floors.
Cyan (255): 26-30 floors.
Light blue (151): 31-40 floors.
Blue (38): 41-50 floors.
White (177): unknown (lack of Google Street view to count floors)

How to NOT address to a business partner

During 2 days I got 4 chats from SAME IP located in Australia, first time gave me a BAD impression of a child making PRANKS claiming that is a diplomat and his parents are living North Korea. Next day said that is from a construction company and want to do business with me, and yesterday person was “a colleague”. Would you take this in serious?

Bad english speakers

Do you repeat often “Sorry for my english” because you are afraid that you are a bad english speaker? Here you can see the WORST english speakers that attempted to ask help from me! If anyone is able to understand what they wants, post a comment and tell me.

Kids, please DON’T disturb me with dumb questions!

Most visitors of this website are ADULTS, some of them businessmen, respectful people that knows to start a chat with me ONLY IF you want to buy something, pay a service, or need a professional consultation.

But a small number of visitors are kids, especially the Housing around the World section seems to be popular among American school children looking for information about other countries for their school paper. This small number of kids cause a huge nuisance.

List of Singapore MRT and LRT stations

List of MRT and LRT stations

If you are looking for a database of Singapore MRT and LRT stations in Excel format, I created an Excel database for you in November 2019, copy-pasted from Wikipedia and visually enhanced in Excel to match the style of my other spreadsheets “Made by Teoalida”. In January 2020 I expanded database adding postal codes and GPS coordinates (sourced from for all stations that are opened or under construction.

What this guy wants from me?

Every day, I am contacted by few people from Singapore for info about HDB and chit-chat, I am also contacted by people all around the world for architecture / CAD design services. I differentiate customers by chit-chatters by the way they address me and by what pages they click. Look how THIS guy is addressing me!! Sometimes I mistreat chit-chatters as potential customers, but could be this a potential customer, mistreat as chit-chatter and lost?

Web Design

If you need a little help how to create, improve or optimize a website, feel free to contact me!
If you need someone to create a website from scratch and maintain it full-time in your place, then I am NOT the right person.

Midtown Madness

Midtown Madness is a racing game developed by Angel Studios and published by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows. It was released in April 1999, with Midtown Madness 2 sequel released in September 2000.

I obtained this game from a friend in 2002 and it was the most played game by me in 2002-2004 until I connected to neighborhood LAN where friends informed (and gave me) GTA Vice City, and next year San Andreas.

I made Excel tables with vehicles available in game: car details (horsepower, top speed, durability, mass, figures as provided by game itself), top speed in each gear (measured by me), gearbox max speed speedometer range, max rpm, acceleration (seconds) to 50% and 75% of max speed (again measured by me).

Midtown Madness 1.xls

Midtown Madness 2.xls

Housing statistics

Per total, 53% of housing are owner-occupied. Is hard for me to make estimation about average apartment size in Hong Kong or about the ratio sqm per person, due to lack of detailed statistics about housing system, high income inequality, many people living in extremely small 1-room apartments, illegally-divided apartments, as well as boathouses, caged homes, rooftop huts and other forms of inhumane homes.

Mobile Phones changelog

Buy database from

8191 phone models – August 2016, database created from personal interest.
8281 phone models – 6 October 2016, first sale done so I updated database for first time.
8419 phone models – 2 January 2017, new update after 2 more sales.
8464 phone models – 24 January 2017, a customer suggested adding one extra column: image URL, by this way I done a new update.
8554 phone models – 8 April 2017, a customer requested update.
8600 phone models – 26 May 2017.
8641 phone models – 7 July 2017.
8724 phone models – 2 September 2017.
8806 phone models – 7 October 2017.
8836 phone models – 1 November 2017. Due to rising number of sales I think that I can update monthly on 1st day, instead of in the day someone ask for an update.
8870 phone models – 1 December 2017.
8884 phone models – 1 January 2018.
8960 phone models – 2 February 2018.
9006 phone models – 1 March 2018.
9060 phone models – 1 April 2018.
9093 phone models – 1 May 2018 (109 brands).
9131 phone models – 1 June 2018.
9165 phone models – 1 July 2018.
9182 phone models – 2 August 2018.
9228 phone models – 1 September 2018 (110 brands).
9263 phone models – 1 October 2018.
9322 phone models – 1 November 2018.
9337 phone models – 1 December 2018.
9368 phone models – 2 January 2019.
9460 phone models – 1 February 2019 (114 brands).
9534 phone models – 2 March 2019.
9567 phone models – 1 April 2019.
9609 phone models – 1 May 2019.
9647 phone models – 1 June 2019.
9674 phone models – 1 July 2019.
9721 phone models – 1 August 2019.
9780 phone models – 4 September 2019.
9852 phone models – 2 October 2019.
9891 phone models – 5 November 2019.
9933 phone models – 3 December 2019.
9959 phone models – 1 January 2020.
10001 phone models – 28 January 2020. Anniversary update for reaching 10,000 phones!
10057 phone models – 3 March 2020
10114 phone models – 1 April 2020
10166 phone models – 1 May 2020
10231 phone models – 2 June 2020
10265 phone models – 3 July 2020
10299 phone models – 2 August 2020
10358 phone models – 1 September 2020
10435 phone models – 2 October 2020