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How often do you update databases?

Dedicating most of my life on data providing industry, I managed to provide the most updated databases ever sold on internet. Proof: List of updates.

The greatest thing is that in case of databases made using an automated scraping script that takes less than 24 hours to run, you can request anytime to have database updated today free of charge. Once a customer request update and it is done, all existing customers will be notified to download latest update.

How do I receive updates?

    I use Easy Digital Downloads plugin for WordPress to generate database download links after payment, I set the links to expire in 1 year, and you can click your link again as many times you want to download latest version of database.

    Moreover, after every update of each database, I click “resend receipt” in WordPress dashboard to each customer, and you receive a new email that reminds you that a new update is released.

    Do you provide other formats beside Excel? (CSV, SQL, XML, JSON)

    Anyone can convert XLS to SQL: open .XLS file, do the necessary changes in Excel > save as > choose CSV format > go in your website cPanel > phpMyAdmin > create a MySQL database > import CSV file.

    Starting from 2015 I provide CSV and SQL by default for small databases (Car Models List, Car Nameplates List, Year-Make-Model) at no extra charges (pay once and receive 3 file formats). I can provide for bigger databases at request.

    Do you provide WordPress plugins or PHP scripts?

      Because of large number of databases that I am selling, and because each customer have different requirements in integrating my database in his website, there is not possible to make ONE plugin and give it to every customer purchasing a database.

      Several free plugins for WordPress do exist (example WooCommerce YMM search) but it can be used only for online stores made with WooCommerce and the only car database that works with it is the Year-Make-Model.

      Interoperability with other products

      As an independent data provider, I do not guarantee interoperability with other products available online. Most common conflicts are at BMW and Mercedes, some show model “BMW 3-Series saloon” with trim/variant “320i”, others shows model “320i” with trim/variant “saloon, touring, coupe, cabrio”, others shows model simply “3-Series” with trim/variant “320i saloon”, and some of those who show 3-Series as model put M3 as separate model while others put M3 as trim/variant under 3-Series.

      America vs Europe vs rest of world

      If you are a business working globally rather than in a specific country, or working in some other country than the countries covered by my standard car databases, you may be looking for a global car database.

      But… this is not really possible. Car specifications vary depending by country of sale for models having same name, and for accuracy reasons, a car database should be specific to cars SOLD in one country, or with some compromise of quality, to one continent.

      How I calculate pricing?

      Several customers attempted to negotiate prices in wrong way, for example offering me only 5% of full database price motivating that need only 5 of 100 columns available. Sorry but prices are not directly proportional with quantity of data.

      There is a minimum price of 25-50% that you must pay even if you need just 1 column, for example American car database cheapest option cost 1/3 of full database with 109 columns and include 5 columns of car naming (ID, year, make, model, trim) and if you want them in only 1 column you can use an Excel formula =A1&B1&C1 to combine columns A, B, C.

      Do you offer refunds?

      If you buy a physical product from a real store, you can return it to store undamaged and get refund. But in case of digital car databases, returning is not possible. Since starting selling in 2012, as 2017 I done over 1000 sales and had only 3 or 4 cases of people asking for refunds. If any customer report problems I always choose to fix the problem rather than refunding, until every customer is satisfied.

      Questions about car photos

      In 2015 I started using web scraping software to quickly create databases extracting data from various websites. Scraping software do not extract only text (model names and specifications) but also Image URLs (link to image corresponding to each car model, usually in same resolution).

      Questions about VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

        Been contacted by a lot of people asking for VIN database so I am getting interested in providing such type of data, BUT… VIN is unique per car and not per model so what I should do? A table with over 1 billion rows? (that is the number of cars currently driving around in the world).
        Anyone looking for VIN database, please give me a SAMPLE database with few rows for few cars so I can understand how would you like the data to be formatted, and we will see if I can create such database for ALL cars!

        Is possible and LEGAL to get a car owners database?

          I DO NOT have registration / owners data, and the companies who does have (car dealerships and insurance companies) must follow personal data protection laws and DO NOT share data of their customers to third-parties.

          Can you provide car valuation database?

            The CORRECT way to make a car valuation service is to use a database with new car prices, another database that adjust price based on car age and/or miles driven, another database that adjust price based on state / ZIP code. I can provide you database with car prices as new (MSRP / showroom price), but not the rest.

            List of car database updates (change log)

            Teoalida’s Car Database is the MOST UPDATED database ever existed. Rarely is passing a week without adding +1 model or changing something in one of databases. Here I summarize updates by month.

            (only major updates are listed here, which takes more than 1 day and are done every few months. India car database is updated on 1st day of every month so is not listed here).

            What is the source of data?

            The original databases I made for Europe (Car Models Encyclopedia, Car Models Database, Car Models & Engines Database) were made by entering data manually from AutoKatalog, a yearly publication made by Auto Motor und Sport, the leading German car magazine and one of the most reputable car magazines in the world. AutoKatalog is published yearly since 1957 in about 15-20 European countries.

            Survey results

              I switched to PollDaddy because it have “other” (people can type their own answer) or limit the number of choices, thus giving me a better image what people are looking for.

              Evolution of American cars 1990-2023

                I analyzed how American cars evolved over past 30 years. The average engine size rose from 3.33 L in 1990 to 4.09 L in 2007 then dropped to 3.42 L in 2022 due to introduction of turbochargers that allowed downsizing engines, meantime horsepower rose from 142 HP in 1990 to 313 HP in 2022. In 2022 domestic cars averaged 336 HP vs imported cars 295 HP. US manufacturers discontinued many car models in 2020 to focus on SUV, causing a sharp increase in average height and weight and a sharp decrease in MPG.

                Evolution of European cars 1970-2020

                  After I copied all cars specifications from German automobile club into Excel format, I analyzed it to show you how cars sold in Germany evolved over past 50 years (this analysis apply for whole Europe, 99% of cars sold in Europe are also sold in Germany). I calculated using AVERAGEIFS formulas. Charts made at 18 September 2019 update with 122214 model versions. You can buy Excel database: German Car Database.

                  Evolution of cars sold in United Kingdom 1980-2020

                    After I copied all cars specifications from into Excel format, I analyzed it to show you how cars sold in United Kingdom evolved over past 40 years. I calculated using AVERAGEIFS formulas. Charts made at 16 September 2019 update with 83430 model versions. You can buy Excel database: UK Car Database.

                    Evolution of Japanese cars 1988-2019

                      After I copied all cars specifications from a popular Japan website into Excel format, I analyzed it to show you how cars sold in Japan domestic market evolved over last 30 years. I calculated using AVERAGEIFS formulas. Charts made at 18 September 2019 update with 90276 model versions. You can buy Excel database: Japan Car Database.

                      Car Models Timeline

                      Car Models List & Timeline

                      Abandoned 2015
                      (free database with no updates)

                      Download sample DOC (list)
                      Download sample XLS (timeline)

                      The original version of Car Models List in .DOC format, started in 2003. It dates back from the childhood hobby for writing book-style printer-friendly documents in Word (although I never printed it and I guess that nobody will do this).

                      Registration number database… is this possible?

                        I am writing this page because people asked me if I can provide registration plate database.

                        Vehicle registration lookup API and databases are maintained by governments, they CANNOT be made by, or purchased from random individuals and freelancers like me, because every day new cars are registered, scraped or change owners.

                        Car battery


                          New product made on 31 February 2020
                          Download sample XLSX

                          There are 76702 unique car models in database, and 72240 batteries.

                          Free list of car makes and models sold in Australia

                            Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Alpina, Alpine, Armstrong Siddeley, Asia Motors, Aston Martin, Audi, Austin, Austin Healey, Australian Classic Car, Bedford, Bentley, Bertone, Blade, BMC, BMW, Bolwell, Bufori, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Caterham, Chery, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Commer, CSV, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Daimler, Datsun, De Tomaso, Dodge, Elfin, Eunos, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Ford Performance Vehicles, Foton, FSM, Geely, Genesis, Giocattolo, Great Wall, Haval, HDT, Hillman, Hino, Holden, Holden Special Vehicles, Honda, Humber, Hummer, Hyundai, INFINITI, International, ISO, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Jensen, JMC, Kia, KTM, Lada, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, LDV, Lexus, Leyland, Lightburn, Lincoln, Lotus, Mahindra, Maserati, Maybach, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, MG, MINI, Mitsubishi, Morgan, Morris, Nissan, Noble, NSU, Opel, Pagani, Peugeot, Pontiac, Porsche, Proton, RAM, Rambler, Renault, Robnell, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Saab, Seat, Simca, SKODA, smart, SsangYong, Studebaker, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, TD 2000, Tesla, Toyota, TRD, Triumph, TVR, Vanden Plas, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo, Wolseley, ZX Auto.

                            GCC car database changelog

                              GCC car database is a project started in May 2016. This page shows number of makes and model years at each successive update.

                              India car database changelog

                                India Car Database is a project started in August 2015, joined by India Bike Database in January 2016. This page show number of models at each successive monthly updates.