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First, do note that I am earning money from services and sales of works made by me, so advertising is NOT really required to cover costs of running this website. Ads are against idea of website to provide useful and interesting information, because 99% people aren’t interested in ads.

I estimate earnings from Google AdSense around $300 for my 60,000 visitors/month website. Worse, I cannot control Google AdSense and it may display competitor websites, I will lose sales worth more $ than what I earn from ads clicks.

But if you REALLY want to advertise on my website, here are your options:

Banner ads (price per month): $20 for ads related to real estate, $10 for everything else.

Recommended size for banners: 320×180 or 320×240 pixels. Text links are also welcome at half price!

The “Housing in Singapore” pages contribute with 50% of traffic, of which most people come for information prior buying a property, or after buying a property looking for a floor plan and renovation ideas. See traffic stats, that include number of visitors for each landing page, so you can see what people are looking for and which pages have biggest contribution! If you are interior designer or agent selling Executive Condominiums you may want to advertise in List of EC page only.

Guest posts (price for permanent links): $50.

I noticed that since 2018 I have been in attention of SEO / link building agencies. First time when someone wanted to pay for links/posts was in May 2018, I got an email asking me to post a link to that I had added already from my personal interest. I replied him saying that I am already linking ArchDaily, then he offered me $60/link to post 3 more links. I though that is a JOKE, I wanted to ask friends what they think about this and I forgot to reply him, I replied after 4 days, he didn’t replied anymore. Lost a great offer. Over next months 5 other people asked me if I can add links to their websites, as guest posts or link within existing posts, and I charged $50 for each one.

I realized that most emails are not send by owners of linked website, but SEO agencies who intermediate deals. Customers pay agency for link building then agency is looking for websites that accept guest posting, sometimes agency instruct customer to pay me directly, sometimes agency pay me keeping a percentage of what customers paid them. I received also emails attempting “to contribute” offering me articles with links to their website, without paying anything.

BUT… this is personal website so I usually DO NOT accept content from other people (some exceptions when my partners make a project for selling via my website). Guest posts cannot be posted on main page.

Choosing a good web hosting service/ is another page popular for hosting companies to pay me for links.

I do not care if you determined (based on traffic, PageRank or whatever) that advertising on my website value $10 only. This website generate few thousands $ per month from sales and services offered by me, thus offering advertising space is NOT required to cover server costs.

If you really want to post on MY website guest posts with dofollow links to your website, you are welcome if you agree to have it posted in and pay $50/post. This is a TAX intended to limit number of external links and content that do not belong to me. I DO NOT want to turn my PERSONAL website into a farm for other people’s guest posts or banners.

If it too expensive for you, I suggest contacting other websites that do not sell any product and service and their income is advertisement-based only… or offer me a link or article in exchange?

Too many ads may distract customers from buying what I sell myself, and website was made with intention to provide interesting and USEFUL info, a banner advertising 1 specific condo is uninterested for 99% people, click-through ratio may be less than 1%. If you don’t want to pay above prices, no problem, I will be happy to have NO ADS at all on website.

Note for links within articles: this website articles (especially in Housing around the World section) does contain links to other websites (usually news websites), added from my personal interest because I need to indicate sources of my research. Nobody paid me for these links. I do not know if these links influence SEO agencies to beg free / paid links from me. Someone advised me to add NOFOLLOW tag for all links that are not paid, but Google Webmaster Guidelines say that paid links should add rel=”nofollow” or rel=”sponsored” to paid links instead. I am confused!

Another note: also most guest post request emails come via an email address hidden in HTML code with white text, indicating that they are SPAM/mass emails sent to thousands addresses harvested by a bot rather than by a human visiting my website. I do receive guest post request on normal contact email written in banner image that cannot be picked by bots.

Last note: this article was originally part of /about/trafficstats/ but I moved to separate page once I once realized that people who paid me for advertising did not cared how much traffic I have. May be also possible that people that does see traffic stats page lose interest in advertising on my website.

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