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Allowed & not allowed advertising

if you are a SEO company looking to contribute / pay for link insertion / sponsored article
DO NOT contact me!
Over 90% of links / articles received were random / irrelevant / NOT contributing to the topics of my website, their only scope was
DOFOLLOW links for your clients. Consequently I am ignoring / reject all such “contributions”!

My name is Teoalida and is my PERSONAL website intended to showcase my interests, my skills and projects made by me, and provide USEFUL information to as many people is possible.

Most projects I did are about architecture, real estate and data providing. By the way, sales of my projects and services offered by me bring few thousands $ per month in my pocket, consequently ads are NOT required to cover server costs. 99% visitors aren’t interested in ads. At 60,000 visitors/month, estimated earnings from AdSense would be $300/month, but without control to not display ads of competitor websites, I risk losing sales worth more $ than what I earn from ad clicks.

Allowed advertising / referral program

  • If you are architect I can post your banner and/or refer you leads, you need to pay me 10% referral fee or customers pay me and I pay you 90% of it. In 2012-2016 I offered architectural design services myself, but due to low payments I no longer want to waste my time offering in such services and choose to outsource them.
  • If you are data seller I can post your banner and/or refer you leads, for example Wheels and tires size there is a banner with referral code, that give 10% discount to customer, 10% referral fee to me, while seller earn remaining 80%.
  • If you are a real estate agent I can post your banner and/or refer you leads, you need to pay me 10% of your property sale commission. If you specialize in Executive Condominiums you may want to advertise in List of EC page only. A significant share of people visiting my website are from Singapore and come here for real estate information.
  • Banners must be maximum 640×480 pixels and 100 KB.

Allowed third-party contributions

So, is PERSONAL website dedicated to my personal work, but you can contribute if:

  • You have suggestions to improve visual aspect of my website, improve SEO or my marketing strategy, report typos, grammar errors or broken links.
  • You have suggestions for an article / project that help a large number of people. For example I wrote in that I want to make a computers database, asking people to suggest websites to extract data from. On 26 Nov 2020 someone sent me this message: “Hi I would like to scrap desktop and laptop data from and Do let me if thats possible and the price.” I extracted data from mentioned websites and posted database for sale for $200 (desktops) and $300 (laptops).
  • You have useful information to add in existing articles, for example HDB Floor Plans page contains most popular 90 floor plans of Singapore apartments, and occasionally people send me floor plans of their apartment to expand my collection. HDB Facts & Records contains smallest block, longest block, and other curiosities about Singapore HDB apartments, some of them submitted by people visiting my website. If is necessary to indicate source of information, I will add a link with NOFOLLOW tag.

Note: I am NOT a freelancer that you can hire. I do ONLY projects requested by / useful for large number of people. I personally decide if your submission is valuable for my website visitors. Offering me a million dollar to post your content WON’T influence my decision.

Old advertising

Between 2012 and 2017 just 1-2 people each year contacted me for advertising purpose, usually real estate agents posting a banner with their name, email, phone number, but NO link. Several people strangely asked me to post links to unrelated services, which I rejected without attempting to ask payment.

Someone added a referral code in link and tracked few dozens visitors in 1 year, but NONE of them converting to any sale to pay me referral commission. He asked me to move his banner at top of website “to be more visible” but I disagreed, because will distract my visitors from seeing my own work. If he has not converted any sale, probably my visitors are not interested in his services, so I deleted his banner.

NOT allowed advertising / contributions

I do NOT accept so-called contributions of sponsored posts or insertion of DOFOLLOW links to an unrelated website / product / service, that does not bring any benefits for me or my visitors, other than a insignificant sum of $. I do NOT want to turn my PERSONAL website into a cheap advertising place for other people.

If you got a “list of emails / websites accepting guest posts” please delete me from list and tell to your partners that is PERSONAL website made to sell my own products and does NOT accept paid links / sponsored articles written by third-party people. Feel free to post your stuff on other websites that are not selling any product or service. Read more: Guest post spam.

The SAD story:

In May 2018 I missed to reply an email offering me $65/link to post 3 links to an architecture website, thus I started replying every email who pretended that want to contribute to my website with paid links / content, saying that this is personal website so I do not accept third-party articles but I can add links in existing articles for $50. Some attempted negotiating price, but never gave me any link to post. Some gave me a full article instead of a link.

Most of them turned to be automated SPAM / mass emails, senders never visited my website to know what it is about, they used automated software to find websites with many external links or purchased a list of emails. They were hoping that someone reply and accept posting links/articles for $, and sell email database to other spammers, who would eventually send manual emails / Skype offering me $ to post irrelevant links/articles, usually casino / drugs.

One insisted to pay me $25 to add links to a dog food shop in Australia, when I asked in which page to add links and why was my website chosen for such irrelevant links, the insisted that “his client choose my website” which is obviously a LIE (my website have nothing about pets, nothing about food, and gets only 1% traffic from Australia, so his client wasn’t benefited too).

During 2019 I replied ~20 such emails, 5 of them gave me links/articles and paid, in first half of 2020 I replied over 100 emails and only 3 paid, the links/articles they gave me were completely random and not relevant to my website. Consequently, since mid-2020 I no longer accept / entertain requests of sponsored posts or paid link insertions in existing posts and deleted all posts and links that were not belonging to me.

Guest post SPAM emails

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