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I am Teoalida and I love doing research, collecting information, writing articles and making databases about real estate, cars, and other fields, as well as designing own housing models. Also playing games with buildings. I made this website since 2009 to share knowledge and educational material, sell my works and promote my services, and make new (business) friends.

All articles, drawings, 3D models, Word and Excel databases, are my ORIGINAL work. Except the photographs from Housing around the World section, which are linked to their original source, and the HDB brochures.

I also have few partners in programming, architecture and real estate agents, to cover additional fields and serve more customers when I am too busy. If you want to be partner with me you are welcome.

If you have any enquiry about AutoCAD, architecture, real estate, databases, research, data mining and analysis, or any other stuff covered by articles of this website, comments about my works, errors to report, suggestions, critics, etc, feel free to contact me, please use Live chat whenever is possible, alternatively use Skype, or email me [email protected]. Note for people who want to hire me.

Housing around the World, research and educational articles

WorldI love exploring the world to study architecture, housing and living conditions, and write articles. While articles themselves do not produce money, they help home seekers, students, researchers and some businesses, increase website audience and occasionally people offer to pay me to do other works.

Currently I have 14 pages with general information for various countries/regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Africa, plus over 20 pages with detailed information about Housing in Singapore and 7 pages about Housing in Hong Kong.

AutoCAD design

Graphic DesignMy dad is using AutoCAD since 1995, I learned AutoCAD myself while watching him working and made my first drawing in 1998, over years I made numerous drawings from personal interest (hobby) as well as working for my parents or for customers who contacted me via this website.

Low number of customers paying for AutoCAD drawings and low payments made me (after 2017) to outsource most of AutoCAD projects to other people less busy than me, price for Paper to CAD conversion services: $10/hour.

Word books & Excel databases – data entry and web scraping services

World Cities DatabaseMy dad encouraged me to write documents in Word like a book since 1997, but I learned also Excel myself and since 2003 I am using it more than Word. Today, sales of Excel databases is my primary source of income. Word documents and books turned hard to sell, but I continue to write, just that I write blog articles instead of Word documents.

For many years, manual data entry from books (as seen in this video), or manual copy-pasting from websites, was my only way of creating databases. I do web scraping since 2015, coding a bot that visit a list of given pages, copy specific data from each page and put it in an Excel / CSV file automatically, at rate of few pages per second.

Over time I made over 100 databases related to geography, real estate, automobiles, electronics, gaming, sports, etc.

Housing design – the Virtual City

Apartment DesignThe interest for architecture dates back from childhood but only in 2008 (at 19 years old) I started serious work, making “Teoalida’s Virtual City” with dozens building designs, constantly improved, floor plans and 3D models designed in AutoCAD for personal pleasure / artistic purpose, but fully livable homes that can be built (virtual city = because I am not a developer, I don’t have capital to build them).

Since 2010 I designed landed houses too, detached, semi-detached, terraced and cluster houses (landed condominiums), some been inspired from various housing around the world, some being my original concepts. And all this without taking any architecture courses!

My works been a source of inspiration for many students. Out of the few hundreds sketches and experimental designs made, I published over 50 apartment designs and over 50 house designs for free viewing, with option to purchase AutoCAD DWG files and make changes yourself.

Housing design – architectural services

House DesignI never intended to become an architect, until 2012 when I added chat box on website and many people contacted me advised me to pursue a career in architecture and make big $$. I learned to make “construction drawings” according building codes of various countries, fully-dimensioned floor plans, elevations, sections, as required for building permit, but…

…been overwhelmed by non-serious people from third-world countries who wanted FREE house plans, serious PAYING customers were rare and some customers asked numerous changes in my designs that I wasted entire month working on a single family house, making me unhappy regardless of sum paid.

In 2015 I decided STOP offering architectural design services to focus on more profitable IT and database jobs. In 2019 I added buttons to pay via PayPal or credit card and receive automatically download links for DWG files without having to contact me, moment in which I published few designs never published before. I may make new designs only if I am personally interested in a design (not for customers).

Customers who want construct buildings and can pay an architect for a custom design, I can link you with one of my partners, licensed architects, who do not have other jobs and are happy to work whole month on your project.

Palace design in AutoCAD

Palace DesignProbably the most beautiful piece of art that I ever made in AutoCAD, this 3D model is a virtual reconstruction of a REAL building built in early 20th century and abandoned without being ever finished.

Originally designed voluntarily in 2006, I improved it in 2009 and 2014 to show you my abilities of 3D modeling in AutoCAD and geometry design.

There are several architecture software (ArchiCAD, Blender, Chief Architect, Revit) that can do better job than AutoCAD, but the little money earned from this type of services do not justify buying more licenses..

Furniture & interior design in AutoCAD

Interior DesignFrom the same passion for AutoCAD and 3D modeling, beside houses and apartments I made some furniture items too. Lacking customers I never gained experience in interior design as high like in architectural design.

My mom been working in a furniture factory in 2001-2003, moment in which I designed few items for her. Other furniture items I designed to furnish my own apartment.

Real estate database – data mining and analysis

HDB Database

One of my biggest research and data mining projects is the Singapore HDB Database, a table of 14000+ buildings with block number, street address, postal code, year build, number of units breakdown by flat type, upgrading programmes, etc. An original compilation of data centralized from multiple sources plus own research.

Started in 2009 from personal interest and put ON HOLD because the potential of turning into a business was under question, after discovering potential of Car Database, I resumed working at HDB Database in 2014 and finalized in 2015, after hundreds hours of work, it has been purchased by several real estate companies, home insurance, telecommunication, door to door services, etc.

In addition of HDB original research, I am offering Condo Database made via web scraping, and HDB Resale Flat Prices Database that include over 60 charts made in Excel.

Another project is the Hong Kong Housing Database, table with 1000+ public and private housing estates, made in 2011 for an insurance company (my first large project done at customer request and not as personal interest/hobby).

Car database – research and data analysis

Car DatabaseDue to my passion for automobiles and obsession for doing research, tables and statistics, in 2003 I started making voluntarily a car encyclopedia, several lists in .DOC format and tables in .XLS format which allows you to sort and filter car models. This include a table with 20,000+ car models sold in Europe that took me over 1000 hours of work!

The hobby turned into a business since 2012 when I found professionals looking for such data, I improved European databases and created new databases for America and Asia using web scraping and as 2015, they have been purchased by hundreds companies including car parts, insurance, shipping, as well as web designers and mobile app developers.

Car design in AutoCAD

Car DesignOne of my older passions was for automobiles, since 2000 I designed side views of few real cars in Paint, also my own car models, in Paint and later in 3D in AutoCAD.

“Teoalida’s Cars” are not very modern or sport cars, but they are designed with as many details is possible, and rendered with all photo-realistic effects available in AutoCAD, to showcase my skills of 3D modeling.

Last car I designed was in 2007 (photo), it took me about 100 hours of work, too much time for its value. Since 2008 I moved to architecture where I can design a house in few hours.

Map design in AutoCAD

Map DesignMy interest for architecture and urban explorer made me to design maps too!

Between 2004 and 2007 I voluntarily designed artistic maps for Ploiesti and nearby towns, that included block numbers and floor height. I made vectorial drawings in AutoCAD then colored in Paint and distributed freely in PNG. The work took a lot of effort and did not had much use I abandoned it.

In 2009-2010 I also made a very basic map of Singapore in AutoCAD which I published on website in 2016. In 2018 I made a new map to sell it to companies who want a wall map in their office. Low demand for such printed maps made me to STOP drawing maps in AutoCAD indefinitely.

I moved towards making online interactive maps, like Map of HDB blocks made in 2017 for Singapore.

Gaming – The Sims housing

The Sims 2 planned citiesMany architecture students if they love games, they do play The Sims game. Me too, I play The Sims series since 2003 and The Sims 2 became my favorite game, in which I practiced urban planning talent by building large neighborhoods with non-functional apartment blocks in 2006-2008, before moving to architecture in AutoCAD. I also built over 50 functional houses which I offer for free download on my website.

Web design

I am not saying that I am a web expert, but I made my website myself without any professional help! I have high SEO knowledge that helped my website to be on 1st page of Google for dozens of keywords and raising traffic from 100 visitors per day in early 2012 to 800 visitors per day in 2014.

My coding knowledge is limited to HTML, CSS and WordPress platform. 90% people do not know even such basic stuff, so feel free to contact me if you need a little help in website building or optimization. I do not know PHP so I cannot make custom websites and I do not intend to become a full-time web developer.

Over years I made several friends in webdesign which I can give your projects to, if you need custom website development.

Notes & frequently asked questions

I get often dumb questions like this:
What do you do for a living?
Why did you made these projects?
What is your profession / primary job?
How do you earn money? I do not see any ads! (really dumb question)
Why did you created this website? (question often from Singaporeans surprised by amount of housing information offered without being a real estate agent)

I never had a full-time job. I made a living by working for customers paying me to do various projects (freelancing), but today most of money come from selling completed projects (online store).

Posting ads on such website selling products or services is stupid. Ads are good for non-profit websites with large traffic. With 40,000 visitors per month estimated earnings from Google AdSense would be $200. But 99% people find ads disturbing, customers may see ads of competitor services, and I will lose sales worth more $ than what I earn from ads.

This is NOT a blog-type newsy website with daily posts that are never modified once published. I write new posts and update old posts constantly with suggestions and requests from people like YOU.

Short answer: I created website in 2009 as portfolio of my works, primarily AutoCAD buildings designed by me after a deep research of Housing in Singapore and other countries, and linked it in freelancing websites hoping to get customers in AutoCAD design services, but never won any project. Because very few people are interested in someone’s building designs, I added the housing research few months later, to share my knowledge and help Singaporeans with free information.

All pre-2012 projects were made voluntarily, from personal interest, more to “show off” to friends, rather than being hired by someone to make them.

The website evolved rapidly since I added live chat software in 2012, people could contact me easily, helping me to understand market demands, or hiring me as freelancer to do various projects. I abandoned most of non-paid hobbies to offer services to customers. Website traffic rose from 200 visitors/day in 2012 to 800 visitors/day in 2014, but freelancing turned inefficient, due to difficulties convincing customers to pay in advance, especially in architecture, only 10% of people requesting work has paid me and this ONLY after seeing (part of) work done. I reached my target of $1000/month in 2015 from sales of databases, driven up by website traffic.

Freelancing (making projects at request basis) became pointless, customers prefer buying completed projects (when customers ask for a database that I don’t have and I offer them to create database via web scraping, some refused saying “no thanks, I am looking for a database ready available“). I started again doing certain projects voluntarily to help thousands people, increase website audience which will turn in more sales.

As 2019, per month the website have ~60,000 visitors, ~600 contact me via live chat (90% of chats I answer in less than 1 minute), few more contact me via email, Hangouts and Skype, ~60 buying something or paying a service, while the rest are thankful for free information offered on website. See full statistics.

Can I hire you for a project?

See above traffic figures and imagine how many people battle for my services. I want to reduce time spent doing custom projects, because I can earn more $ by doing SEO and marketing of already-made projects, than by making a new project paid only by you. I may make new projects ONLY IF multiple people are interested, prioritizing based on how many people request or benefit from it.

If you have ideas for a project useful for thousands people, you’re welcome, if you want 10-minute consultation, you’re welcome, but if you want an architectural design or any other project that takes more than 1 hour and have NO USE for anyone else than yourself, I won’t spend my personal time helping you, instead I connect you with my partners offering services starting at $10/hour (useful if you need long-term workforce).

Can I work for you?

I do not offer full-time jobs (yet), the number of customers that require services (other than buying ready-made products) and able to pay, is not high enough to hire full-time dedicated staff for each type of service people may ask for.

BUT… if you are architect, interior designer, programmer (experienced in data mining), or real estate agent, you are welcome to be my part-time partner and I can pass you leads occasionally.

Should I post on my personal website projects made by other persons?

Don’t post projects made by anyone else, only projects made yourself, let partners post themselves on their page if they have one
Post projects made by partners and indicate name / contact info of the author
Post projects made by partners but don’t indicate author, give impression that you made all yourself
Please Specify:
Create polls here

Where is your office located? Can I book an appointment?

I work from home ONLINE to people from all over the world, as typical freelancers do. I do not have any public office and I usually do not meet customers. Even if you live just few kilometers away from me, I prefer to not meet in real life unless is absolutely necessary. If you need an employee in your office, or require me to travel somewhere, I am NOT the right person.

What is all this mix of stuff on same website?
Are you CAD designer, researcher, database provider, gamer, or…?

I am ALL OF THEM! This is PERSONAL website and my life is very diverse!

Several people suggested making separate websites, one for Singapore housing, one for CAD services, one for database services, etc. But having all them on same website turned helpful, Singapore pages got lots of traffic plus Facebook likes and tweets helped whole website to appear higher in Google, if the services were on a separate website, it would have not getting much traffic and customers.

Some drawings and databases are related to Singapore housing. I also got several collaboration offers from foreign companies who did not visited /design or /database sections directly, they found my website while looking for info about Housing in Singapore or Housing around the World then clicked About me page, saw that I am also in architectural design and data research and contacted me for paid work.

Do you get paid to chat with people? Do you help people for free?

I am NOT employed, affiliated with any government or company, or get paid “to help people”. I am independent, this is my personal website and only YOU can pay, for example if consultation with me helped you to decide to buy a $500,000 property, I appreciate if you can donate whatever sum you like. Take example from this Indian who PAID me $20 for architectural consultation.

Or spread the word on Facebook (especially if you have 2000+ friends or are in a group with 2000+ members, may be more useful for me than donating $20). Try to promote website content and NOT me as person. For example you can post “I found a great website full of information about housing: www.teoalida.com“. DO NOT post “I found a great guy who helped me at homework, go to www.teoalida.com and contact use site owner via his chatbox, he answer any DUMB question in seconds” (in May 2018 during one week I received few dozens strange questions that I could not answer, the fact that most were from United States visiting homepage www.teoalida.com rather than specific subpages, raised suspicion that they were TOLD by someone to “ask Teoalida any questions you have”).

While a short chat consultation is FREE, the research, drawings and database services are NOT FREE. This is how I make a living. If you are NOT PAYING for any service you are advised to not stay in chat too long time.

Students feel free to use information provided on my website, cite it in your research paper, but if you need additional help at homework you are advised to use Google and get information yourself, do not disturb me asking DUMB questions via chat (example).

140 thoughts on “About me – resume – portfolio – fields of activity

  1. Hello, I have proficiency in SQL query building. I create queries for data mining. I’m a gamer too, and I’m a freelancer too. If you can, I also want to be your part-time partner.

  2. Wow? You don’t collect monies and people just donate whatever amount they like? Sounds like a church service. Anyway you are intro real estate database, good web traffic controls and writing great stuffs, can we arrange a meeting to discuss further?

  3. We can meet via live chat if you visit my website after 4PM Singapore time.

    I do make enough money from sales of databases, why do you say that I don’t collect money?

    If you are suggesting to make a tax / deposit that must be paid before people can chat with me, that is NOT technically possible, and even if will be, people won’t pay money in advance, many people don’t even leave a contact email until I answer their questions and assure them that can obtain from me the service they require.


    I was outside home with phone battery drained. Why he HAD TO ASK that question when I clearly stated on website “Buy complete database + FREE updates for one year:”

    To make things worse, next day he messaged me again when I was at HOME but in kitchen and due to noise I answered him after 10 min, too late, he probably was looking in another tab and did not replied me anymore and closed website 30 min later. Never purchased anything, I wonder what happened with his project since I am the only one selling that database.

    See how some people aren’t making any purchase or payment until talk with seller, even if other people purchase all day and night without any communication with me, as files are sent automatically, such people would never contact me via email if this was only option, so a chat like this that allow people to contact me WITHOUT disclosing their contact info, is a big benefit.

  4. Thanks you for this Yes it did help me about this kind of thing and I am not doing it same way you doing this bit different way I am doing this do with my music Album List and not same way you doing this.

  5. FYI Samuel:

    We have used Teoalida’s car database for Europe for over 3 years and it is always been a treasure trove of information. We continue to use it frequently and have always had responsive customer service from Teoalida that addressed any issues. We recommend Teoalida to anyone needing a complete and functional vehicle database.

    Now the only issue is that new car models are being launched and we do not have them in database. Teoalida has mentioned that will do a major update in May 2020 but has delayed update motivating that is busy providing evidence for a PayPal dispute made by a customer and pointed out your comments. As far I understood you keep asking him to refund your money even after he emailed you the file you paid for.

    If you have issues with the files I suggest having a chat with Teoalida and solve issues friendly. Please refrain from posting negative comments like this or PayPal disputes because by doing this you are not only making his life harder but also my life and lives of hundreds other customers who are using his services will be harder. We all require Teoalida to be in good health and update his vehicle databases for us on regular basis.

    1. I deleted Samuel comments because a visitor interpreted them wrongly that people waste $ and won’t get products. WRONG, all customers get what they pay for, either automatically downloaded from server, either manually emailed by me.

      I have over 100 floor plans stored in a single AutoCAD .DWG file, and over last years if people were interested to purchase them, they had to contact me, negotiate price and email them manually. Since November 2019 I started adding BUY buttons to each project so you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card, case in which I was copy-pasting the particular floor plan you paid for into a separate AutoCAD file and email you or post as download link. I started a process process of copy-pasting each floor plan into a separate file, at the moment Samuel paid, 70 of 100 drawings were available immediate download.

      SAMUEL missed to read above disclaimer, he paid on 6 May at 2 AM and was not patient for me to wake up and add download links / email him the drawing he paid for. He wasted me few hours valued to more than $40, by posting negative comments on website, sending me few emails plus messages via PayPal messaging system asking for refund because paid for a product with no download links, and continued to do this even AFTER I added download links at 10 AM same day, attached .DWG file every time I replied his emails, I also posted download link in PayPal messaging system where he replied “I paid for a downloadable floor plan. It is clear as soon I paid that there are no files to download. You sent me a link that has no file. Please refund my money” and later said that file is invalid (which is probably a LIE) because initially he said that he downloaded (from paid link) same file available for free on website. I wasted time replying him blindly on wrong hypothesis because I don’t know exactly what is the problem on his side. He never explained explaining clearly why he is unhappy by the .DWG file I sent him, never gave me any screenshot to help me understanding problem and help him accordingly.

      He said that is from an American construction company (these are million dollars companies) but care about getting $40 back, he went silent next days so I assumed that he realized that got what he paid for, but nooo… he closed initial PayPal dispute and made another dispute motivating lack of download link (at the time of payment) despite that I added download link 8 hours later (how IDIOT is that?). Maybe if I had ALL floor plan download links set up at the time he made payment, he wasn’t ANGRY as he is now. May be also possible he don’t have AutoCAD installed to open .DWG file but in this case why he started shopping for .DWG files on my website?

      Sales of AutoCAD floor plans bring less than $100/month in my pocket. Sales of car databases produce few thousands $/month. European car database update/redesign will take about 50 hours so it is the PRIORITY. When I have 20 hours of free time I will update the remaining ~30 floor plans and add download links to avoid such disputes in the future. People purchasing AutoCAD floor plans should understand this situation and accept to have certain floor plans emailed by me manually instead of downloading from server immediately after payment.

      I am glad to announce that TODAY 20th June I finished the process started in November 2019 to update all AutoCAD DWG floor plans to current quality standards and make them available for immediate download after payment (like Excel databases) so I will no longer required to email DWG files manually as I did over last few years.

  6. I’m satisfied! I Just used Teoalida’s service to help me with a car search. I had some specific fields I wanted and didn’t want to spend time going to tons of pages on Edmunds/similar to get the info. I contacted Teoalida via chat and he responded in minutes providing a custom car database with the fields I wanted. Well done!

  7. Download of full HDB database received in good order and pretty much as advertised, although I didn’t need items like the SERS predictions and the BTO brochures, all these were included and the download link worked first time. Thanks!

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