Beetle Crazy Cup

Beetle Crazy Cup

Beetle Crazy Cup, also know on warez websites as Beetle Buggin’ (probably due to amount of software bugs included in game), or Käfer Total, is one of the worst racing games I ever played… but it can be fun if is played at home with a friend.

Beetle Crazy Cup is the most recent game that can be played with 2 persons at same computer, know by me. Do you know other such games?

I created an Excel table: Beetle Crazy Cup.xls containing statistics such as vehicle list with car prices and car top speed in each gear.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA Vice City & San Andreas

Probably one of most played games today is Grand Theft Auto. Although I do not like violent games, I still played Vice City and San Andreas around 2005-2007, more as a driving game, not shooting and killing as many is possible (as my friends were doing!), but I also finished all missions of the story line.

I show here the Excel files made by me with statistics about game:
GTA Vice City mission tree, property list, weapons list, vehicle list with their top speed and other info.
GTA San Andreas vehicle list with their top speed and other specs, mission tree, weapons.

Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed

Need For Speed

My favorite racing game was Need For Speed: Porsche 2000 / Porsche Unleashed. I got it in 2003 from a friend. I made this table NFS Porsche 2000.xls, including car list, top speed of each car, written my personal records, and other stuff.

The next Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 was a worsen game, as they moved to Arcade style of racing, no damage. Got it from friends. I made table NFS Hot Pursuit 2.xls, containing car list, car max speed, career track, prices, etc.

The Sims 2

The Sims 2 is my favorite game, beside making functional homes and playing the game in normal way, I also practiced my urban planning talent by building planned cities with decorative apartment-like blocks.

I had played The Sims 1 too and made nice houses, but I don’t think that worth to post here because today nobody play it anymore. I never entered in The Sims 1 since I have The Sims 2.

Since February 2013 was The Sims 2 section was moved a separate WordPress installation (sub-website).

Enter The Sims sub-website

The Sims 2 fan page has been initially made in 2009 as ONE page on

Since September 2012 I made a new website to replace the crappy one, and The Sims 2 section was a Category with 30+ pages.

After adding non-gaming stuff to, I decided on 1 February 2013 to give to The Sims 2 a separate sub-website instead of a category, URL remained the same: and I added a bit about The Sims 3 as well! See List of updates.

Airports database

Airports database

Are you looking for a database of airports and other airfields in Excel format for research or to make a website? I made a database for you, you can open XLS file, save as CSV and import in SQL if needed.

ID 100%, Ident 100%, Type 100%, Name 100%, Latitude 100%, Longitude 100%, Elevation (ft) 87.33%, Continent 100%, ISO country 100%, Country 100%, ISO region 100%, Region 100%, Municipality 89.67%, Scheduled service 100%, GPS code 74.11%, IATA code 16.58%, Local code 52.24%, Home link 5.43%, Wikipedia link 17.86%, Keywords 17.22%.

Miner VGA


I played MinerVGA starting from 1998 for few years, losing every time (money earned from minerals was not enough to cover costs of digging). In 2016 I suddenly remembered this game, saw some walkarounds on YouTube, played it again and won it for the first time.

Story of my life – from childhood hobbies to business!

Have you wondered what is the story behind this website and all projects displayed there?
Have you wondered why I choose to offer services on my own rather than getting employed in a company?
Have you wondered why I do have a great portfolio of building designs but do not offer such services anymore?
Read this page in whole…
Read About me if you did not read already, BEFORE going into very detailed life story.

Singapore car database

Singapore car databaseAre you a car parts shop, car rental, dealership, tuning, insurance company, or any other business that deal with cars? Or you just need a table with cars sold in Singapore in Excel format to make a website, a mobile app, or data analysis for a school project?

I spent several hours coding a scraper for and created this Excel database for YOU!

For other countries, see


Even if this is a serious, business-looking website, with some FUN parts, some people especially local friends requested to write a biography and even add photos with me (is this really necessary?).

Etymology (origins of Teoalida name)

Teoalida is NOT my birth name, it was originally… just one of the 50+ strange names I invented by me to NOT resemble any real names, when I was 6 years old. When I made this website in 2009, I “launched” Teoalida name/brand worldwide. Some people said that was better to use real name in business and web domain name, but if I started as Teoalida, to continue this way. What is the problem of using a business name different than real name? Actually I want to adopt Teoalida as legal name some day.

My computer

I am writing this page for all people asking me what machine I used to made all these beautiful AutoCAD 3D renders and databases.

Laptops & computer components database

Since I made in 2016 a very complete and accurate Mobile Phones Database, several people asked me if I can make a database of laptops or computers.

This is a trouble: while phones have under case same specifications, and we have websites like which shows all phone models from most popular manufacturers from 1994 to present, laptop manufacturers produce them with a lot of different specifications under same case, and allow you to further customize them before ordering. Laptops can also be customized aftermarket by anyone. So, any laptops database I make, its accuracy risk to be poor (not match the specifications of laptops available for sale on various websites).

Bad website design? you can help!

Even with responsive Graphene 2.0, people keep criticizing my website for being ugly, ancient, designed in 1990s. Over years, traffic moved from computers to phones, search engines algorithms evolved, thus having a fast loading website with post excerpts placed in grid or masonry layout is better than having 10 full length posts on home page, to get as many keywords is possible. While looking through WordPress themes for a better one, I came across…

Website traffic stats

Do you want to advertise on my website and need demographic info? Or just curious how many visitors I have and from which countries? Here you can see all statistics.

Website changelog & summary of my activities

WordPress postsAre you wondering when the website was last updated?
Every week I do changes on website, often small changes such as correcting typos or change page titles for search engine optimization.
However, certain pages of website remained unchanged since few years ago, because they are perfect and there is nothing to update.
If you think that a specific page needs update or have ideas for new content, please leave a comment!

Website page stats

Optimum articles should be between 1000 and 2000 words, which means pages sized about 10-20 KB or more in case of pages with many images or tables (as HTML codes use bytes but do not count as words). I split up some pages when they became too long, but pages like HDB Floor Plans and List of BTO projects should not be split.

World hotels database

On 27 September 2018 an Indian visited and asked me if I have database of HOTELS… not sure what made him to ask about hotels in a page about city population. He needed only 5 columns: hotel name, address, city, country, star rating. His budget was very low so we could not make the deal. But making a world hotels database is a GREAT IDEA because it may be in the interest for many people all over the world, not like Car Database, which require dozens separate databases for each region.

Biggest websites comparison

Images generated using showing Domain Authority and Page Authority as October 2018. You can check yourself copying links below image into above website to check current ranking.

Website penalized by Google and my solution

I added too many keywords in image ALT tags on 2 pages each with around 100 images. These 2 pages have been the first to be penalized by Google, in mid-2013 for few months they were no longer appearing in searches and traffic dropped with 90%. I should have taken this as a WARNING that I do something wrong, but I did not paid any attention and continued adding ALT tags stuffed with keywords. On 12 October 2013 whole site was removed from Google search results for most keywords, causing traffic drop from 500 to 150 daily visitors. On 9 January 2014 remove the ALT and TITLE tags. Surprise, next day 10 January penalty was lifted (after 90 days).

Excel colors

Colors database RGB & HEX

First time I made such table was in 2004 (15 years old) when I spent few days making in Paint an image with 48 hue levels and 32 lighting levels (Excel 97-2003 was limited to 56 colors).

In 2018 I remade it in Excel, adding RGB values for easier use, the job took about 4 hours, 48 hue levels and 16 lighting levels. In 2019 also made a Scalable Vector Graphics table with HEX colors.