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Cryptocurrency markets

Daily prices for 2071 coins, 942297 rows and 13 columns. Source of data: > click each coin > click Historical Data.

Is possible (and legal) to obtain a mobile phone numbers database?

Homeowners associations does have phone numbers of some owners (is a good practice to give your contact info to be announced in case there is a problem in your home while you are away), car insurance companies also have phone numbers of their clients, but what makes you to think that they would give their database to you or potential competitors? Also, distributing / selling phone numbers without owner consent is ILLEGAL all over the world. In Singapore you can be fined up to $10,000 or up to 12 months of jail according

Business database

Although I am making databases for over 20 years (See whole list of 100+ databases made by me), the business databases that include email and phone numbers for marketing/spamming (aka B2B databases) are a NEW field for me.

CIBD Malaysia Contractors Database

In September 2019 someone paid me for web scraping service from to obtain Malaysia contractors data, registration number, phone and fax number, etc, I got over 150,000 results, I publish database here in case other people are interested too. review – WORST hosting ever? is extremely limited compared with other free hosting services, and you get a lot ads and pop-ups telling you to upgrade, as well as weekly emails about Premium services with 50% off… but these Premium services lack features that should exists at any paid hosting services (see below What you CANNOT do on offer a tiny 42 MB storage space and stupid 500 MB monthly bandwidth, unchanged since at least 2008. Is a common trend for hosting services to add new features in their free plans over time. marketing strategy is opposite: overtime Webs remove features from free accounts and tell you to upgrade to Premium to continue using them.

Tips and tricks for Webs users

    How to choose a good domain name, How to put your website in Google search results, How to sell products via your website (make money online), How to reduce website bandwidth usage.

    Guest post SPAM – good or bad?

    Every month I get few dozens emails asking price for sponsored articles / guest posts on my website, despite that I reply them all and negotiate price, they never give any article to post, this article explain why.

    Update list

    Several people asked me when the page was last updated.
    If today I correct a spelling error, can be considered updated today?
    Last update matter less… instead, please report if I forgot to add something, or suggest what else to add, and I may update it today!

    World hotels database

    Been thinking that many people all over the world would be interested in a hotels database, and it can be a single database unlike Car Database which require dozens separate databases for cars sold in each region.

    The FUNNIEST questions from people

    This page shows the funniest and weirdest messages sent by website visitors. They are usually messages and questions that you should NOT ask to a customer support service.

    Also please DO NOT contact me and talk funny, intending “to contribute” to website. The purpose of website NOT to make funny chats, but to show my works, primarily in architecture & real estate fields, and this page show funny chats that happened accidentally during running this website.

    Story of my life – from childhood hobbies to business!

    Have you wondered what is the story behind this website and all projects displayed there?
    Have you wondered why I choose to offer services on my own rather than getting employed in a company?
    Have you wondered why I do have a great portfolio of building designs but do not offer such services anymore?
    Read this page in whole…
    Read About me if you did not read already, BEFORE going into very detailed life story.

    The most ANNOYING chats

    In 2013, a group of children from Nan Hua Primary School (Singapore), probably around 12 years old, started using my customer support chat in an ANNOYING way, totally misunderstanding the professional purpose of this website.


    Even if this is a serious, business-looking website, with some FUN parts, some people especially local friends requested to write a biography and even add photos with me (is this really necessary?).

    Etymology (origins of Teoalida name)

    Teoalida is NOT my birth name, it was originally… just one of the 50+ strange names I invented by me to NOT resemble any real names, when I was 6 years old. When I made this website in 2009, I “launched” Teoalida name/brand worldwide. Some people said that was better to use real name in business and web domain name, but if I started as Teoalida, to continue this way. What is the problem of using a business name different than real name? Actually I want to adopt Teoalida as legal name some day.

    Biggest websites comparison

      Images generated using showing Domain Authority and Page Authority as October 2018. You can check yourself copying links below image into above website to check current ranking.

      My computer

      I am writing this page for all people asking me what machine I used to made all these beautiful AutoCAD 3D renders and databases.

      Architecture good and bad deals

        I am writing this page to inform all students, customers, and people who encouraged me to pursue my career in architecture, how it was a HORRIBLE experience for me. Nowadays I pass my customers to other architects, to negotiate price and do project in my place, in most cases I reject projects.

        Bad website design? you can help!

        Even with responsive Graphene 2.0, people keep criticizing my website for being ugly, ancient, designed in 1990s. Over years, traffic moved from computers to phones, search engines algorithms evolved, thus having a fast loading website with post excerpts placed in grid or masonry layout is better than having 10 full length posts on home page, to get as many keywords is possible. While looking through WordPress themes for a better one, I came across…

        How an idiot architect put me on wrong track!

          In June 2012 been contacted by an architect, impressed by my works, he offered to advertise my services for FREE on his future website. That times, my experience was limited at designing houses and apartments as hobby, art of drawing and 3D modeling, I was playing with layouts and publishing concept plans on website. Having no university, I clearly stated at top of page that I am DESIGNER, NOT ARCHITECT, nor that I offer architectural services. HE PUT ME ON WRONG TRACK, making me to think that my “concept plans”, my age and my knowledge is sufficient to promote myself as “architecture services” and can charge large sums of money.

          Website traffic stats

          Do you want to advertise on my website and need demographic info? Or just curious how many visitors I have and from which countries? Here you can see all statistics.

          Website changelog & summary of my activities

            Every week I do changes on website, often small changes such as correcting typos or change page titles for search engine optimization.
            However, certain pages of website remained unchanged since few years ago, because they are perfect and there is nothing to update.
            If you think that a specific page needs update or have ideas for new content, please leave a comment!

            Cryptocurrency trading journal

            Multiple people have asked me if I heard of Bitcoin, if I am so IT person why I am not investing into cryptocurrency, or asked how much I earned once I told them that am I already investing, or asked if I do trading after they noticed in Checkout page that I accept crypto payments.

            After discussing privately with few people, I am writing this page to explain to everyone my journal of crypto trading. Page published May 2018.

            Some idiot tried to hack my website

              On 5 October 2014 I noticed that my website is loading slower than usual, I logged into Control Panel and saw a high server load over last 10 hours, and in visitor logs I saw that some IP is accessing wp-login.php page few hundred times per minute, causing high server load and “508 Resource Limit is Reached” error to innocent people.

              Website page stats

                Optimum articles should be between 1000 and 2000 words, which means pages sized about 10-20 KB or more in case of pages with many images or tables (as HTML codes use bytes but do not count as words). I split up some pages when they became too long, but pages like HDB Floor Plans and List of BTO projects should not be split.

                Lost customers due to badluck

                  Happened lots of times that after I quote price for a project, customer said that will consult with boss / colleagues and get back to me tomorrow / in 1 week / next month. Due to large number of people contacting me, some more or less serious, I cannot keep track of all chat messages and emails I am receiving, to send follow-up emails to people who do not come back in the promised time. I suggest everyone who has requested a project from me, to contact me again if you are really interested in my services instead of waiting for me to reply your last email, to AVOID cases described here.

                  How I learned AutoCAD & architecture

                    I learned AutoCAD just by watching my dad while he was working at our family computer. At 9 years old I made myself a drawing and showed it to my parents, they were totally surprised because the dad didn’t reminded to make that!