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Most beautiful condo

I explored whole Singapore via Google Earth and screened several condos, but there are so many condos… I do not know which ones to choose for posting there and let people to vote. You can come with suggestions! The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me.

Vote the most beautiful CONDO!
Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc.
You can vote multiple images.

Arcadia Garden
1980s condo with stepped terraces

Bedok Court
1980s condo with very complex facades

Chelsea Lodge
Red & white design inspired from American townhomes

Costa Rhu
Variable roof levels

Newton Suites
Ultra-modern architecture with a bit too much black

Stafford Court
Reminds of Roman Empire architecture

Sunrise Gardens
Red & white vertical diversity

Thomson 800
Beige neoclassic design

Thomson Euro-Asia
Postmodernism masterpiece

Poll Maker

See also: previous poll results (119 votes in 2012-2015).
I removed few condos and added other condos when I remade the poll in 2015.


  1. Hi, Friend,
    I am studying the singapore condo and trying working on the general history of it. i am also browsing the condo on google earth, agree with you that too many styles hard to do catalog. As I am not local student but working here, may i know in NTU or NUS, is there many study or research about the singapore condo already? thanks

    1. I focused my website on HDB history but I also studied condos although at smaller extent…. so, the best is to ask me more exactly what do you need to know about condos? And there’s NO website researching condos or even HDB more detailed than my research about HDB.

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  3. Hey! My husband and I moved to Singapore 6 years back. We’ve been living in an 3-bedroom apartment since then. Now we are planning to shift to one of good condos in the area. My husband’s friend lives in a condo which looks very similar to Newton Suites from the outside. I wish we could buy one there but they’re way too expensive.

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