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Most beautiful houses

I explored all corners of Singapore via Google Earth and screened the best houses I saw, a variety of bungalows, semi-detached and terraced houses. Do you know other houses? Tell me the address and I may add in the poll. The voting results may influence the future of houses designed by me.

Singapore houses are the most beautiful in the world. Due to country size, only few people, the rich class can afford a landed property. Terraced houses have usually 4-5-6 bedrooms and costs 2 to 5 million SGD (1.5 to 4 million USD), depending of location, while bungalows can be over 10 millions.

Vote the most beautiful HOUSE!
Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc.
You can vote multiple images.

Changi Road
American-styled houses

Da Silva Lane
Modern brick & green

Jalan Tari Payong
Oversized decorative elements

Kew Walk
Neoclassic design

Lorong Marzuki
Neoclassic design with large balconies

Pasir Panjang Hill
1990s stepped housing

Penaga Place
Modern house with bay windows

Phoenix Road
White design with oversized windows

Sennett Drive
Not sure how this style is called

Swiss View
Roman Empire-inspired house

Wak Hassan Drive
Another modern house

Wilkinson Road
Postmodernist house with oversized
cantilevered roof and balconies

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See also: previous poll results (78 votes in 2012-2015).
I removed the 2 worst-voted houses when I remade the poll in 2015.


  1. I’m curious to know what criteria you’re using to select “beautiful” houses. Is it purely aesthetics, or do factors like functionality, space optimization, and integration with the environment play a role? Understanding your approach would help me suggest more specific houses that align with your vision.

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