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Most beautiful HDB

I explored all estates of Singapore via Google Earth and screened several HDB blocks with distinctive architectural styles. The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me.

Vote the most beautiful HDB blocks!
Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc.
You can vote multiple images.

Bedok Reservoir blk 633-649
Lots of squares and decorations

Bukit Panjang blk 607-624
White with blue splashes

Choa Chu Kang blk 469-474
White & brown

Jurong East blk 20-23 (Teban Vista)
White, orange, green vertical diversity

Pasir Ris blk 501-503
Red with double white stripes each floor

Punggol blk 632-636 (Edgedale Green)
Simple design with white squares

Punggol blk 195 (The Periwinkle)
Metal bars in lower part of windows

Sembawang blk 467-469 (Blue Riverview)
Rounded block with white and blue only

Sengkang blk 272-273 (Atrina)
Modern simplity

Tampines blk 497
Beige columns ending in horizontal lines

Tiong Bahru blk 126-127 (Kim Tian Green)
White & yellow vertical monotony

Woodlands blk 685-687
Modern mix of geometry and colors

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See also: previous poll results (351 votes in 2012-2015)
Large amount of votes towards Pinnacle & Duxton, showing that people are voting for best locations and not for architectural styles as this poll is intended. Due to this reason I removed Pinnacle when I remade the poll in 2015.


  1. Ugliest HDB – any 1960s/1970s rental block
    Ugliest Condo – any 1960s/1970s block especially Golden Mile
    Ugliest House – any 1960s or older house
    So is impossible to make difference of ugliness

  2. Highrise apartments, except the standard 4-unit per level point block are considered ugly, messy and noisy.
    Houses built with a staircase (obstacle) indoor is the most impractical for long-term living-in. Imaging climbing the stairs up and down each day of your life.

    1. Are you considering ugly 95% of HDB blocks because have more than 4 units per floor? Then what do you mean with staircase, to make all houses single-storey? Be serious, everywhere in the world is preferred to have bedrooms at upper floor for privacy.

    1. Thanks, I may use them as inspiration for my interior design.
      They are beautiful inside, but does not really suit my poll. I will search their addresses and see if worth to take screenshot and post here.

  3. Actually, i would think Pinnacle Duxton stands out as the most beautiful HDB flat among all aside its centralised location advantage. Recent 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom transaction price over 900k and $1.02mil clearly spell it out. Resident owners are laughing their way to bank. Good bet!

  4. You really put a lot of effort and thanks a lot for all the valuable information.

    Since you are the expert, could you kindly advise me on should I sell my 4 room Hdb unit in Marine Terrace or shall I just rent it out and wait for SER?

    My agent is encouraging me to sell it now but I somehow felt that I should wait.

    What is your opinion?

    Waiting for your reply

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