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World hotels database

I made a small database of the 721 hotels in Singapore:

I am interested to extend the project for all countries but I need support from at least 3 people. I am expert in real estate and automobiles (see other databases made by me), so a hotel database is a NEW field for me. Please tell me what details do you require about each hotel?

On 27 September 2018 an Indian visited www.teoalida.com/database/cities and asked me if I have database of HOTELS… not sure what made him to ask about hotels in a page about city population. He needed only 5 columns: hotel name, address, city, country, star rating. His budget was very low so we could not make the deal.

But making a world hotels database is a GREAT IDEA because it can be purchased by many people from all the world, not like Car Database, which require dozens separate databases for each region.

I attempted to use my universal scraper on Hotels.com and Booking.com and they have anti-scraping features. Tried also in TripAdvisor.com and here it worked at rate of 4 seconds per page, making the SAMPLE you see at top of this page (this website have also far less hotels than other 2, giving me a feeling to be far away from being complete). I can also ask my programmer friends to help me with custom scrapers for Hotels.com and Booking.com if you need a more comprehensive database (I need to pay them for this).

In September 2019 someone asked me for hotel database for a single city: Timişoara, Romania, which was chosen to be European capital of culture in 2021. He asked me to scrap data from 3 different websites, and update weekly. Sorry but I cannot spend so much effort for just 1 customer (a database with hotels from a single city won’t get any sales elsewhere).

In November 2019 someone came at me, interested in Worldwide Hotel Database with occupancy rate for last 5 years and forecast for next 5 years. Forecasting future occupation rate is obviously impossible, while the past occupancy rate I was not able to find.

In conclusion: too few people interested in what I am able to offer about hotels. I rather abandon this project and spend my time on Car Database.


    • L on May 3, 2019 at 1:42 am
    • Reply

    Hi Teoalida, big fan =)

    If you manage to scrape the hotels, https://www.hotel.info/ and https://www.booking.com/ (what I’m interested is actually the translations that are available on the site, I’ll definitely buy the DB if the translations and the fields are in the DB!

    Here’s a few more hotel sites:
    – agoda.com
    – traveloka.com
    – kayak.com
    – expedia.com
    – travelocity.com

    1. I don’t understand “what I’m interested is actually the translations that are available on the site“. Can you please indicate more exactly where I can see transactions?

      Anyway, this page is here for 6 months and YOU are the only person who seems to be interested in hotels, so most likely will be unprofitable to create a worldwide hotels database and update regularly… I rather stick on databases about real estate and cars which are bought by few customers each month.

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