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World hotels database

I made a small database of the 721 hotels in Singapore:

I am interested to extend the project for all countries but I need to make sure there are at least 3 people interested. I am expert in real estate and automobiles database, so a hotel database is a NEW field for me. Please tell me what details do you require about each hotel?


On 27 September 2018 someone from India visited and asked me if I have database of HOTELS… not sure what made him to ask about hotels in a page about city population. He needed only 5 columns: hotel name, address, city, country, star rating. His budget was very low so we could not make the deal.

But he triggered my interest in making a worldwide hotel database, thinking that many people all over the world would be interested in this, and it can be a single database unlike Car Database which require dozens separate databases for cars sold in each region.

I attempted to use my universal scraper on and and they have anti-scraping features. Tried also in and here it worked at rate of 4 seconds per page, making the SAMPLE you see at top of this page (this website have also far less hotels than other 2, giving me a feeling to be far away from being complete). I can also ask my programmer friends to help me with custom scrapers for and if you need a more comprehensive database (I need to pay them for this).

In September 2019 someone asked me for hotel database for a single city: Timişoara, Romania, which was chosen to be European capital of culture in 2021. He asked me to scrap data from 3 different websites, and update weekly. Sorry but I cannot spend so much effort for just 1 customer (a database with hotels from a single city won’t get any sales elsewhere).

In November 2019 someone came at me, interested in Worldwide Hotel Database with occupancy rate for last 5 years and forecast for next 5 years. Forecasting future occupation rate is obviously impossible, while the past occupancy rate I was not able to find.

In conclusion: too few people interested in what I am able to offer about hotels. I rather abandon this project and spend my time on other databases (I made over 100+ databases so far) some of them having high sales volume.


  1. Hi Teoalida, big fan =)

    If you manage to scrape the hotels, and (what I’m interested is actually the translations that are available on the site, I’ll definitely buy the DB if the translations and the fields are in the DB!

    Here’s a few more hotel sites:

    1. I don’t understand “what I’m interested is actually the translations that are available on the site“. Can you please indicate more exactly where I can see transactions?

      Anyway, this page is here for 6 months and YOU are the only person who seems to be interested in hotels, so most likely will be unprofitable to create a worldwide hotels database and update regularly… I rather stick on databases about real estate and cars which are bought by few customers each month.

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