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Car Models List

Download FREE version (sample): complete list of manufacturers and list of models for 4 makes, one for each continent

Car Models List.XLS for general use
Car Models List.CSV for programming
Car Models List.SQL for web developers

Buy FULL database (all makes) + FREE updates for one year:

What is included

Car Models List does include makes model, generations (example: VW Golf IV), platforms (example: BMW E46), chassis code (example: Mercedes W124), also indicating car class and exact years of production for each of them.

Last release: 25 May 2023, full change log.

The Worldwide package include both Worldwide and Europe sheets.
The Europe package include all markets from United Kingdom to Russia and Turkey, does not focus only on Western Europe.
For North America I offer Year-Make-Model with separate record for each Model Year, instead of production years intervals.

If you don’t want separate rows for each Golf I to Golf VII, but only model names, see Car Nameplates List.

For additional details like trim / engine version, see Car Models & Engines Database (Europe) and Year Make Model Trim (United States).

Source of data

Mostly Wikipedia, the most comprehensive car database ever! I manually compiled the list of cars into an Excel database, creating an original product “Made by Teoalida” with no equivalent on internet! Excel allow for easy reading, sort, filter, as well as conversion to CSV and SQL database to be used in web building and mobile app development.

There is also a column for number of units produced, but I was able to find this info for only 11% of total models included in database, mostly exotic cars, so if you are looking for a production figures for all cars, this Car Models List will NOT help you. See instead Car Sales Figures.


Complete for World War II – present. All major (and few minor) manufacturers of Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Argentina. China manufacturers I am adding since 2022, but they may never be compplete, because on Wikipedia certain manufacturers have red links to individual models (non-existent pages), production year for each model is missing. Other websites are also incomplete offer contradictory data.

Commercial vehicles under 3.5t are included too. No concept cars, prototypes or custom-made presidential limousines, but only vehicles actually sold on market.

I guarantee 100% completion for cars sold in European and North American markets, plus for the market of the country of origin of each manufacturer. For example the Car Models List may not include any possible cars produced in Korea and sold somewhere else than EU, US, or Korea markets. This because Korea and Japan manufacturers often sell ONE car model under dozens of different names in various countries. There are over 200 countries in the world, making a global world complete database for every country is HARD JOB. But you can contribute!

There is a common practice to launch a car at a major auto show, but start sales (deliveries to customers) few months later, which can fall in next year, thus you may see differences when comparing production years between my database and random websites. If you want more accuracy, you are advised to purchase UK or German car databases, that indicate exact month/year of sales in those countries.

The database does include also ~100 antique cars old as 1900, if they are related with post-war cars, but it is not and will never be complete for pre-war period. Before WW2 the world had over 1000 small manufacturers and the internet do not provide sufficient accurate info to include them.

Because in the recent updates I added too many minor brands / exotic cars that are seen more at museums and collectors than driving on roads, at May 2019 update I also added a column that allow you to delete easily the exotic brands, if you want to have a database with only cars commonly seen on roads.

Example of cars included and marked as minor brands: Cizeta-Moroder (1990s supercar with only 20 units produced), Messerschmitt (cheap 1950s bubble car, 15,000 units produced but most of them been scraped and are not driving anymore), Peel (1960s, 2 models, less than 100 units produced, but famous for Peel P50 which is listed in Guinness book of records as world’s smallest car).


  1. Please call me, Joe at 727-457-2329

    Have viewed your products. Is it possible that you could include the full line of vehicles as in this ebay page. But split up to Old cars European, and US and US Canada from the 2000 to 13

    Thank you in advance

    Joe v

    1. LOL you contacted me on LIVE CHAT right after you left comment, we talked on chat and you said that want 1896-2013… In one year, you’re just second person who is interested in pre-war cars.
      Thanks for eBay link, although I have bought numerous stuff from eBay, it’s the first time I see that car page on eBay website. It’s impressive how they have to 1896.
      The single way for me to have a database similar with eBay one is… to steal the eBay one, which is as many others, is FAR AWAY from being complete. Wikipedia says 1800 manufacturers in United States alone. Too many cars were produced before war, NOBODY can make a complete list of them.
      Don’t think about mixing European and American cars in that format because the world outside US & Canada DO NOT use the system with Year-Make-Model aka each year on separate row. See the eBay Motors UK, they have only Make-Model, NO YEAR.

      If you want to hire me to copy eBay database 1896-2013, I will say NO, because will take 100+ hours which equals with $2000+ by doing other freelance projects.
      I will rather spend my time for a high-demanded US SPECS database 1990-2013.

  2. We were looking for a comprehensive UK and Europe car list for a website based in the UK, Teoalida’s EURO car database fit the bill exactly! Thanks Teoalida!

  3. It’s a really complete database, certainly for the money!
    Sometimes the platform number / generation number is also in the “model” column besides the model name, this gives some trouble when automatically converting it to a database, depending on how your database is build up
    I was adding the Audi S3 and RS3 on top of this database for my website

    All in all, very very happy with this!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Until few months ago, ALL platform code / generation number was within Model column, I re-wrote them in a separate column…. and now I noticed that few models I forgot to remove platform code from model name. Thank you for reporting!

      Message from chat with another customer from 18 february:
      In the sample, Volkswagen Voyage is sold as North America as Volkswagen Fox. We do prefer to have all the names that the model has separated by /. For example, I noticed a sample data that contains multiple model names, i.e. Kia Carnival / Sedona. The user can still find Kia Sedona but that is not the case with Volkswagen Voyage (G1), sold in North America as Fox. I think you are correct and we will most likely want the World Wide Data with the country of origin column.

      Probably I should do the same in case of S4, RS4, M3, etc.

  4. Hello,
    I’m sorry but this database is not good. This database is in bulk. Need: One model in one row!
    Example (good datbase):
    – Chevrolet; Lacetti
    – Chevrolet; Nubira
    They are wrong (example bad datbase):
    (1525) Mazda; MX-5 / Miata / Eunos Roadster;
    (1568) Mercedes; W120, W121 “Ponton”
    (1572) Mercedes; W110, W111, W112, “Fintail”
    (1704) Mitsubishi; Pajero / Montero / Shogun
    Please correct the problem or I can not use the database.

    1. You think that this database is not good but actually Car Models List is the BEST SELLING database made by me… people love this format especially the ones in auto parts industry, as parts are the same for those models sold under multiple names in different countries so they need to be on same row.

      When you were on LIVE CHAT I saw you being confused which database to purchase and you did not explained clearly what do you need. If you wanted each name on separate row you should have bought instead.

  5. Hi,

    I would just like to know if it possible for me to get a example of the template just to just to see if it is the type of template im looking for as im sure your template is different know and as i am from south africa, i would like the template to show south african cars which is mainly European cars but we also have ford and Chevrolet but would also like a templete that shows the generation year of the car so i know exactly when what car and model was made from what to what year. Also would like this info in 1 line like the picture is showing on your website.

    Thank you

    1. Your comment is confusing
      “to see if it is the type of template im looking for as im sure your template is different” – mine is different than WHAT?
      “we also have ford and Chevrolet” – you think that Ford is not European? Actually Ford have subsidiaries in US, UK/Germany, Australia, South Africa and Argentina, each with own model lineup.

  6. Thanks a lot for your post. I’d really like to write my opinion that the cost of car insurance varies greatly from one insurance policy to another, given that there are so many different facets which play a role in the overall cost. By way of example, the make and model of the vehicle will have an enormous bearing on the fee. A reliable ancient family automobile will have a more economical premium when compared to a flashy fancy car.

    1. You can click SAMPLE at top of page. Are you interested in my car databases or you post comment to SPAM backlink to ?

  7. Hi I need a car data base that has the following information make, model, trim, generation code, years of production from to, number of cyl, engine capacity, transmission and fuel type. Put in mind this data base will be used for An Australian website

  8. Actually I’m happy to take the big data base if you can just add the years of production from to and Can you send me your contact details if you have Skype or email?

    1. If you would clicked Contact page you would have seen to use LIVE CHAT so we can discuss quickly, understand what do you need and negotiate price. Even if I personally prefer production year ranges, all possible sources of data for Australia have each year on separate row.

    1. Live chat is working because every day 10 people contact me and I do many sales. Do you have javascript disabled? DON’T SEE live chat bar in lower-left of screen?

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