As passion for architecture and love for Singapore, I made own research about housing since 2009. I published as Singapore HDB History, Photos, Statistics and Floor Plans in Dec 2009, added BTO & DBSS list in Mar 2011, and 10+ more pages in 2012.

Jul 03

– Map of HDB blocks + enquire block information –

Do you have large screen? Open map on full screen. HDB block color legend Brown = Blocks built by SIT (1927-1959). Red = Blocks built originally without lifts stopping at every floor, first series of new towns (1960-1982). Yellow = Blocks built originally without lifts stopping at every floor, second series of new towns (1981-1993). Green = Blocks …

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Dec 24

HDB history and floor plan evolution 1930s – 2010s

This page shows floor plans of 100 most common HDB flat types and most representative layouts. Many other layouts exists, unique layouts with slanted rooms, as well as variations of the standard layouts, these usually have larger sizes. Looking for certain town or flat type? Use Ctrl+F to search within this page. Most searched floor plans: 1960s 3STD 3I …

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Dec 23

HDB price trends

HDB resale flat prices have been stabilized in 2015, dropping first 3 quarters and rising in the 4th quarter with only 0.2%. Let’s hope that prices won’t rise again too much. However, prices are rising in some towns while dropping in other towns. I compiled this: HDB Median Resale Prices by Town .XLS showing HDB price trends since …

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Dec 12

List of BTO projects

Floor plans can be seen in HDB brochures (2012-2016) and HDB old brochures (2010-2014). Anyone having access to MyHDB page please give us links to 2017 BTO brochures Advice: if you applied for a BTO and a good queue number, don’t apply via SBF hoping to get a better flat in better location and available sooner, the battle for …

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Dec 10

List of SERS sites

Between 1995 and 2007, 72 SERS sites were announced. Between 2008 and 2016, only 9 SERS sites were announced, total 7570 flats. At this rate, 285 years are required to replace all 241343 flats built between 1970 and 1980. It is obvious that SERS is highly selective and only a small amount of these flats will …

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Dec 06

HDB flat types and their sizes

Flat type abbreviation: STD = Standard, I = Improved, NG = New Generation, S = Simplified, A = Model A. Beware of people who abbreviate Standard as S instead of STD. 1960s-1970s flat types (refuse chute in kitchen) 1-Room Emergency (1960-?) – all demolished 2-Room Emergency (1960-?) – demolished except 5 blocks 1-Room Standard (1960-?) – no evidence if it …

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Dec 04

Database of HDB blocks in Excel format

The HDB Database involve collecting data from multiple sources, an original compilation Made by Teoalida. I offer 5 standard packages, containing block number, street address, building name, building type, building era, plus some specific details shown below. You can purchase a smaller package then pay the difference to a bigger package. For custom packages or additional data …

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Jul 08

Most beautiful HDB

I explored all estates of Singapore via Google Earth and screened several HDB blocks with distinctive architectural styles. The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me. Vote the most beautiful HDB blocks! Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc. You can vote multiple images. …

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Jul 06

Most beautiful houses

I explored all corners of Singapore via Google Earth and screened the best houses I saw, a variety of bungalows, semi-detached and terraced houses. Do you know other houses? Tell me the address and I may add in the poll. The voting results may influence the future of houses designed by me. Singapore houses are …

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Jul 04

Most beautiful condo

I explored whole Singapore via Google Earth and screened several condos, but there are so many condos… I do not know which ones to choose for posting there and let people to vote. You can come with suggestions! The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me. Vote the most beautiful CONDO! …

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