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Purchase Confirmation

Sorry, trouble retrieving order receipt.

If you get “trouble retrieving order receipt” it means that you did not made any payment OR you opened this page faster than payment being confirmed by my website. Refresh page in 1 minute.

The receipt with download links is also emailed (example email), Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo users receive well, but if you used a [email protected] email, certain companies use custom spam filtering and may block emails from my WordPress.

Please check if email arrived, if it did not, you risk to miss future emails that notify you when database updates are available, case in which I recommend you to save download links in your computer and click them again to re-download updates in the future (the link is valid 1 year and does not change when database is updated).

Leave comments and review my work

Avoid quick praising like “Thank you Teoalida, I received database“. Please take your time and write LONGER comments, 20-100 words are ideal, mention which database did you purchased and review the database itself in a way that people who visit my website in the future to be encouraged to purchase as well. Eventually mention how long were you looking for a database and if you had bad experiences with other data providers. Take example from Damir comment or from this detailed review received via email.

Please post comment in the page of the the database you purchased, either on the About Me page. DO NOT post comments in this Purchase Confirmation page, which is usually NOT seen by future visitors until they purchase as well (I can move comments but it means extra effort from me to identify which database did you purchased and move your comment to right page).

32 thoughts on “Purchase Confirmation”

  1. Disappointing – Extremely difficult to make payment … spent 30mins on that, only to discover database has errors .. cross referencing model against name (example – Name: BMW X5 M F85 Auto 4×4 Make: BMW Model: X6 M Year: 2017). Probably not worth the money given we now have to go through the whole thing to check for errors !!!

    1. You purchased Australia Car Database – Naming only package.

      Write this to [email protected], include a screenshot as proof of errors and add as many insults you can… so this idiot indian will realize how BAD work he done and understand why I stopped working with him, I paid him 3 times for fixing errors and he kept asking me more and more money from me and still not giving an error-free Python script (NO legitimate programmer would charge extra money for fixing his own errors). He wasted everyone’s time for 4 months, making me to lose at least 2 customers due to his delay in delivering final script so I can start scraping data and provide a new update after March 2019 update.

      Been aware that 10 columns of specifications are empty due to typos in his Python code (this is why I offered everyone option to download previous update made by Australian student who was just… PERFECT, until he disappeared without giving me final Python script). Sadly I noticed the error in model naming only AFTER I wasted one month to scrap data of all cars and send email notifications to everyone to download update. Fixing the typos in code was very simple, took me 3 hours to understand his script (even if I never used Python before)… but worried that I need to spend another month scraping all cars to provide correct names and all specs filled up. Luckily I noticed today that I kept in another Excel sheet the (correct) model names previously scraped with my own C# scraper so I just had to copy-paste to fix model names and emailed you today CORRECTED Naming only package. An update that fill the empty columns in Full Specs package will be ready in a month.

      I do not understand what was difficult to make payment?

    2. I have extensively used the database from Teoalida for the last 3 years. I have ditched APIs for using the SQL files and DB tables for each make and model for more than 3 live applications. I previously purchased Car Query API’s database and it was incomplete and a total mess. Teoalida’s databases are comprehensive, accurate, and carefully organized in such a way that makes my own job a LOT easier. They are not the cheapest however worth every cent. Moreover Teoalida sends regular updates with the latest car models.

      Darin and Sai you are both a disgrace for writing such rude comments on the website and ask for refunds for issues that any human can make. In case of issues, I suggest to have a polite chat with Teoalida, he is very responsive when is about customer support and any issues are resolved quickly. I highly recommend Teoalida’s services.

      1. Nice comment. I started compiling databases in 2003, published them on internet and made 1st sale in 2012, last 8 years I built myself reputation for most updated and most accurate databases, I did over 1000 sales, less than 10 people asked refunds (99%+ satisfaction rate), I expanded my business hiring programmers, everything was working fine until 2019 when this SCAM artist Hukkemaaru came on the scene.

        Humans can make mistakes… but also correct mistakes. Bad employees can be fired and replaced. But Darin don’t understand this.

        I CORRECTED the car naming errors made by Hukkemaaru and sent corrected file to Darin as email attachment, I also told him to re-download from website, but he don’t confirm that he re-downloaded CORRECTED file and continue to threat me with emails “So if nothing comes from you in the next few days I’m going to contact my IT team I work with in India to set up a digital campaign to kill your business.” what he require to come from me now? I will provide updates every month.

        I would like to ask other customers to calm him down, but I cannot do this because would violate privacy of every customer.

    1. 1 thing to add… when people ask for custom packages (selected columns at their choices) I open Full specs database, delete unneded columns, save with different file name, then a COMMON MISTAKE is to copy-paste file name from Windows Explorer into WordPress file download URL omitting .xls extension. Such mistake happened over 10 times last few years, case in which customers were downloading a 0-byte file with no extension, everyone messaged me saying that can’t open file and I added .xls so they can download. NOBODY ever asked refund as you rudely did! Refunding instead of fixing problems won’t help either party.

  2. Hi,
    I have done the payment and have received payment confirmation over my mail id. Subject line of the mail- Your order on Payment received.
    But I have not received the database or any links on my mail. I have checked both my mailbox and spam folder.

    1. I approved your purchase now.

      This happens because you paid via 2checkout which is a HORRIBLE service, I added Stripe payment option 3 months ago, moment in which I removed 2checkout_onsite and I would like to remove 2checkout (non-onsite) option but I left it here because of a couple of customers who don’t trust entering card details on my website (in Stripe form). I also emailed 2checkout support today to blame them that every time someone pay via their website get stuck in PENDING and I need to be manually switch payment to Complete for download link to be sent to your email.

  3. Good purchase. I read the comments and I like a merchant who responding. Nice work. Lastly you need to work on that UIUX on you site man…

  4. Thanks for the year, make, model, trim, full specs database teoalida <3 – just leaving a comment here on the purchase page for appreciation :).

    1. If download link is pointing to a non-existent file, clicking it will download a 0-byte Excel file.

      Last few days I cleaned server by deleting some old/outdated files which (I thought) that they are not linked anymore anywhere.

      Please indicate what did you purchased so I can fix it? You commented with email [email protected] which is obviously fake email address and no purchase been done on it.

      Edit: I found comment IP matching IP of a purchase of AutoKatalog statistics, using another invalid email address, download link goes to 208 KB Excel file so there is NO ERROR. That Excel is a FREE product that does not contain any individual car models but just total number. What data were you trying to get?

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