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The FUNNIEST questions from people

Funny comments left in sidebar chatbox

NameTs: Did i say you got a shit website? what d you spect if no one reply you dumb ass? (2 Nov 2011) Teoalida: Which visitor are you and which part/thing of website is so shitty? Your english is shit too! (2 Nov 2011) Koco: Ignore this NameTs. this guy is talikng rubbish. I find this website interesting. (19 Dec 2011) Teoalida: Yes, …

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The most ANNOYING chats

The most ANNOYING thing that can happen for a customer sales representative via chat:

In 2013, a group of children from Nan Hua Primary School (Singapore), probably around 12 years old, started using my customer support chat in an ANNOYING way, totally misunderstanding the professional purpose of this website.

These children were not going to be customers, they were not buying any product or service, not needing any professional consultation, they visited my website just “to chat with someone”, inviting …

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How to NOT enquiry

I have a website about architecture & real estate, but I am not agent, I do not sell properties. I got the following email, is it a SPAM / mass mail or is a personal enquiry for me?

survey solutions

For those who do not know: email spamming and fraud is trendy nowadays. Each day I get about 30 emails in SPAM / JUNK folder. Most is advertising for various products, and …

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ANGRY people

I started a thread in Google Product Forums, hoping a little volunteer help. But, instead of answering my questions and telling me what is the real cause of Google Penalty and how to fix it possible issues/mistakes, the “helpers” used all possible words to make me guilty for all mistakes that I done and said that I deserve being penalized, bad words against me, against my website and business… this made ANGRY one of the visitors …

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Weird customers that I cannot understand

Some people send me vague messages that makes me impossible to understand them. I am posting these chats there hoping that someone can explain me what these people wanted, and hoping that more customers will contact me, this time explaining clearly what they wants.

“Clustering” service… WTF does this mean?

Does anyone understand what this guy wanted? Leave comment!

Chat started on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 10:30:14 AM Country: Singapore Page URL: https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/condodatabase/

(10:30:14 AM) *** Visitor has joined …

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Good indian customers

Most of world businesses hate Indian customers because most of them aggressively ask services but do not want to pay for, ask off-topic stuff without reading what we offer, bargain asking for ridiculous discounts, try to scam you to work for free and run away without paying, etc.

Here are few examples of GOOD Indian customers PAYING for services, hope others will do the same.

Good Indian customer PAID $100 for a floor plan and ran away without letting me …

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BAD indian customers

I am writing this page to inform all architecture students and professionals (and not only) what they should expect from Indian customers.

Architecture is a difficult job to be done online, with many customers coming for free consultation and not interested in paying complete service, but Indian people are by far, the WORST customers, having NO RESPECT for architects and aggressively requesting custom house plans that they are not willing to pay for. This makes almost impossible to get a …

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Ask help and run away!

Disclaimer: I publish ONLY few of the chats leading to nothing, and worth for laugh. Serious chats with people turning into customers will be kept confidential. Funniest parts in RED! Disclaimer added after someone accused me “when you publish any chat, people know you might publish their chat. Might make them uncomfortable contacting you” Some people ignore the chat thinking that is a robot, publishing just few chats examples shows that the chat is real, thus they might contact me …

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Some people hate chat pop-up

I use a chat widget on my website since January 2012. In average 8-10 people message me every day, 3000 per year, I helped lots of people thanks to this chat widget, and in a day of 2014 someone thinks that the chat widget invade his privacy… probably he will never visit my website again!

Chat started on Monday, June 16, 2014 1:37:05 PM Country: Singapore Page URL: https://www.teoalida.com/

(1:37:05 PM) *** Visitor has joined the chat *** (1:37:09 …

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How people react when they see a website chat for first time

See below how people react when they see my live chat box, if they don’t know that there is a HUMAN at other end of chat.

See how chatting with website visitors works. The only robot/automatic message is the initial greeting that I configured to appear after 1-5 min delay depending by page. There is no automatic reply system. Any answer you get is written by a human.

Some complained about the system with greetings, BUT… if this greeting would not pop-up, most …

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