Women are good drivers

My dad is driving since before marriage. My mom decided to go driving school in 1998, she was training at home to driving test questions, I came to check her answers and laughed how many questions were answered wrong. I was 9 years old, I had some interest for cars and I knew traffic rules better than her. So I thought that she is too stupid and should not drive a car. OK… my mom passed driving exam, then 2 months later she caused an accident. Now I was 100% sure that she shall NEVER drive any car.

Our first family car was an used Lastun bought in 1991… did anyone hear of this car? Is the smallest modern 4-seat car and was never exported out of our country! In 1998 we bought a new Dacia 1310 and sold the Lastun.

I always wanted to be driven by dad, because my mom drove too slow, 60 kmph on national roads with 90 kmph speed limit, fear to put in 5th gear, fear to overtake a truck with smelly exhaust even on 4-lane roads, etc.

In 1999 the mom’s company gave for all employees a Daewoo Matiz. Despite that both cars were made in same 1998 year and have similar performances (Dacia 62 horsepower and 145 kmph, Matiz 51 horsepower and 143 kmph), Matiz is much newer design (launched in 1998 compared with Dacia in 1969), my mom quickly started driving with 100+ kmph and got fined for breaking speed limits. She simply don’t feel the speed, because Matiz noise at 100 kmph is similar Dacia noise at 60 kmph, and acceleration pedal is softer.

But the years passed and my dad caused 3 accidents, while for my mom the first accident was also the last one. Women are good drivers!

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