How dangerous is Facebook for underage girls

Short story: I created a FAKE account on Facebook with photos of a 15-year old girl to make a prank on 1 April Fools Day to my friends from a game, but this turned unintentionally into a social experiment that revealed the dirty truth about the world we live in: lots of pedophiles roam freely on Facebook looking for young girls to ask for nude photos and to have sex!

This is a WARNING for all parents, especially parents of girls!

A note about me: since childhood I loved to play more with girls, I love girls so much that I wanted myself to be a girl… now please don’t call me gay, I am NOT looking to have sex with boys, actually I have no interest in sex at all, while I do talk and play often with girls, I DO NOT do this for purpose of getting horny, usually I do not get horny at all when looking, talking, hugging girls, boys, or any people. The reason for willing to be a girl was because I though that is more fun to be a girl, more clothes to wear and take selfies, more fame when being a model, more chances to get well paid job, etc.

I changed my opinion once I did the below experiment and realized how bad boys are treating the girls.


I started playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer in 2009, stopped playing in 2011, then returned in 2016 on a Roleplay server from Romania. GTA SA-MP is mostly about criminal life but you can also play in legal side (be a cop, paramedic, taxi driver, news reporter, etc). Other GTA SA-MP players set themselves goals to achieve highest level, be the richest player, have highest ranks in factions, become server admin, have most subscribers on YouTube channel with game videos, etc, some skipping school in order to achieve these goals. Personally I was playing GTA SA-MP just for fun, no goals other than breaking rules assuming sanctions from admins (this in contrast with real life where I am a nice and honest businessman and follow all rules).

So, when re-started playing in 2016 I made a female character translated as “Criminal_Girl” purposely to commit crimes, some allowed by game rules and some not, such as shooting civilians, blowing up cars and airplanes in the crowd, get wanted, when police came to arrest me I was attacking police and drive away to initiate a chase, etc. Game rules say than when a wanted suspect attack a cop, the cop can only kill suspect, not give him additional wanted starts, but some cops accidentally gave me additional wanted starts for “cop attack”, case in which I was posting complaints and threat them that they will receive faction warn (3 faction warn = you lose job in police faction) if they do not pay me in-game money to withdraw complaint (blackmail, extortion). Consequently, I received numerous sanctions from server admins: mute, jail, warn and bans, until a day when server owner decided to ban me permanently.

I assume that 60-80% of server players are between 14 and 18 years old, and 99% are under than 25 years old, adults usually do not play such games. When someone asked my age, I was telling my real age, but many players had a negative reaction that I am too old for this game or they did not believe that someone in 20s can have such inconsiderate behavior against game rules.

When I put an advertisement that I am selling/buying a car or other item available in game, various players seeing my girly name sent me messages interested in other things that what I was advertising, they asked How are you? Can you give a phone number? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have Facebook or Instagram? etc. This NEVER happened when I was playing with my 2010 account named “Future” and male character.

To satisfy the questions from other players, I got an idea to create a FAKE Facebook “girl account”.

I uses a couple of photos from a Colombian girl modeling since age of 14, producing over 20,000 photos between 2006 and 2009, sold via her official website, photos are currently available on many forums. Studio and outdoor photos with her wearing numerous outfits, I posted on Facebook few dozens photos, selected photos of her wearing jeans, shorts, skirt and top, taken in Colombia countryside, to fool my friends from game that I am a girl living in a village in Romania rather than stealing photos of a famous model (a note to add: I did not posted any sexy photos like bikini shots, or photos taken in studio, but being a model, her photos were made in a manner to be attractive).

After I created Facebook account in March, nothing happened. For a month I had 0 friends. On 1 April Fools Day, I shared my Facebook profile .URL in game chatbox when over 500 players were online. I though that every boy would like to be friend with such beautiful girl like my model, but surprisingly, most players commented in game that I am an ugly girl and photos are cringe. In few minutes I received only 5 friend requests from game players which I accepted and I asked what is their in-game name, I continued to receive friend requests and accepted 5 more to get replies like “what game?”, “I love you sexy girl”. Being confused what happens, I stopped accepting new friend requests after having 10 friends.

Among first 10 friend requests I accepted, there was one 18-year old boy who did not had any photo but still dared to ask me for more photos even if I had public few photos, I sent him 1 more photo, he also sent me a photo with him topless, asked me what I wear under jeans then he sent me a photo with his erected penis, then showed live camera with him masturbating! See here our conversation

Another one was a 60-year old man who asked for my home address and said that will visit me, and can “satisfy any female regardless of age” and other words trying to convince me that young girls need sex with old men. A pedophile!

I signed off and next morning I found over 100 friends requests. I didn’t accepted any more, friend requests kept coming for few more days until they stopped around 200. I did not know which ones are my friends from GTA SA-MP server to accept them.

A month later, I posted my Facebook URL again in game as public ad, this time asking players to send me a message in game with their Facebook name so I can accept them while keeping strangers away.

Every time I was sharing my Facebook URL in game, I got few friends requests which once I accepted them, more friend requests started coming in, from complete strangers. I asked each one how they found me, some said that “found me while browsing Facebook”, others just said that I am beautiful girl and asked for phone number, nude photos, live camera, getting out for a meeting, some asking directly for sexual intercourse!

I asked their age and to guess my age, the game players said that I look like 12-13  while the boys looking for girls on Facebook say that I look like 18-20. Majority of friend requests came from boys aged 15-25. When I told that I am 15 years old (I assume that girl was 14-15 at the time she started modeling), some said “OK, I look for someone else” meaning that they were looking for 18+ girls purposely to have sex, and my model photos gave them wrong impression that I am an adult girl.

The experiment ended after few months when Facebook suspended my account asking me to send scans of ID card to confirm name, which I couldn’t. I had about 200 accepted friends of which only 30-50 were players from game, and over 500 pending requests. Every time I signed in Facebook to talk with a friend from game, in few minutes about 5-10 friends (strangers) were sending me messages or indecent photos. Out of 200 friends, about 20 had sent me photos with their genital organs.

How Facebook put girls in danger

Once you start accepting friend requests, Facebook start showing your profile as suggestions to random people, and if they are males with high interest for girls and you have a sexy girl photo, they are likely to send you friend requests. Probably if I had a bikini profile photo I would have received over 1000 friend requests.

And these males who sent me friend requests are usually retarded boys with no social life and all their life is to stay on Facebook, find girls to talk with, and masturbate. I understand that some boys masturbate looking at girl photos, but I do not understand why they choose to SHOW to girls how they masturbate, especially when the girl state clearly that is under 18. This is sexual harassment! Most teenager boys like naked girls, but do teenager girls like to see naked boys? I’m doubt about this.

There are some men who cannot masturbate at porn videos but only when they communicate with a girl, once doing this Facebook experiment I understand the purpose of adult webcam websites, and understood a mystery from my childhood: the newspapers showing a photo with a sexy girl and a phone number with high toll. Is called Phone sex and aims for men who masturbate when talk with a girl (I wanted to call that number for curiosity but I never did this being afraid that parents will receive a high phone bill).

Now the question is how many males get horny at nonude models, at nude models, at porn videos, at live cam girls, etc. Is well known for most males, females become sexually attractive since age of 12-14 when they grow breasts. But at least in my case, I don’t get horny at such things, I did saw porn videos accidentally at 14 years old, I did visited adult webcam websites at 17 years old for curiosity, but I did not felt any pleasure to watch them. I was not aware that these things are associated with masturbation until my 20s.

Personally I avoid talking about sex with anyone under 18, but I had many cases with children initiating sex talk with me. When I was 18, a girl 15 years old living in neighbor block asked me to go out with her, showing herself on camera, talking often about sex and even sent me links to porn videos probably to convince me to have sex with her, but this did not happened due to my family restricting my life, not allowing me outside home unsupervised. I liked to go out with her, but NOT to have sex. She even accused me that I treat her like a sister rather than a girlfriend.

Singapore Police Force made few videos about how to not undress yourself when doing video calls with girls as there may be girls looking to naive men who undress then threat them that will post compromising images on internet if do not pay money (sextortion), example video.

What about REAL underage girls who use Facebook everyday?

A girl from my neighborhood made her Facebook account at 14 years old and probably accepted everyone who sent her friend requests, in less than 2 months she reached Facebook limit of 5000 friends. Looking at her photos, almost every photo have comments like “I wanna fuck you all time” including comments from foreigners. I told her to stop accepting foreigners as friends because they don’t do any benefit for her but just wank at her photos. I asked her if she been contacted by pedophiles and and she showed several screenshots from messenger with people asking her for nude photos, live camera, or sex. Same thing that happened on my fake girl account.

I asked other girls if have sexual harassment, some told me that never happened, probably this happens only if you accept friends from too many strangers and once a pedophile find your Facebook account, he share URL on pedophile groups, lots of pedophiles will send you friend requests, some of them engaging in sex talk for their sexual pleasure, some just want to access all your photos and distribute them on Jailbait imageboards. This can traumatize girls to the point they think that all boys rape girls and they lose trust to met any boys.

Also the parents who post on Facebook photos with their children, sometimes babies naked, indicating place of living, to share with family friends without being aware that they can be seen also by predators who may go after their children. This is from where most jailbait photos came from.

Kristina Pimenova, a 10-year old girl became famous in 2015-2016 thanks to the Facebook and Instagram photos, accounts managed by her mom, she got contracts with several famous fashion designers. But her photos, especially the ones taken in bed or wearing tight clothing, are also receiving sexual comments as well as comments criticizing people who left the sexual comments. According Wikipedia: Pimenova’s mother manages her social media accounts, and there has been criticism of the content as an example of sexualisation of an under-age model. The mother disagrees, maintaining that all the photos are perfectly innocent and “you must think like a pedophile in order to see something sexual in these pictures“.

I saw some news about vigilante pedophile hunters posing as underage girls on Facebook and wait for pedophiles who engage them in sex talk and eventually planning a meeting, where they get busted. I was ever thinking whenever I can collaborate with our local police and report people sending dick photos on my fake 15-year old girl Facebook account, but my parents urged to NOT involve to such things or make any reports to police.

I did something else to SCARY them (and suggested to my girl friends to do the same) when someone propose you a meeting for sex, ask their name and address, phone number, as many personal details you can, then say “and this is what do you do with my 14 year old daughter? Do you know that my husband is a police officer?“, imagine their reaction!

Sadly, we live in a world of pedophiles and and the only solution is to teach our children to not talk with strangers on Facebook and report any suspicious behavior.

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