Do you offer refunds?

If you buy a physical product from a real store, you can return it to store undamaged and get refund. But in case of digital car databases, returning is not possible. Since starting selling in 2012, as 2017 I done over 1000 sales and had only 3 or 4 cases of people asking for refunds. If any customer report problems I always choose to fix the problem rather than refunding, until every customer is satisfied.

I created the BEST car databases, however best does not mean perfect. Each vehicle database have a sample file so you can see what data you get before purchasing full database. Completion percentage of every field is also indicated. If you need a specific field for all cars and my car database contains just for a small percentage of cars, DO NOT purchase then ask refund claiming that data is incomplete. Other data providers may not offer that specific field at all. So my database is the BEST. If someone still ask for refund without proving that other provider’s database is better than mine, it is probably an abusive way to use my car database for free.

If you are in Asia, Africa or Latin America you will never find a suitable automobile database containing all cars sold in your country. If you buy European car database you can get 60-80% of cars sold at you. Buy at your own risk!

Moreover I am the only data provider with live chat customer support for 10-14 hours every day. You are advised to communicate with me BEFORE purchasing, test the sample files and make sure that everything is good.

The ONLY cases in which you can ask for refund are when you upgrade to a bigger database in same day, for example you need 1990-2018 package but bought accidentally 2016-2018 package in middle of night, you cannot wait for me to come online to change price to pay only difference, so you buy also 1990-2018 package, I will refund your initial purchase of 2016-2018 package.

Example of disputes solved friendly

Someone from a former Soviet country in Central Asia bought Car Models Database for Europe without any communication for me, and after 40 days he made a PayPal dispute claiming that database is incomplete and listed about 20 “missing” cars, half of them were included, while other half are not sold in Europe. I replied at PayPal dispute and also emailed him saying that if he needs additional cars he shall nicely request to add them immediately after purchase, not making PayPal dispute after 40 days, and I can add the missing cars if he close dispute and reply at email. He did not replied, neither at email or dispute. PayPal kept money at me.

An American contacted me for web scraping service, due to insufficient communication I understood that need to scrap certain data, I sent a sample file and the customer did not checked carefully and said “sample is OK, go forward and scrap the rest” and after a week spent to scrap whole website and sending him final database for $400, the customer realized that needs more data that I have not scraped and asked refund, I offered to scrap again whole website to include omitted data, at cost of my time with no extra charges for him, making him happy and he choose to pay me a bonus of $100.

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