American cars and trucks database

For long time I provided car databases only for European market, but in 2013 I made first American market database. In 2017 the sales of American car databases exceeded sales of European car databases for first time.



Demo / sample


Demo / sample

Alternative to Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs

American Car Database, vehicle specifications

Demo / sample

Tire size database

Tire size database for cars sold in United States and Canada

TireSize SAMPLE.xls

Light bulbs database

Light bulbs car databasea

Light Bulbs Database .xls


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    • Fernando on June 15, 2015 at 2:35 am
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    congratulations for your products. Unfortunately, I believe you do not have a similar for Latin America Region, right?
    The data should contain automakers, number of cars produced or imported per year from 2000-2014 (actual volumes) including tire sizes and speeds.
    2015-2019 forecasts.

    Would be great if you have something like that. Do you?

    1. The above North American databases do not have tires at all.
      Meanwhile I have tires in the European database, that is NOT SIMILAR with above North American databases but it is slightly more suited for you, I can expand it by adding cars produced in Latin America, but I will not able to provide accuracy for cars imported in Latin America.
      ALSO I will be never able to get data about number of cars produced, even less number of cars sold in your particular country, even less the forecasts.

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  2. […] This database does NOT include cars made in Japan exclusively for export (for example Acura and Infiniti, japanese brands aimed primarily for US market but sold also in Europe and Middle East). For these cars you can buy one of my American databases. […]

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