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Dec 02

About me – introduction

I am Teoalida and I made this website since 2009 to show various works made by me, share knowledge and educational material, and promote my services. I have a variety of hobbies, doing research, writing articles and making databases about real estate and cars, as well as designing own housing models. Also playing games that involve buildings. I do not have …

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Feb 27

Bad website design? you can help!

I have received numerous comments from visitors saying that my website have an outdated design, give impression of 1990s, is cluttered, etc. Some people suggested redesigning my website and gave me examples of… so-called “modern responsive themes” with big pictures and just few rows of text. Example theme: These themes are good for a company offering …

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Feb 02

Website page stats

Since 2012 I am copying in Notepad the contents of website pages, for backup purpose, but primarily for statistical purpose, to track how much my website is GROWING over years. This website is NOT a blog. Although I use WordPress platform and write Posts, the updates are done by adding more info in existing posts …

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Feb 01

Website changelog & summary of my activities

Are you wondering when the website was last updated? Every week I do changes on website, often small changes such as correcting typos or change page titles for search engine optimization. However, certain pages of website remained unchanged since few years ago, because they are perfect and there is nothing to update. If you think that …

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Jan 10

My computer

1995-1998 486 DX-2 20/40 MHz, 4 MB RAM, 210 MB hard disk, a huge hard disk for that times and we never though that we can fill it. DOS, FoxPro, AutoCAD R10 and R12. We had no mouse, no Windows, etc. We had 13″ monochrome monitor. Upgraded to 100 MHz, 8 MB RAM, 14″ SVGA color monitor, mouse, Windows 3.1, …

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Jan 05


Even if this is a serious, business-looking website, with some FUN parts, some people especially local friends requested to publish biography and even photos with me (is this really necessary?)… customer surveys Ask me what else you want to know about me? Where I live: Terra, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy (I am a GLOBAL person …

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Jan 04

Story of my life

Have you ever wondered what is the story behind this website and all projects displayed there? Read this page… Note: I have rewritten this page several times during 2013 after few WEIRD and RUDE questions from visitors (example). You can compare with original About Me page… hope is well written now and clear enough, if is not, …

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Jan 03

Etymology (meaning of my name)

When I was around 6 years old I made stories with a lot of invented names, friends asked me what is that, I liked how Teoalida sounded, so used the name for stories with myself. By 12 year old, everyone knew me as Teoalida. My parents told me to never disclose real name over internet, …

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Jan 01

Website traffic stats

Do you want to advertise on my website and need demographic info? Or just curious how many visitors I have and from which countries? Here I publish the traffic statistics! Not only the number of daily / monthly visitors, but also the countries, Google searches and entrance page of visitors, so you can see what people are looking …

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Feb 17


Are you a robot crawling emails to send v!agra, SEO offers or other crap? Email me Feel free to contact me if you have any enquiry about AutoCAD design, architecture, real estate, research, data mining and analysis, or any other field covered by articles of this website. You can also keep me as friend …

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