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Even if this is a serious, business-looking website, with some FUN parts, some people especially local friends requested to write a biography and even add photos with me (is this really necessary?). Written in 2009.

Ask what else you want to know about me? Leave comments!

Where I live: Terra, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy (I am a GLOBAL person who does not live in any specific country of this world).
I have high knowledge of lifestyle and architecture about multiple countries, I offer my services worldwide, so don’t be afraid to work with me, regardless of your country!
Keep browsing my website and you may see where I live.

Birthday: 17 February 19xx.

Names used: in the past, only local community knew me as Teoalida, on all online forums and in games I used generic english words like Somebody or Future, and GrenadeMan in Quake 3. Since I made this website in 2009, the name Teoalida became public for entire world (although I was not sure if this was a good decision).

Languages known: full of english, half of spanish, a little half of portuguese (fastest-learned language), plus the mother-tongue language.

Most loved at school: mathematics, geography, science.
Most hated at school: chemistry.

What I like today: making friends with high IQ like me, from as many countries is possible, becoming a TV star, exploring local cities by walking, exploring rest of world via internet, watching buildings, going in nature, forest, mountains, as well as doing useless and stupid things.
What I hate today: smoking, drinking, violent, arguing, racist, retarded, handicapped people, everything that segregate communities, creates war and destroys a peaceful world, or lowers the global intelligence level of humanity.

Favorite car: this marque (I have a lot of knowledge about cars, although I don’t like to drive, cars are too dangerous for me, I prefer to use rail transport as much is possible).

Favorite color: all colors takes part in my life, I love red-orange for buildings and pink-blue for clothing and cars.

Favorite sports: walking though nature, parks, between apartment buildings and though shopping malls (I am not a sporty person).

Favorite animal: this one, anybody know if is possible to have one as pet?

Favorite music artists: Alan Jackson, Angelica, Aqua, Bambee, Belanova, Eliana, Fandango, Garth Brooks, Hannah Montana, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Pasarea Colibri, Peter Maffay, Rednex, Rionegro & Solimoes, Sandy & Junior, Shakin Stevens, Shania Twain, Tatiana, Taylor Swift, Thalia, Timbiriche, Xuxa, Yuri… so mostly in pop-rock-country zone, I never listen to genres like electronic, hip-hop, or manele. For details, see Music Database.

Favorite TV productions: I watch some things on TV but they are more like entertainment shows rather than mainstream movies, I love movies which shows the life in realistic ways, without being directed or excessive fake scenes. Also I hate to see violence, guns, explosions, crimes, or sex and porn.

Favorite (computer) software: I have too high knowledge about computers and too many software to fit them in a list. Since childhood I know everything about Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, etc… I can learn new software in days.

Favorite (computer) games: Age of Empires 1 and 2, Caesar 3, Railroad Tycoon 3, The Sims 1, 2, 3, Worms… so mostly I like real-time strategy and city-building games, which require high mental abilities and not just fast reaction time.

Supreme phrase: I want to live in Singapore with a Japanese wife in an apartment with Korean home automation, drive a German car and eat Italian food while watching Mexican movies and listening to Brazilian music…


Favorite car and animal are clickable links for purpose of tracking how many people actually READ biography.

PS: don’t try to put any of above things as answer at Secret question for password recovery at any of my accounts… because you risk to waste your time trying and trying!


    1. That fucking chat can be minimized if you don’t want to chat or your screen is small.
      …that also DOESN’T WORK? Can you explain the problem?
      80% of people do not navigate on other pages.
      Some people, while chatting with me, complained that cannot read because the chat cover main part of page. You can drag chat window over screen. I moved the chat on left side to avoid covering main column…. and you say that is impossible to navigate? BE SERIOUS man!

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