Car Models List

Car Models ListFREE version include complete list of manufacturers and list of models for 4 manufacturers, one for each continent.
PAID version have 160+ makes, 5000+ models in Worldwide version / 120+ makes with 2500+ models in Europe version.

Last release: January 2019. Full change log.

Download SAMPLES:
Car Models List.XLS for general use
Car Models List.CSV for programming
Car Models List.SQL for web developers

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for one year:

Coverage: World War II – present. Few pre-war classic automobiles are included too, if they are related with post-war ones.

All major (and few minor) manufacturers of Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Argentina.

Source of data: mostly Wikipedia, the most comprehensive car database ever! I manually compiled the list of cars into an Excel database, creating an original product “Made by Teoalida” with no equivalent on internet! Excel allow for easy reading, sort, filter, as well as conversion to CSV and SQL database to be used in web building.

The list include model generations (example: VW Golf IV), platforms (example: BMW E46), chassis code (example: Mercedes W124), with exact years of production for each of them. If you want just model names, without separate row for each Golf I to Golf VII, you should use Car Nameplates List instead.

Commercial vehicles under 3.5t are included too. No concept cars or prototypes, only vehicles sold in world markets.

Make, model, car classification, years produced or Model Years of sale in United States and Canada.

There is also a column for number of units produced, but I was able to find this info for only 8% of total models, mostly exotic cars, so if you are looking for a production figures for all cars, this Car Models List will NOT help you.


I guarantee 100% completion for European and North American markets, plus for the market of the country of origin of each manufacturer. For example the Car Models List may not include any possible cars produced in Korea and sold somewhere else than EU, US, or Korea markets. This because Korea and Japan manufacturers often sell ONE car model under dozens of different names in various countries. There are over 200 countries in the world, making a global world complete database for every country is HARD JOB. But you can contribute!

Cars produced in China are not included in current edition due to insufficient data available online. You can see on Wikipedia pages of each manufacturer from China, many links to individual models are red (non-existent pages), nowhere is indicated production year for each model. Other websites are also incomplete and contradictory.

The Worldwide edition include also the sheet of Europe edition.
The Europe edition include all markets from United Kingdom to Russia and Turkey, does not focus only on Western Europe.
For North America I offer a different database in Year-Make-Model format instead of Make – Model – Start year – End year.

Car Models List does NOT go into more details than model. If you need more details such as engine version or trim, check my other databases: Car Models & Engines Database (Europe) and Year Make Model Trim (United States).


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  1. Do you have any video of that? I’d wantt to find out more details.

    1. You can click SAMPLE at top of page. Are you interested in my car databases or you post comment to SPAM backlink to ?

    • Sam on July 24, 2017 at 9:44 am
    • Reply

    Hi I need a car data base that has the following information make, model, trim, generation code, years of production from to, number of cyl, engine capacity, transmission and fuel type. Put in mind this data base will be used for An Australian website

    1. Check Australia page… and if you want a custom package with only the columns you mentioned, let me know!

        • Sam on July 24, 2017 at 2:14 pm
        • Reply

        Yes please make me a custom data base of thoese information please make sure that it’s not messy, or misleading

    • Sam on July 25, 2017 at 2:59 am
    • Reply

    Also add the body shape. And when can you finish it?

    • Sam on July 25, 2017 at 4:36 am
    • Reply

    Actually I’m happy to take the big data base if you can just add the years of production from to and Can you send me your contact details if you have Skype or email?

    1. If you would clicked Contact page you would have seen to use LIVE CHAT so we can discuss quickly, understand what do you need and negotiate price. Even if I personally prefer production year ranges, all possible sources of data for Australia have each year on separate row.

    • Sam on July 25, 2017 at 6:01 am
    • Reply

    The link that you have sent through for live chat is not working is there any other way that I can contact you

    1. Live chat is working because every day 10 people contact me and I do many sales. Do you have javascript disabled? DON’T SEE live chat bar in lower-left of screen?

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