Do I should treat this as a potential customer?

Sometimes I get funny messages and weird questions from visitors!
I published anonymously few such chats (best example) to ask for an opinion from random people.
Some people told me that is RUDE to start a chat by asking questions about personal life, without presenting yourself or informing what are YOU looking for. I was advised to ignore such people as they are NOT going to be customers, they just intrude into personal life.

ARE YOU SURE that every one asking such questions do not want any real thing?
Look at the following chat. How bad he addressed me and how had an unexpected professional turnout…
Are you agree that the way he addressed me is RUDE and very UNPROFESSIONAL?

Note: I was NOT going to publish the chat on website, but later I realized that the email that he gave me is INVALID. I start thinking that all this was just a JOKE and can be published in FUN section. I will unpublish it if you get back to me!

Saturday, 28 Sep, 2013
Country: Singapore
Page URL:
[20:58] Visitor: hi
[20:58] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[20:58] Teoalida: Hello
[20:59] Visitor: sucky website
[20:59] Teoalida: Do you heard of constructive critics???
[20:59] Visitor has left the conversation
[20:59] Teoalida: There’s lots of positive comments left on website
[20:59] * You are not in a chat *

Saturday, 28 Sep, 2013
Country: Singapore
Page URL:
[21:09] Visitor: hello
[21:09] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[21:10] Visitor is now known as Narpal Singh
[21:10] Teoalida: What’s up?
[21:10] Narpal Singh is now known as Narps
[21:10] Teoalida: There’s lots of positive comments left on website… if you don’t like something, at least tell me exactly, NOT with just 2 words!
[21:11] Narps: are you a man or woman?
[21:11] Teoalida: man, why?
[21:11] Teoalida: Do you found broken links or something to make you angry?
[21:14] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[21:14] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[21:14] Narps: how old are you ?
[21:15] Teoalida: Before telling you exactly, can you give me an age by website content?
[21:16] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[21:17] Narps: 35
[21:17] Teoalida: haha
[21:17] Teoalida: I am not sure what made you to say that, but I have guesses even 40+
[21:17] Teoalida: I am 24 years old
Note: in case of customers, I usually do not disclose my age, also I NEVER ask customers to guess my age, but by the way he spoke I was 100% sure that he is not coming as potential customer!
[21:18] Teoalida: Now tell me why do you ask such things, why this matters for you?
[21:18] Teoalida: or what you were looking for… leading to finding my website?
[21:24] Narps: Wow, we are the same
[21:24] Narps: same age
[21:24] Narps: well
[21:24] Narps: im impressed
[21:24] Narps: where are you from?
[21:24] Teoalida: Someone’s internet is lagging…. got 5 messages in same second
[21:25] Teoalida: Didn’t look like a singaporean?
[21:29] Teoalida: Do you came here just to ask personal info or do you also have business interests or something else?
[21:31] Narps: i may just hire you for a project
[21:31] Narps: will ask you about cost in a moment
[21:32] Teoalida: And why didn’t you say this from first time?
[21:32] Teoalida: Sorry to say but you looked like a kid chatting JUST FOR FUN
[21:32] Narps: im your age, you fool
[21:33] Teoalida: Also saying Sucking website… I could ban your IP
[21:33] Narps: Ban it then
[21:34] Teoalida: No… tell me more, what is your project, I am curious
[21:34] Narps: im working for a firm
[21:34] Narps: surbana in singapore
[21:34] Narps: and we are currently in a project
[21:34] Teoalida: That’s BIG firm
[21:35] Narps: nope
[21:35] Narps: medium scale
[21:35] Narps: anyways
[21:36] Narps: are you interested to design a new BTO project in Tampines
[21:36] Narps: it is in a competition phase
[21:36] Teoalida: OMG!! That would be a BIG job
[21:36] Narps: we are intending to submit a proposal
[21:37] Narps: if you are interested, i can pass you the brief
[21:38] Narps: basically you will work with our civil engineers and provide the design for them to work it out
[21:38] Narps: according to singapore law
[21:38] Teoalida: So far I had customers asking for single-family homes or small apartment blocks
[21:38] Teoalida: I guess so… a BTO is not something that can be done by 1 person
[21:38] Teoalida: so what would be my job here?
[21:38] Narps: Duh
[21:38] Narps: thats why i am working with a team
[21:39] Narps: and with civil engineers and contractors
[21:39] Narps: so your design might have to change based to local specifications
[21:39] Teoalida: Which “my design” ?
[21:39] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[21:40] Teoalida: according visitors stats I don’t see you to have looked in any of my architecture pages
[21:40] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[21:41] Teoalida: I see you coming in main page > About me > About my life > New website news… together with your STRANGE questions, made even more intriguing why did you came here and what do you want from me
[21:43] Narps: what would you think of 33 stories HDB block with plot ratio of 6.4
[21:43] Narps: i assume you think that this is not real
[21:44] Teoalida: maybe… but not in Tampines
[21:44] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[21:44] Teoalida: plot ratio 6.4 is impossible with that height restrictions due of airports
[21:45] Teoalida: 33 storeys? Didn’t you see that tallest blocks in Tampines are 15 floors
[21:46] Teoalida: But I want to participate if is possible
[21:50] Teoalida: Can you leave an email to prevent losing contact… and explain me 2 things?
[21:56] Narps: [email protected] (INVALID EMAIL!!!!)
[21:56] Narps: what are they?
[21:58] Teoalida: 1… I assume that you may be still in university, having zero or little professional experience, but your parents, teachers or anyone else didn’t taught you that is NOT nice to ask questions about personal life to someone that never met before? especially without presenting yourself first?
[21:59] Teoalida: 2… I want your opinion about what this person may have wanted from me: – he started chatting in same rude way like you
[22:00] Narps: damn, you are sure turning me off
[22:01] Teoalida: And sorry if any part of my words were rude for you, but yours were more rude
[22:01] Narps: learn to bark well, wiggle your tail, if not your website is the only toy that you can seek pleasure in
[22:02] Teoalida: I identify customers and chit-chatters by the way they address me and by what pages they click
[22:02] Teoalida: What do you mean?
[22:05] Narps: opps
[22:05] Teoalida: Tell me EXACTLY if you don’t like something at me, at my style of chatting, etc
[22:05] Narps: haha
[22:05] Narps: why are you so persistent on upgrading yourself
[22:05] Teoalida: I am young like you and I admit that I don’t chat too in the most professional way
[22:06] Narps: are you still keen on the job
[22:06] Narps: could add to your portfolio
[22:06] Teoalida: Isn’t normal to get better? and learn from own (reported) mistakes?
[22:07] Teoalida: What I should add on portfolio?
[22:07] Narps: well, that is if the person telling you is worth it
[22:07] Narps: if he is just a moraly wrong person
[22:07] Teoalida: The BTO project? if I design it… but shouldn’t keep it confidential?
[22:08] Narps: then you are listening to a bad guy
[22:08] Narps: why?
[22:08] Narps: its not like our company is not going to add you as collaborators
[22:08] Narps: thats evil
[22:08] Narps: to steal others design
[22:10] Teoalida: I am confused
[22:11] Narps: where are you from ?
[22:11] Teoalida: I have a lot of stuff about Singapore on website so why do you still ask?
[22:14] Narps: which part?
[22:15] Teoalida: – 68% of visitors from Singapore
[22:18] Teoalida: I remember when I saw the drawings from competition for Punggol Waterway Terraces
[22:19] Teoalida: Even in that moment Iwas thinking if I could do myself that drawings and join the competition
[22:19] Narps: punggol waterway has all been taken up
[22:19] Teoalida: Was 2-3 years ago I think
[22:19] Narps: now the only punggol areas are far away from the MRT
[22:20] Teoalida: I was quite young and didn’t had enough imagination to make something so…. unusual
[22:20] Narps: unusual?
[22:20] Teoalida: maybe I could do some drawings but they would be least voted
[22:21] Teoalida: yes, unusual… one of contestants had square blocks, square courtyards and bridges
[22:21] Narps: why do you have such low expectations of yourself
[22:22] Narps: what would you suggest then?
[22:22] Teoalida: Look at my portfolio… I have too some unusual triangle blocks
[22:24] Narps has left the conversation

Saturday, 28 Sep, 2013
Country: Singapore
Page URL:
[22:31] Narps: dingdong
[22:31] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[22:31] Teoalida: Did you lost connection?
[22:31] Narps: yup
[22:32] Teoalida: Look at my portfolio… I have too some unusual triangle blocks, made 4 years ago, a period when I was trying to make crazy-shaped blocks instead of focusing on efficiency
[22:33] Teoalida: HDBs nowdays are crazy-shaped and personally I tend to make them too basic but with higher efficiency
[22:34] Teoalida: I don’t say that i have low expectations about myself, but in a competition I may compete with older people with higher experience
[22:34] Teoalida: Many people said that never saw someone so experienced at MY age
[22:35] Narps: many people have not been as hardworking as you
[22:35] Narps: i believe hardwork is impt
[22:35] Teoalida: If you consider me as hardwork.. I am happy
(chat continued for 1 more hour – I don’t like to publish professional chats but I want your opinion about how this chat started)

Was a very serious chat but he had to sleep. He promised that will return to continue collaboration, but never returned on my website, so I contacted him at the email provided and realized that the email is INVALID. I start thinking that all this was a JOKE.

4 thoughts on “Do I should treat this as a potential customer?

  1. WTF!!?? That Narps teased you at first, then went into details… but I can’t see a point in the conversation, what he wanted from you. This isn’t a serious customer. Did you get the job?

    1. NO! 🙁 He never returned to my website as promised, and when I contacted him at the email provided and realized that the email is INVALID.
      I start thinking that all this was a JOKE.

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