Map of Singapore in AutoCAD

Anyone interested in an AutoCAD map of Singapore,
contact me and tell your requirements!

Please do not ask about completion status or what is included on the current map… most likely I have to trash it and start over designing a new map according your requirements.
Do you need axis line of all streets in Singapore? I am glad to do this.
Do you need building outlines? Theoretically is possible to draw them over satellite photo, but will take too much time considering how complex are shaped the HDB blocks.
Do you need anything else that do not come in my mind? Tell me…

Singapore AutoCAD map AutoCAD map of Singapore

The hobby for designing maps have a long history. When I was 5 years old I was drawing roads on paper and coloured them in various colors.

Between 2005 and 2007 I designed voluntarily maps for a small city in Europe which did not had any commercial available quality and detailed map. I used AutoCAD to draw street and buildings outlines, then Paint to add colors and building numbers. The maps were childish-looking, good for orientation, not accurate enough to take measurements. Many people appreciated the maps, including companies offering me money, but because the maps was not intended for professional use, I was not able to customize them for customer needs.

In 2009 I started drawing a map of Singapore in AutoCAD over the Google Maps, in the same time with making the Database of HDB blocks with estimated number of units. I was drawing street axis as well as planning area borders and coastal outline. Purpose: personal research, measuring area of various land parcels and estimate housing density in selected estates and use the results in designing own apartments.

Both the map and database were made for voluntarily for my personal research, with NO intention to publish or give to anyone else. I have NOT draw street axis in non-HDB estates, not even in all HDB estates, as this was out of the scope of my research for studying housing density.

I ended my research in 2011, leaving the map looking like above photos.

I published the incomplete HDB database for first time in 2012, resumed working in 2014 and finalized the database in 2015. I did not published also the map, because I believed that it is totally USELESS. I published the map in January 2016 to show you that I can design maps too, to see if anyone is interested, and how such AutoCAD map could be used. If there is sufficient demand from multiple people I will finalize the map and offer as paid download.

In June 2017 someone asked me to design a map with street axis, border and colors that indicate land use (HDB, private, educational, industrial, park, water, etc). This remind me of the childish maps designed in 2005-2007. See a SAMPLE:

Coloured map of Singapore


My idea is to design a map in AutoCAD and allow anyone to purchase DWG or PDF file at an affordable price. Price may rise once I add more details. Due to rounding and simplification making curves from straight lines, all roads are few or more meters off their real position. Such map should be used for orientation and NOT to take measurements. At what accuracy level I should design to make YOU happy?

Maps like and are pretty detailed having block numbers and a lot of places of interest, they are good for orientation making my map almost useless, but they do not have option to download map, nevermind editable DWG format. URA do have very detailed maps in DWG format available for purchase by professionals (at high price), and a map designed by 1-person in AutoCAD will never compete with the official maps done by government authority.

So does worth my effort to design myself a map in AutoCAD editable like URA map but not so accurate?

If there are enough people interested, I can go further and offer personalized maps service for companies, for example if you are a retail shop send your logo and I will add it on map in locations where you have shops, sell you PDF that you can print on large paper and hang it on wall.


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    • Chiara on September 2, 2016 at 12:36 pm
    • Reply


    I am an interior design student, and we are currently designing a sustainable building in cantonment road (Singapore), we need a site analysis plan, would be nice to use an autocad plan of singapore as well.


    1. Can you be more specific what details should be included in this AutoCAD map to be usable for you?

    • CHARLOTTE GAMBOTTI on October 13, 2016 at 3:50 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Teoalida,

    I am an architecture student and I am doing a research on Singapour’s port infrastructure : I need port & petrochemical installations, and all kind of transport infrastructure linked to it . I was wondering if you had this done already in CAD, or may be a part of it.


    1. How these petrochemical installations should be draw in AutoCAD? what level of details? If I did not had this already done, can’t do it right now? But I am afraid that installations are bit difficult to draw using satellite photos.

    • isabela on May 11, 2018 at 11:28 am
    • Reply

    hey, i am a architecture student, and i need the map of Singapore in DWG to autocad to do a research of the city itself. how can i get it from you?

    1. Same question for you: what details should be included on the map?
      But since everyone who show interest is a student, we all know how little students pay, so I will never able to recover my investment to make such map.

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