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Aug 15

SPAM from India: Webdesign & SEO services

Never hire a SEO company emailing you saying that they visited your website, it is not ranking well in Google and promise you to be #1. They are NOT real visitors of your website and may try to scam you.
Anyone can do SEO himself if you have skills and free time, if you are a busy man and need help from professionals, do a search and find a reputable company which itself appear on first page of Google.

Are you working in an Indian SEO company? I would like to hear an “internal opinion”. Leave a comment on page!
DON’T contact me at email (I really collect lots of indian emails on this email address, being posted there in plain format).
I have found a solution to STOP (most of) India Webdesign & SEO spam!

India email spam SEO SPAM from India

This page is NOT intended to offend any specific company or India country as whole.
Since 2013 I get lots of emails about Web Development and SEO outsourcing, 90% of them originating from India.

Webdesign SPAM emails ask me if I interested in redesigning my website, the email body being entirely a generic text. But how do they know that I have a website?

SEO SPAM emails are most intriguing, some of them contain my name or URL in the email subject and also within email body (example of subject: “Proposal for“), but the rest of email body is a generic message telling me that my website do not appear on first page in Google, that I am missing headings, META, ALT and TITLE tags, etc, when in reality my website do not have these problems.
They guarantee that will push my website to top of Google search results, 101% recovery from Panda and Penguin penalties, etc (for your info: No one can guarantee #1 in Google. What if multiple websites in same niche apply for their services, who will be #1?). I asked them how they do that, but most of them do not provide details, they just insist to get paid and let my website on their hands.

The rule is simple: if they CAN, I can too, if I CAN’T, nobody else can. I don’t want to let my PERSONAL website in the hands of other persons.

The internet is full with tutorials how to optimize your website yourself. Example: Beginners guide to SEO on

How they know how to contact me?

BEWARE: Unlike most beginners think, most of these spammers are NOT actual visitors of my website.
My website gets some traffic from India, mostly architects, contractors, house builders interested in architecture-related things, it’s unlikely that they are owners or partners with Web Development & SEO companies. I am monitoring traffic with Clicky for each individual visitor, and only after I replied to these SPAM emails, they visited my website for the first time (from an IP or even city from where nobody visited me before).

The emails are sent automatically. They have an automated script to blast mass email with website title, URL and email added within email body.
Sometimes I get a second email, apparently reply to a previous email (but their “previous email” sometimes never reached me), saying that they never heard from me and ask me again if am interested in their services, which often fool people thinking that is a personal email. Again, second email is automated too.

Email addresses are harvested (collected) by robots. I added a javascript anti-spam for my main Yahoo email in About Me page. Meantime, I created an address, forwarder to my main email, hidden where human can hardly see it, but a robot can harvest it immediately. It quickly filled up with SPAM emails, but the main contact email was still spammed. I found later that main contact email was still displayed in certain subpages. Once I deleted the email from every page, the amount of SPAM emails was reduced significantly. Later I removed from website the and I periodically create new spam-catcher emails. I still get SPAM emails on both Yahoo email and on, while other SPAM goes to current spam-catching email.

Final conclusion: some spammers crawl the web from time to time, to collect email addresses, and sell to other spammers the database of websites and emails found in them, so an email address once posted on web is likely to be spammed whole life even if was removed from the web. I also get SPAM emails selling a “list of businesses contact info”, probably SEO companies are buying such things.

Additional note: most spammers target business website owners looking for ways to increase ranking in Google or website redesign. How their email-crawl robot differentiate business websites from personal blogs or other non-profit websites that dominate the web, we don’t know!

But some times I get emails like this: “Are you looking for a company to outsource your Web Design, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or Mobile App development work? I at (company name) have helped businesses like yourself“.

Some spammers are actually looking for partnership with other web designers, who may want to grow their business by outsourcing to India. Some pages of my site are titled for example “Architecture & CAD Design services – Teoalida’s Website“, as you can see it contains the words Website + Design, this may have fooled the robot harvesting email addresses of web designers, although I am clearly NOT offering web design services.

Some spammers are also browsing internet manually for web design companies in United States and Europe and send manual emails as well as phone calls, hoping to convince them to outsource to India.

I would like to hear an “inside opinion” from someone who worked for a SEO company and tell us their secrets.

More info about their SEO email marketing

– To not damage the reputation of their company, most do not tell their company name on first email.

– The first email is often send from a FREE Gmail accounts… they are aware that they are spamming and once they got their email disabled, they open another Gmail account (while replying to them, it bounced back from MAILER DAEMON telling that their account was disabled), or the initial email was not send by an employee but rather a partner helping that company to get clients.

– They claim that is compliant with CAN-SPAM act of 2003, maybe it do not violate the law but are still unsolicited email.

– Do not take in serious their base country. Some companies appear to be based in US, UK, Australia, etc, but when I gave them a link to my website, an Indian IP visited me. The company manager may be an american but employees are Indians to lower the costs, thus their services will be Indian-quality.

– The initial email may look being written by a kid from his bedroom, but after I reply, the second email say that they are a big company with 100-200 SEO professionals, with 5 years experience and who served hundreds of clients over United States, Europe, Asia, etc. I am very doubt about that. A Google search show that their website have PageRank 0 or max 1, aka they are newborn companies who their own websites do not rank in Google (webdesign is also highly competitive niche) so their only way to get clients is by spamming emails and lying about their experience. But I once got SEO spam email from a company with PageRank 4 and headquarters in massive 4-storey building visible in Google Earth.

– Their website display a portfolio with their clients, websites showing a list of 5-10 keywords that they helped appearing #1 in Google. These keywords are usually combinations of 3 words which have low search volume but also low competition thus any amateur can get himself #1 in Google with minimum of effort, by using desired keywords in page titles and repeating them few times in body text (LOL! I can make a list of over 100 two- and three-word keywords for which my own website appear #1 in Google, and I never paid a single cent for that).

Beware! Most of SEO spammers are NOT experts in how to do a business and FAIL on long term, they exploit flaws in Google algorithms, aka Black Hat SEO techniques, build links unnaturally, abusive link exchange, keyword stuffing, etc. They take your money, raise website ranking on short them, but since Google algorithms are in constant change to to downrank the sites using such techniques, soon you fall in a worse place than you were originally, then they take you more money to restore ranking failure due of an unexpected Google algorithm change, or you broke collaboration and try to find another SEO company to fix what they damaged. Google Webmaster Central Forum is full with people asking for help how to lift Google penalty received after hiring “SEO experts from India”.

Link building by spam in blogs. Probably you have seen generic comments like “Useful article, amazing blog, etc” having comment author a weird name and linking a website, these are comments left by by Indians which their SEO plan include using automatic robots to create spammy backlinks for their clients from all over the world. Personally I get hundreds such comments per day, Akismet is a FREE plugin for WordPress blogs that blocks 99% of SPAM comments, but 1% escape and if you browse few of my website pages you can see comments left by Indian SEO companies!

If I will ever need professional SEO services, I will do a search on Google and pick myself a legitimate company, I will NOT work with spammers picking me. Outsourcing to India is a worldwide trend, but many unskilled Indians are trying to join the outsourcing business, damaging image of their whole country.

Spam in blogs
Indian webdesign company epic fail

Link exchange SPAM from India

Indian web developers use same technique, robots to crawl email addresses, to get in contact with other web developers to do link exchange and improve rankings of their clients.

I received from multiple people a message like the below example.
First time, I replied normally and they actually put my link on their website, then when I started receiving identical emails from other people, I replied asking them few questions but I always received standard reply that my link was added, and no answers my questions. Probably they configured an email answering machine, but at least… we did the link exchange.

if I didn’t replied first time, I could think that they are just spam and I would never replied to all.

However, I stopped replying at link exchange requests in mid-2013, since I realized that link exchange violate Google Webmaster Guidelines, practicing it excessively will lead to penalty from Google for BOTH of us (website drop in search results). Also, they often put my link on a /links.htm, a page with PR 0 or even not in Google index, thus giving no benefits for me.


Actually i was searching for quality partners for link exchange and I found that you are posting high quality content on (URL of a random page of my website) so I want to know if you are interested in exchanging link with our

If you are interested to exchange the links, please send me the following details of your site:

Title, Url and Description

I’ll add your link  in the next 24 hours. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll send you a confirmation email.

We’d appreciate it if you place a link back to our site using the following HTML code (just copy and paste it into your links page):

(their code)


I’m pleased to inform you that your link was added to our site on the (URL of their site) page
I just want to know if you are interested in our other sites for exchanging links.

The links details are as as follows :
(3 sites)

After adding the links you just reply us that where you have added
these links and we will add your links to all the  WEBSITES within 48
hours .
we will send you the email after adding all the links .

A very FUNNY-STRANGE case was to receive on an email written in romanian language soliciting link exchange. Indeed I am originating from Romania, but my website is in english and worldwide targeted. How his/her email crawling bot knew my nationality?
The email had name Daniela Ionescu, common female name in Romania, but email text used male words, a non-understandable language written probably with Google Translator. it also contained a link to THIS LinkedIn profile profile with a photo with a woman clearly not made in Romania, stating that she studied at a romanian academy. But the words are terribly wrong. Even school name was misspelled (we call university, not academy)!
I replied and asked her few questions in romanian, but she did not understand me so I switched to english, she admitted that is not native romanian. She visited my website from Indian IP and along her SEO clients were few romanian websites. Interesting (FAIL) way for Indian spammers to get clients in other countries?

Other types of SPAM from India

Spamming emails is not only used by web designers. I also got SPAM emails from India promoting CAD design services, they are real visitors of my website. For example: a spammer opened just main page ( and saw numerous floor plans from Singapore, then clicked Contact page, and sent me email saying that they offer 2D and 3D floorplan conversion service using SketchUp. He did not opened other pages to see that I offering same service, using AutoCAD.

I replied like this:
I will never hire a designer using that SHIT called SketchUp. You sure don’t need an AutoCAD designer to do better quality floor plans and 3D models for your customers? See my works and

His reply:
My location is Dhaka, Bangladesh. where my resources are working for less than $5/hr. Im sure that i will never able to hire you.
After going though your site and feedback from others, i have understood that, i need to start developing AutoCAD 3D team.
Thanks a lot. feeling lucky to have multiple replies from an expert guy like you.

Other spammers use AutoCAD, I asked them to design a house for my customers, but their service is limited to converting floor plans into AutoCAD drawings, as well as 3D design based on our floor plans. They do not make house plans from their imagination like architects.

How to stop email SPAM from India

The general rule: DO NOT post your email in plain format (, robots pick it regardless if it is clickable or not, instead you can:
– Don’t post the email at all, use a Contact form (on your website).
– Write the email as “name_at_example_dot_com” (on websites that aren’t yours).
– Write the email in an image uploaded on Photobucket and post the image (on websites that aren’t yours).
– Write as javascript code, example: <script type=”text/javascript” language=”JavaScript”>// <![CDATA [emailE = (‘name@’ + ‘’) document.write(‘<A href=”mailto:’ + emailE + ‘”>’ + emailE + ‘</a>’)// ]]&gt;// ]]></script>
TROLL WITH THEM (as I do myself): make a new email address specially for being spammed, post it on your website in plain format, hidden somewhere where humans do not look but bots can harvest it, then reply at their spam emails, ask details about their company, ask advice and other help, waste their time and promise that you will pay later, but never send them a cent!
If we all troll with them, the fucking Indians will realize that spamming emails will hardly bring real clients we may discourage them to spam in the future!

On the plain, unprotected emails, you may get other types of SPAM:
– Chinese manufacturers trying to sell you various products. Their marketing is very bad targeted, I have a website about real estate and I often get emails trying to sell me construction materials for buildings, furniture, bearings, led display, office paper, etc.
Domain name scams (informing you that a chinese company is trying to register which is similar with, so they offer you to register yourself and dozens of other domains before someone else will register, at a very high fee). NEVER reply to such emails, they are mass mail sent to thousands of website owners on email addresses crawled and website name inserted in email body automatically. By replying them, you may attract attention about your existence and they may actually register a domain similar with yours for $10 then attempt to sell you for $200! (example domain email scam).

Note: if the email was displayed on website for long time, then you protect it, you will still get SPAM emails. Make a new email address if possible.

Note: these rules protect you from automated spam only. If you are in webdesign industry, you are likely to get manual spam. Few webdesign companies I talked with, informed me that they get promotional messages from India via their contact form, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as phone calls from Indian SEO companies.

How I deal with Indian spammers & FUNNY cases

Note that I am fan of DO IT YOURSELF. as is a PERSONAL website, I don’t accept professional help from others, I accept only suggestions and do all the work myself. My web building knowledge is not at professional level, but I prefer to learn instead of being dependent by professionals.

If you SPAM our emails, expect to get replies from people NOT interested in your services, students or owners of non-profit websites, or who like wasting your time (LIKE ME!).

I occasionally replied to spammers acting like a customer looking for help. Half of them never reply, once I received a second email “We did not heard from you“. So what is the point of spamming potential customers? Conclusion: so many people reply at their emails, probably bullshit replies, and they do not have time to read all, and reply to potential customers.

I also send them often funny and short replies, sometimes swearing them, sometimes slightly serious.
From first email I warn them that “I am NOT interested in outsourcing but if you have any suggestions for my website, feel free to speak!“, despite of warning that I am NOT interested, they still ask me for Google Talk and Skype ID, as well as phone number, etc. As I read in various forums, some people were repeatedly disturbed via phone by Indian SEO companies, speaking like this “Hi, we analysed your website and seems that its ranking in Google is dropping, you have broken links on your website, you have W3C errors, you are losing potential customers, blah blah… We are there to help you! Are you 100% sure that you don’t need our SEO services? For only 199$/month we guarantee you #1 place in Google!!!“. This is very AGGRESSIVE way to turn people into their customers.

If they are friendly enough to ask for my Google Talk and Skype ID, insisting to have a chat with me, I engage them in friendly talk, asking how to, ideas for my website, most of them do not answer my questions and insist to let my website on their hands. But few times I managed to learn new SEO strategies and few useful advice, which I applied to my website myself instead of hiring them. Once I got a very detailed report in PDF format, listing things that were done good and things that need fix or improvement, offering me to fix all the problems for several hundred $.

Sooner or later they realize that I am NOT going to pay, they stop replying at my emails, they block me on Skype, etc. But guess what… they SPAM me again with their original email offer!


His email:
Greetings! My name is (…) from a reputed leading SEO company based in India. We provide….

My reply:
If you are ashamed to tell us the name of your “leading company” in your first email, you can as well don’t tell that you are from India! Especially on freelance websites, Indians suffer from bad reputation for LOW price but VERY LOW quality.
and BTW, a “leading company” would NOT try to get customers in this way, by spamming emails!

More funny replies written by me:

This is the 10th SEO services email received this week. I can hire 1 SEO company, not 10 different SEO companies every week, sorry!

This is the 10th SEO promotional email received this week. If I was in need for SEO services I would have hired one already.

One of my friends have hired a SEO company from India, his traffic increased with 20% during first month but second month he lost 80% of traffic being penalized by Google Penguin due of link building done by that so-called SEO expert… so I am NOT interested in your fucking ANTI-SEO services.

Thanks for contacting, I NEED YOUR HELP regarding 1 single problem: how to display my email on website to protect it from being crawled by fucking spammers like YOU!

Fuck off, your employees / workmates are fucking SPAMMERS. I have got exactly same fucking message from another 2 email addresses. I already replied once that I am NOT interested in your FUCKING SERVICES.

Spammers SUCKS, if you want customers, make yourself a website and we will contact you!” (if the email did not contained any URL of their company and also did not specified that he visited “my website”)

Let’s hope that they will not SPAM me again, and I will discourage overall Web Development & SEO SPAM from India.

Other sites discussing same subject

– warn us: “Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue” and “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google“.


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    Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some
    targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good results.
    If you know of any please share. Thank you!

    Also visit my weblog;

  2. Teoalida

    Look at this idiot probably employee of an Indian SEO Company… got angry due of my page and contacted me making a FUNNY CHAT

  3. Anupam nigam

    S.E.O is used for increasing the traffic and used for giving high ranking to the websites.It is used for increasing the amount of visitors to our Website.

  4. Priszy

    Thanks for posting this..
    I uploaded my own website a few weeks ago and suddenly my whole email box was full with their spamming mails..
    It scared me because they called me by my full name and also set my phonenumber there..
    But I never had the doubt that it could be real..
    It looked so fake to me.

    Now I’m just putting their mails in my spam box..
    But I hate how they know my personal info…

    1. Teoalida

      You display full name on your website or on domain name registrar ? This means that they build an email list from whois and sold it to multiple spammers. But when they email you why they would mention phone number in email? you’re lucky if you haven’t been called on phone at midnight.

      1. Priszy

        Thank you really much for telling me this..
        I am new to hosting a domain and didn’t know about this.
        Gladly I could set all my personal stuff on anonymous now.
        If I didn’t posted a comment here and didn’t get a reply.. I would have never known it so..
        Thank you again!

      2. Dilshan

        That is why you need Private Registration. Most registrars charge you about 10USD per year additionally for hiding your personal information but some registrars dont. Ex: Porkbun

  5. Teoalida

    Someone provided me more info about how Indian SEO companies are disturbing us:
    (he said that will post a comment, but he didn’t, so I’m gonna post myself)

    (1:58:22 PM) Teoalida: how many emails do you get per day?
    (1:58:46 PM) Visitor 99810627: 4 to 5 e-mails and up to 10 phone calls during their mating season probably
    (1:58:52 PM) Visitor 99810627: (lmao)
    (1:59:50 PM) Teoalida: did you displayed phone number on website in easy-to-crawl format?
    (2:00:04 PM) Teoalida: I can imagine how annoying are phone calls… how they do address you?
    (2:00:18 PM) Visitor 99810627: Just before I find your article I just rudely hung up on an indian SEO company that did like the others : call using a US VoIP number, (showing as Washington) but talks with a thick indian accent. Yes the phone number and e-mail are displayed on the website, I was reading about your
    (2:00:25 PM) Visitor 99810627: that’s a good idea, since they crawl our sites
    (2:00:47 PM) Teoalida: they can send emails in mass, but phone calls….hmm, do they really call each one individually?
    (2:00:52 PM) Visitor 99810627: I’ll place our e-mail and phone number on a jpg file seamlessly and hide with css a
    (2:01:19 PM) Visitor 99810627: “they can send emails in mass, but phone calls….hmm, do they really call each one individually?” Yes they call us every day almost, it’s insane, no matter how many times we send them to piss off.
    (2:01:30 PM) Teoalida: they are likely have phone number in their database and will still call you for a period
    (2:01:38 PM) Teoalida: same person call you every day?
    (2:02:02 PM) Visitor 99810627: I block the numbers they call us with, sometimes it’s the same lady and sometimes it is different man
    (2:02:14 PM) Visitor 99810627: Using Tokyo, Washington, San Francisco numbers
    (2:02:30 PM) Teoalida: and what they say on phone?
    (2:03:27 PM) Visitor 99810627: They ask for the owner of our company, the first time if I say I’m not the owner they say they will call back, if I say I’m the owner, they start reading their 10 minutes speech. Usually I’ll say “yeah I’m the owner, what’s up?” and put it on speaker and leave it on my desk while I code and they talk on their own
    (2:04:11 PM) Visitor 99810627: I’m web dev/ui-ux designer in a company based in Thailand, so these calls and e-mails are cancerous and waste our time/polut our inboxes
    (2:04:20 PM) Teoalida: what is that 10 min speech? I am curious if is similar with what I read on a blog
    (2:05:16 PM) Visitor 99810627: Basically they say the same things as on the e-mails we get, they say they checked our site, we are not #1 on SERP, we have missing tags, meta etc (even though our site has 100/100 on Page Insight and rank #1 on our main niches)
    (2:06:10 PM) Visitor 99810627: I have applied 10 filters on our inboxs that automatically reject e-mail with the word “SEO” on Subject and other keywords they seem to be using

    Beware! Indians can also steal your money!

    (2:17:53 PM) Visitor 99810627: One of my client used indian SEO Services, she has an online store in Australia and sells erotic lingerie, a few months after she used my services for redesigning her website, her database was hacked by the same previous indian SEO company and they stole 26k Australian Dollar from her bank account
    (2:18:15 PM) Visitor 99810627: At first she accused me wrongly, because I was the last person to work on her website, but the investigation led them to the indian company
    (2:18:51 PM) Visitor 99810627: I got in trouble back then, a police team raided my house and arrested me at 4AM, I got 15k$ as damage compensation for wrongly accusing and arresting me
    (2:18:59 PM) Visitor 99810627: breaking my door and dropping my monitors
    (2:19:18 PM) Visitor 99810627: The story is much more interesting in details, but that’s the short version, haha.
    (2:19:34 PM) Visitor 99810627: I’ve had my share of problems because of these assholes.

  6. Andrew Scherer

    This website seems like something that would give me spam. I also think it’s rude that they immediately place the blame on Indian companies.

  7. Outsource Live Chat

    This article is useful.Thank for sharing information

  8. google

    Have you ever thought about publishing an e-book or guest authoring
    on other blogs? I have a blog based upon on the same topics
    you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my readers would value your work.

    If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  9. Dilshan

    Hi Teoalida, strange name. I am from Sri Lanka (yep very similar to India) and starting to spam people around the world about my software development services to earn a buck.

    I came across this page when I searched online how fellow dirt poor developers market(spam) people and businesses.

    I do send out ‘spam’ emails but not the type other Indians send out.

    I love your self pride. Web Design by myself eh. Very nicely done. Clean simple and professional.

    I actually went through your web site in the hope of sending you a proposal for a new site. But you have already done it great. Only thing I saw is that maybe you can offer Flash or WebGL / Java players to showcase your 3D models.

    Thank you and have a nice day
    Sri Lankan software spammer

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